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[Official Couple thread] So Ji Sub x Gong Hyo Jin from the Master's Sun


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Uhm Ji Won and Gong Hyo Jin Confirmed as Leads for New Mystery Film


Actresses Uhm Ji Won and Gong Hyo Jin have confirmed their roles for the new film “Missing (working title).”

This movie is about a mother who is desperate to find her daughter and nanny who both go missing without a trace.

Uhm Ji Won, who has starred in notable movies and dramas like “Sign,” will be playing the role of the missing girl’s mother, Ji Sun. Ji Sun is a single mother who works hard to raise her daughter Da Eun.

Gong Hyo Jin, who has recently starred in the popular drama “Producer,” will be playing the role of the nanny named Han Mae.

Both actresses are known for their dynamic roles, so fans are quite excited to see what Uhm Ji Won and Gong Hyo Jin will bring to the table this time. Furthermore, actors Kim Hee Won and Park Hae Joon will also be playing important roles in the movie.

After their first day of filming, Uhm Ji Won said, “I wanted to start filming as soon as possible. I will try my best to make a memorable and touching story together with Gong Hyo Jin.” Likewise, Gong Hyo Jin commented, “It was quite tiring wearing winter clothes during the hot weather, but having monitored scenes, I think it’s going to be a great film. I’m very excited.”

Meanwhile, “Missing” started filming late July.

What are your first impressions of this upcoming film?

cr. Soompi

Truly excited to see GHJ in a different role from those she has played in the past, breaking into different genres and reinventing herself. Can't wait for the movie to be aired!

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20 Things every K-drama fan wishes would happen to them in real life

Do you ever wish your life was like a K-drama with all its sweet, romantic, over-the-top, and dramatic moments? Well, you're not alone! Here are 20 things that every K-drama fan has wished for while watching classic K-drama scenes. 

15. Rooftop kiss under the stars or city lights, like this one in Master's Sun? Yes, please! 



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9 K-drama stars who turned

In the last few years we have seen many K-pop singers who have increased their fame and showcased how talented they are by turning to roles in K-dramas, including SuzyIU, and Lee Seung Gi. Many of them have been critically recognized not only for their success in music but also in their acting capabilities. While these singers-turned-actors were received well, stars who started in acting and turned their attention and passion into the music world have often been overlooked and dismissed. Here are our 9 favorite K-drama stars who have proven themselves musically:

1. So Ji Sub


Many girls the world over have fallen in love with So Ji Sub's dashing lead characters from his critically acclaimed roles in K-dramas. In the last few years he has begun to show another side of himself to the world — that of a hip hop star. Although he has been received with mixed reviews, he is still fairly new as a musical artist and I think with time we will see a very interesting artist emerge. 


OMG! Have you seen his Cola Bottle Baby MV???


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Here's a Dramafever article on the 9 times SJS has spoken about love over the years. In particular, points 5, 8, and 9 intrigue me. Who do we know that he complimented for her pretty legs? And who works hard and smiles without being self-conscious? Hmm... :rolleyes:


9 Times One Sunny Day's So Ji Sub talked romance

by whatadrama on Thu, Aug 20, 2015



Perfectionist. Workaholic. Many adjectives follow One Sunny Day star So Ji Sub's name, including "romanticist." This time, we wanted to hear directly from the man guilty of stealing our hearts. Here are nine times So Ji Sub shared his perspectives on romance, love life, and marriage. Take a look!


1. Nothing is known about So Ji Sub's love life 


Since So Ji Sub debuted in 1997, he's been in many relationship rumors. Recently, So Ji Sub was rumored to date actress Han Ji Min and K-pop group After School's Jooyeon. So Ji Sub denied both rumors, and next to nothing is known about So Ji Sub's love life. What a mysterious guy!

2. So Ji Sub doesn't remember last time he dated


Three years ago when asked about his last relationship, So Ji Sub said, "My last relationship? I really can't remember. It's been a long time," and smiled wryly.

He said on his ideal girlfriend, "The first thing I see in someone is if she can understand my occupation, me. I'm always sorry for my girlfriend. To be honest, I can't hold her hands on the street, go to the movies, or enjoy a meal at a restaurant. I feel bad about it."  

3. So Ji Sub thinks he's a boring boyfriend


When asked to describe his dating style, So Ji Sub said, "I'm stubborn and boring because there isn't much I can do." So Ji Sub shared he's an introvert who doesn't like to stand out, adding his personality best resembles his character Kang In Wook of What Happened in Bali.  

4. So Ji Sub doesn’t believe in dating an ex-girlfriend


So Ji Sub said he's thought of an ex-girlfriend after a breakup, but never thought of getting back together. "When the feelings are gone, they're not true feelings anymore," So Ji Sub said, "There's no point in getting back together after having broken up."

5. So Ji Sub loves someone who smells like peaches


So Ji Sub says there's a smell he really likes, which is similar to the smell of peach. 

"Whenever I smell something similar to peach, I look back," So Ji Sub said, answering the interview question "What kind of woman makes you look back?" 

On other features of his ideal woman, So Ji Sub said, "I find a woman sexy when she works hard and smiles without being self conscious." On appearance, So Ji Sub said, "I like women with pretty legs."

6. So Ji Sub will date at least a year before marriage


So Ji Sub is serious when it comes to dating someone. So Ji Sub said on dating and marriage, "When I date someone, I want to date for at least four seasons," adding that he wants to marry before he turns 40. So Ji Sub is 37 years old.

7. So Ji Sub has no plans for marriage yet


When asked his thoughts on marriage, So Ji Sub said, "I've received that question too many times," adding he has no plans yet.

"At first, women say they understand my work schedule, but they actually find it hard to understand," So Ji Sub said, "They find it especially hard that I can't see them when I'm working, even when they miss me." 

8. So Ji Sub dreams of a happy family


So Ji Sub says a happy family is an important part of his life, which makes marriage harder. 

"I hope to meet someone who will be on my side forever. When I marry, I also want to have many kids — if I can," So Ji Sub said.

Although So Ji Sub wants to create a happy family, he doesn't feel confident about it. 

"Because marriage is so important to me, I can't meet just anyone," So Ji Sub said. "(Marriage) is like homework to me."

9. So Ji Sub wants to have a small wedding


When asked about his ideal wedding, So Ji Sub said he doesn't want his wedding to be a public event.

"I want to have a quiet, happy wedding with just the people I like," So Ji Sub said, adding he hasn't decided whether to invite reporters to wedding for his fans.


cr. Dramafever

More here.

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So Ji Sub to Make Surprise Appearance on Upcoming Historical Film “Sado”


So Ji Sub to Make Surprise Appearance on Upcoming Historical Film “Sado”

Actor So Ji Sub will be making a surprise cameo on the upcoming historical film “Sado” (also known as “The Throne“).

He will be playing the role of Jeongjo, who has witnessed the death of his father, Sado (Yoo Ah In). His role is crucial in the film as it ties the tragic stories of his past generations, starting from his grandfather’s (Song Kang Ho).

From the released stills, you can sense Jeongjo’s mournful atmosphere.

so ji sub2

So Ji Sub commented, “I valued the importance of the role rather than its screen-time. I chose this film because of the good script, but I did worry whether or not I would do well. I had a great time filming, and I would love to work with the director again if I get the chance.”

The director of this film, Lee Joon Ik, complimented So Ji Sub, saying, “His presence in ‘Sado’ is unforgettable. Jeongjo only appears in three scenes throughout the entire movie but he plays a crucial role. I wanted to cast So Ji Sub, and he decided to film the movie with no appearance fee. So Ji Sub filmed the movie with a sincere heart and he never let his guard down during the shoot,” and thanked him.

Meanwhile, this new historical film is slated to premiere on September 16.


cr. Soompi

Can't wait to see him on screen again, if even just for a cameo. Three more months to go before Oh My God airs... can I really really pray that she will cameo in it, as his dietician, or anyone with plenty of skinship with him? :rolleyes:

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In keeping with the cameo trend, Ms Gong is also doing one without pay, just like Mr So in "Sado" aka "The Throne". As an aside, she looks absolutely stunning in this photo... even if it does not appear to be a new one:


  • She’s been christened Loyal Woman of Chungmuro, and Gong Hyo-jin (The Producers) is upholding her reputation as she teams up again with director Lee Geun-woo in his upcoming film, Project Spirit (spirit as in vigor and rah-rah, not ghost). She was in his 2012 movie 577 Project, and she accepted the offer to guest appear without a moment’s hesitation and without a guarantee. Project Spirit is a faux documentary about an idol group that will expose the inner workings of the entertainment world (ha, maybe Gong will cameo as Tak Ye-jin), and filming is currently underway. [TV Report]

cr. Dramabeans

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Mr So in his much younger days along with his hyung... both look fantastic and barely any difference from what they appear today.

So Ji Sub, Song Seung Hun, and Yano Shiho’s Past Modeling Photos Resurface


Past photos of actor So Ji Sub, Song Seung Hun, and model Yano Shihomodeling together have been floating around on the web recently.

The photos date back to around 18 years ago when the three were endorsement models for a denim brand called STORM.

yano shiho song seung hun so ji sub1

Although it has been many years since this photo shoot, Song Seung Hun and So Ji Sub’s faces look charming and Yano Shiho looks pretty much the same.

In a recent interview, Song Seung Hun reminisced back to modeling with Yano Shiho, saying, “I didn’t know that Chu Sarang‘s mom in ‘Superman Returns‘ was Yano Shiho. [Those photos] were so old that I had forgotten about having worked with her till now.”


cr. Soompi

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Top 5 male celebrities Koreans wish to bring home on Chuseok, and uri Mr So is #3! Sorry... I think he will be going home with a certain someone with pretty legs and a self-consciousless smile :P 


The top 10 celebrities Koreans want to introduce to their families on Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving)

by Joanne Kwon on Fri, Sep 25, 2015


Actor So Ji Sub came in third with 4.2%.


cr. Dramafever

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Hi @lovedaisy13!! It's been a while! How are you? 

It's wonderful to be able to look forward to her movie Missing as well as his new drama, now changed from "Oh My God" to "Oh My Venus". Am still keeping fingers and toes crossed for her to cameo in the drama... (where's the praying emoticon when we need it??)


So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah’s Upcoming Drama Changes Title

So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah’s Upcoming Drama Changes Title

So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah’s much-anticipated drama originally titled “Oh My God” has changed its official title.

KBS 2TV announced that the upcoming drama will broadcast after Monday-Tuesday drama “Sassy Go Go” ends its run. With this news, they also revealed that the official title has been changed to “Oh My Venus.” Furthermore, the first episode is scheduled to air on November 16.

“Oh My Venus” tells the story of a female lawyer who works hard to regain her attractive figure. She meets her polar opposite in a famous health trainer. The individuals experience healing their past hurts as they go through the weight loss process. The drama claims to be a romantic comedy that features falling in love with who a person is on the inside rather than their exterior appearance.

The actors have previously displayed their sizzling chemistry in past Giordanoads, so many fans are looking forward to their romance in the drama. Also, since So Ji Sub will be portraying the health trainer named Kim Young Ho, he will most likely reveal his fit body.

As for Shin Min Ah, her character Kang Joo Eun goes through a difficult reversal having been beautiful, fit, and popular in the past. The actress will show a different side of herself when she acts as the “less attractive” version of her character.

Producers for the drama explained the title change and stated, “If the goddess of beauty, Venus, were to live in today’s society, she would fall short of today’s standards. We wondered what it would be like to have the main female character feel Venus’s jealousy, so we changed the the title to ‘Oh My Venus.’”

They continued, “The pair will heal each other’s hurts while dieting/exercising. The drama will include healing and health. We will work hard to create a drama that makes viewers happy.”

What do you think about the title change?

cr. Soompi 

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@liddi... It's been years for us as sogongers... Still patiently waiting under radar :).

I'm fine, dear liddi hope other sogongers as well.

Have you seen this ?

Credit to: dramabeans


What do you think my dear @liddi and other sogongers?:wub:

This interview was around August  2015. 

Dear TMS PD ...we'll  pray for your wish... 

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@lovedaisy13 Yes! That news by PD Jin Hyuk is truly awesome... and like you, I too am praying that TMS season 2 materialises!

Please please let it be so... really miss seeing them together onscreen once more.

The thread is quieter than in its heyday... but definitely, we are still patiently hoping for good news. Truly miss them...

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i have this wishful thinking...what's with the coming of "oh my venus' and the then produced, "producer"... i wish it's December already, so that our dear SOGONG could grace the KBS drama awards.... i so love to be able to see them again... in one event,  in one placeand finally being able to acknowledge that they once worked so harmoniously together via masters sun..... even in one photograph.......hoping for it to materialized.... ;) that will be a very happy merry christmas forall of us sogongers....

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So Ji Sub Melts Fans’ Hearts in New Behind-the Scenes Photos of “Oh My Venus”

So Ji Sub Melts Fans’ Hearts in New Behind-the Scenes Photos of “Oh My Venus”

Some fans have spotted actor So Ji Sub filming his new drama!

On October 20, a few photos were uploaded on an online community site showing So Ji Sub filming the upcoming drama “Oh My Venus.”

In the photos, So Ji Sub is dressed up and leaning against a car.

so ji sub2

His scruffy appearance during the script reading of “Oh My Venus” is nowhere to be seen, and he is back looking clean-shaven!

oh my venus

Many fans are especially pleased to see him in a tuxedo looking all sharp.

so ji sub3

Meanwhile, So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah‘s “Oh My Venus” will start airing on November 16 after “Sassy Go Go” finishes its run.


cr. Soompi

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First Stills of So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah Filming “Oh My Venus” Revealed

First Stills of So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah Filming “Oh My Venus” Revealed

The first photo stills from KBS2 TV‘s upcoming drama “Oh My Venus” have been released!

“Oh My Venus” stars So Ji Sub as a Hollywood personal trainer named Kim Young Ho who suffered a debilitating injury in his childhood, and Shin Min Ahas a lawyer named Kang Joo Eun who is struggling with her weight. Kang Joo Eun hires Kim Young Ho to help her with her diet and her weight.


The stills of Shin Min Ah are of her in a school uniform, depicting the character’s history of being very popular during her school days due to her good looks. The actress was praised for being very bright and energetic despite the filming taking place very early in the morning.


Meanwhile, So Ji Sub shows off a more mature style in his stills, showing that his scenes are being shot in the present rather than the past. His character is described as a rebellious and free-spirited fitness trainer who is also an heir to a medical corporation. Despite his carefree tendencies, he is warm-hearted as he always helps people who are sick and in danger.

The actor first participated in filming in central Seoul on October 19, where he is said to have made the atmosphere of the filming set very amicable and pleasant. He was even praised for his good looks, earning comments from monitoring staff about his chic hairstyle and even envy from other male staff members.

“Oh My Venus” also stars Jung Gyu WoonYoo In YoungJo Eun Ji andSuper Junior-M‘s Henry Lau, and is set to start airing on November 16.

cr. Soompi

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Stills from Oh My Venus, with Mr So in the pouring rain... I am half expecting/hoping to see Ms Gong suddenly appear by his side in a yellow raincoat :w00t::D

So Ji Sub Pours Passion Into Every Scene For “Oh My Venus”

So Ji Sub Pours Passion Into Every Scene For “Oh My Venus”

Some still cuts from So Ji Sub’s upcoming drama “Oh My Venus” have been released. The new KBS Monday-Tuesday drama is expected to begin broadcasting November 16. So Ji Sub plays the role of Kim Young Ho, a world-class health trainer who is the secret heir to a medical corporation.

In the pictures, So Ji Sub stands in the pouring rain and looks at someone or something with an intense and longing gaze. The images come from the filming at Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital on October 24. In order to get a rainy scene, the staff used a massive sprinkler truck for three hours.

As the sun set, the temperature dropped, but So Ji Sub withstood the cold and made sure to take care of the staff first. Fans of all nationalities, having heard of the filming, came to see him on set and the filming was suspended briefly because of the sudden crowd.

A representative of the production company said, “So Ji Sub has synchronized 100 percent with the character. We could not have casted anyone better.” They went on to add, “Every time he finishes a scene, he monitors himself. He is very passionate about his work.”

“Oh My Venus” is a romantic comedy about a famous health trainer and a female lawyer, a former ulzzang, who attempt a diet routine together and heal each other’s scars. One of the most anticipated dramas for the last half of 2015, the script is written by Kim Eun Ji (“Why I’m Getting Married”), directed by Kim Hyung Suk (“You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly”), and stars So Ji Sub, Shin Min AhJung Gyu Woon, and Yoo In Young.

cr. Soompi

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Happy (belated) birthday Mr So! Hope you had a wonderful celebration with a certain lady with beautiful legs who is the very epitome of the sun :) 

7 Reasons to be happy So Ji Sub was born

by CoCo Kdrama on Wed, Nov 04, 2015

 8  3471  1884


It's So Ji Sub's 38th birthday, and with his new drama Oh My Venus coming out, fans have a lot to celebrate! Here are 7 reasons we are so happy that the world has been blessed with a wonderful oppa like So Ji Sub! 

1. His incredible acting talent.

So Ji Sub has amazing range as an actor who can make us cry buckets one minute, like in I'm Sorry, I Love You, and make us laugh at his antics the next minute, like in The Master's Sun.

Here he is working up tears behind the scenes of I'm Sorry, I Love You. 

(Anyone else kind of get hungry for ramen at the end?)

And his little 꺼져 in The Master's Sun gets me every time!


2. HIs rough and sexy rapper voice.

Most true So Ji Sub fans know that his first love isn't acting; it's actually hip hop and rapping! While the actor hasn't been in a full-length drama since The Master's Sun, he's been keeping busy with a web drama, a movie, modeling, and, most importantly, releasing new music, including his new song "So Ganzi" below. 

3. His generous and kind heart

So Ji Sub loves donating his personal items for charity auctions, including auctions to benefit animals and auctions to benefit people with disabilities. 


4. His passion for staying in shape

So Ji Sub is well known for his chocolate abs and muscular physique. Before he ever considered entertainment, his first passion was swimming.


And he is working harder than ever for his upcoming drama Oh My Venus, in which he plays a personal trainer. 


Looking good, Oppa! 

5. His creative mind

So Ji Sub has released three photo essay journals documenting his inner thoughts and vision. His first, "The Journey of So Ji Sub," included chapters such as 'Rest and Travels', 'Freedom', 'Dreams', 'Pain and Remedies', 'Youth and Passion', 'Memories and Deep Thoughts', and 'Ours and Mine' and 'Peace and Love'.


I'm tempted to order his books to get more insight into what makes him tick. 

6. His determination to overcome struggles

So Ji Sub has described himself as an introvert who was insecure in his youth. Even though he still loves his alone time, he has overcome his fear to become one of Asia's top stars!


Doesn't he looks so dreamy reading that book?

7. This year, we're the ones getting a present because he's coming out with a new drama!

While I loved his recent web drama One Sunny Day, it just made me impatient for more So Ji Sub! Luckily, his new drama Oh My Venus is coming exclusively to DramaFever on November 16!

Here's the trailer:

Looks like he is having a lot of fun filming with Shin Min Ah! Make sure you sign up for new episode alertsHERE!

Happy Birthday, So Ji Sub! We can't wait to see all the great things that this sweet, sexy, talented and smart man continues to accomplish! 


cr. Dramafever

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The awesome, professional Mr So... :wub:

Henry Explains Why It’s Frustrating to Work With So Ji Sub

Henry Explains Why It’s Frustrating to Work With So Ji Sub

Super Junior-M‘s Henry says it hasn’t been easy to work with his “Oh My Venus” co-star So Ji Sub.

On November 11, the cast and producers of KBS2TV’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Oh My Venus” gathered to Yeongdeungpo Times Square for a press conference. Check out our coverage of the stars’ fashion looks here.

During the event, Henry opened up about So Ji Sub’s persistent habit of arriving early to everything, which makes it difficult for the junior actor to appear polite in front of his seniors.

“I’ve been having a hard time due to So Ji Sub. He tends to arrive at the set one hour before the filming. In the beginning, I arrived ten minutes in advance, but So Ji Sub was already sitting at the set,” he explained.

Henry went on to introduce his solution to the problem, “Even when I was 20 or 30 minutes early, So Ji Sub would be there, so once I arrived at the set 50 minutes before the filming. That’s when we arrived at the same time.”

Upon hearing this, So Ji Sub promised Henry, “I’ll get there a little later from now on,” and made everyone laugh with his cute response.

Meanwhile, “Oh My Venus” is set to premiere on November 16 at 10 p.m. KST.

cr. Soompi

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