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[Official Couple thread] So Ji Sub x Gong Hyo Jin from the Master's Sun


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The SoGong Couple
Sometimes even the universe conspires to bring two people totally meant for each other... together.
Who is Gong Hyo Jin?
Birthdate: Apr 4, 1980     Height: 172cm     Weight: 46kg     Blood Type: A     Talent Agency: SOOP Management
Fashionista with her own designer line, environmentalist, model and actress renowned for her naturalistic acting and bold acceptance of unconventional roles, from the brave, single mother in "Thank You", to a parade of characterizations including the most adorable cat in kdrama, the ferocious Siberian Husky with a taste for cushions and the fearful woman with ghost-seeing ability who finally broke out of her shell to become her own woman in "The Master's Sun". Bubbly, frank and outspoken, well-grounded, firm in her convictions, with a strong sense of family
- this is the very lovely Gong Hyo Jin, also nicknamed by fans as Gongvely
Who is So Ji Sub?
Birthdate: Nov 4, 1977     Height: 182cm     Weight: 70kg     Blood Type: O+     Talent Agency: 51K
Professed longtime hip-hop lover, model, and actor, usually in roles that were more on the serious, sombre side, such as his breakout role as a tragic orphan seeking his long-lost family and falling in love while on borrowed time in "I'm Sorry I Love You", to a thug with aspiring actor dreams in "Rough Cut". He broke into the Rom-Com genre in 2013 with his spot-on, incredible performance as Joo Joong Won in "The Master's Sun". His favourite number is 51, as evidenced by the name of his company 51K, and he has a 51km road named after him. Introspective, quiet, fiercely loyal to his close circle of friends, and strongly devoted to his family
- introducing So Ji Sub, also known as the ultra fashionable So Ganji
When did they first meet?
The first known sighting of them together, was in a sportswear photoshoot in 2000/2001. Amazingly, in June 2009, out of so many other actors in the industry, they were both awarded the Rising Star Asia Award at the New York Asian Film Festival. She was honored for her role in the movie "Crush and Blush" while he was honored for his role in "Rough Cut".
Their First Collaboration
In 2013, they both accepted lead roles in the drama "The Master's Sun". He played a prickly miser who cared only for the expansion and well-being of his lifeblood Kingdom Enterprises, while she was a woman beleaguered by ghosts after an accident which left her in a coma for 3 years. Sparks literally began to fly when they met, and she discovered that whenever she touched him, all the ghosts that bothered her would disappear. Thus began a witty, extremely hilarious yet insightful story of a radar and her shelter, with skinship galore, all for the purpose of ghost-busting, of course!
Why do we ship them as a couple?
To date, neither So Ji Sub nor Gong Hyo Jin has made any public announcement about them as a couple.
Nonetheless, we SoGong shippers, better known as SoGongers hold to our motto of "KNOW & BELIEVE".
Here's why:
Their on-screen chemistry is undeniable and acknowledged by all who watched The Master's Sun. In no small part, this inspired the Soompi TMS (The Master's Sun) thread project book, showcasing the works and contributions of Soompi TMS lovers, which was sent to PD Jin Hyuk, So Ji Sub, Gong Hyo Jin and Hong Sisters. One of our proudest moments was when PD Jin Hyuk posted on Facebook that he was happy to have received the project book.
As for their off-screen interactions...
Off set, they got on like a house on fire from the start. As evidenced from interviews, press conference and BTS footage, they displayed an amazing, off-the-charts chemistry that translated both on and off screen. Their interactions scream their regard and affection for one another, going way beyond the norm for co-stars. On top of that, interviews with the crew reveal that even they shipped SoGong as a couple during the shooting period. Their off-screen chemistry was that palpable. The combustible chemistry between these two also inspired numerous fanfics among many literarily talented SoGongers, including the launch of the extremely well-received eBook That Far Gone by @mywebfoot.
They have been suspiciously quiet post-TMS, never caught in any function or photo together. That being said, they continue to leave a trail of blatant hints, including sporting common Chrome Heart accessories, new tattoos, trips to the US around the same time, online posts on the same day, sometimes within an hour of each other, as well as her appearance in his Line Play room. Their interviews since TMS have also been fondly peppered with each other's names... highly telling conduct for supposedly normal co-stars.
So back to the question. Why do we ship them as a couple?
How could we not?
And for now... we leave you with a little BTS into the life of our SoGong couple and the Soompi SoGongers
who are watching their every movement post-TMS with an eagle eye...
as well as... our couple's thoughts on this Shipper's Paradise Valentine's Day Contest!
SoGong collage, comics cr. @NRGchick
Childhood collage (adapted) cr. Baidu

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\\     SO Ji Sub GAN JI [so gæn ǰi]  The awesome Mr. So    // 
\\     GONG Hyo Jin VELY [gɒŋ vely] The lovely Ms. Gong    // 

Annyeonghasaeyo! We are the people who ship them, the SoGongers. But if you mispronounce that just a little bit you end up with … 


    \\ THE SO GONERS // 

[thread: Visit us here! We don't bite!]


We blame them. They are so cool and collected in their photoshoots and in the drama, but their BTS footage tells a different story. 


It got us wondering why So Ji Sub is Cool-Outside-but-Dork-Inside around his charming co-star. The more BTS footage we saw, the more we realized there was a whole secondary storyline going on behind The Master's Sun. We gradually became an army of adoring SoGong aficionados.  Every new BTS was better than the last.

However, there is a thorn in our bouquet. It's said that 'Shipping is not for the faint-hearted'. Boy, do we know that. Thanks to So Ji Sub's reclusive habits, we haven't seen them together since The Master's Sun ended. We were sorely disappointed when SBS didn't recognize their nuclear level chemistry. WHY.  

All we have to go on is KNOWING in our minds, and BELIEVING with our hearts, because we see it. We see the nuclear-level chemistry, we see the suspicious timings and we just love the HINTS. So we wait… and while we wait, our fertile imaginations put the evidence together in wonderful, spazz-inducing ways… 



  .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:. ONCE UPON A VALENTINE .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.

Maybe it was Valentine's, maybe it was Christmas, maybe it was the second Tuesday of November. Something must have happened, at some point in time, because soon after The Master's Sun, a series of suspicious discoveries came to light...

         _.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*._.:*~*:. HIS AND HERS .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._



You should have seen us when the new tattoos appeared on Gong Hyo Jin. A gaggle of giggling groupies. 'LOVE' ? On her ring finger, no less? That's taking accessories to a whole new level. Still, every ship has their accessories, and the spazzy way they look at each other too. We thought the tattoo was radical enough. They surprised us, and the gaggle became a flock of frenzied fans.

SoGong is the only couple with their own personal game. That sounded dirty. Their GAME. As in online, mobile interactions. When LinePlay launched the So Ji Sub room, one of the toys was Gong Hyo Jin. That sounded dirty too. Never mind… just LOOK


 .:*~*:._.:*~*._.:*~*:._.:*~*:. YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS UP! .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.

Some of the LinePlay interactions are *wild laughter* … and not quite appropriate for general viewing. Come visit us, and we can show you. We promise you, we're saner than we seem. It's just that with this evidence trail, you can't blame us for being a swarm of simpering shippers. Now drop by our thread. We promise, we don't bite. 
Fanart credits: Top to Bottom, 1: external, 2:@mabelialong, 3-5:@nrgchick


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Why do we ship them? Why do we know and believe that they are perfect for each other?

Pop into our SOGONG thread and you will find the answers.

*We would like to showcase our talented SOGONGers' essays so you may get to read the thoughts of more than one SOGONGer*

Intrigued? Psst here!

Credits to @azzurri , @beatifullove, @chakita babe , @shipper91,  @stuffed  and @treasure51



__________It isn't recommended ___________



Look, Gong Hyo Jin is not a beauty queen.
As much as we love her for being an edgy but
sweet Fashionista, she's known much more for her acting and
natural charisma than for her looks. Even she says she’s tired of
being told that she’s not pretty, but she’s ‘charming’.
Or not pretty but ‘highly appealing’. Things like that.


So Ji Sub  – well, he is reasonably sexy. Smouldery, too.
That is, if he would actually show up. And his husky voice is
shivery good, if he would actually say something. More often than
not,  our Mr. So is reclusive, introverted, and very bizarrely dressed.
Fashion they call it. Mr. Forever Alone, his friends call him.

So, good luck spotting them together. We should know, we’ve been trying. All we got are online status updates within the same hour and his jewellery on her body. That’s all. Well, not quite. The one sighting we do have of them together is in an online game, with her as a toy in his Line Play room. A virtual representation, mind you. Not the actual people.

Oh, and they are OLD.  Above thirty. No nubile young lovers here, more the stable married variety.  If you watch their interviews, you won’t see heart pounding new love, you’ll see comfortable, deep understanding – like watching soul mates taking turns to talk, alternately complimenting and poking gentle fun at each other. When they banter, his single-lidded eyes scrunch into nothingness, obscured by his face-changing, unstoppable grin. She is no better, really. Joking and laughing, almost always touching him lightly. It’s embarrassing.

It’s also painfully mystifying for us – how did they find the time? As far as we know, they only really got to know each other in 2013. Those passing encounters over the previous twelve years don't count. Definitely not the 2001 photoshoot, nor the time they both received Rising Star Asia Award from the New York Film Festival in 2009. 

Most likely they’re just really good friends. That’s what we tell ourselves when we keep replaying that unscripted kiss. The oddly passionate one.Colleagues, colleagues, we mutter. When she says it’s ‘lonely’ without him by her side at an event, or he says it seems ‘wrong’ without her at the awards show – Professional courtesy!  we yell, while pounding our heads on our respective keyboards.

We have no proof.

Once the cameras stopped rolling, we weren’t allowed access to their private little world. The one where two people unknowingly played lovers in an undocumented scene, blindsided by an unexpected romance.

Hey, reader. This SoGong ship - it’s all about watching two industry veterans, accidentally falling into life-changing happiness after a long, empty wait. It’s so hard to jump off this ship too. Every time we think we want to, some new indication pops up that they are indeed together. It’s just too deliciously addictive.

Shipping SoGong? It’s not for the faint-hearted. Too much joy. Don’t do it.




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ROUND 3 Essay version 1, posted as a link in the final contest entry



Why do we ship them? Why do we know and believe that they are perfect for each other?

Pop into our SOGONG thread and you will find the answers.

*We would like to showcase our talented SOGONGers' essays so you may get to read the thoughts of more than one SOGONGer*

Credits to @azzurri , @chakita babe , @missinginactionnomore , @mrsdarcy , @minatae and @treasure51


__Forever Alone meets the RomCom Queen_

______The Chemistry of Opposites ________



So Ji Sub is someone so well known in the Korean industry,
not only for being an excellent actor and a good looking model,
but also a reclusive, introverted personality. 
So much so, he is called Mr Forever Alone. 


Gong Hyo Jin on the other hand, is the direct opposite. 
The belle of the ball, and the Queen of Laughter and Sunshine, 
Korea’s very own National Treasure. Such opposites don’t always attract 
but in their case, they not only attract but combust into powerful onscreen chemistry 
in The Master’s Sun. Still it was off-screen that the true magic was happening. 

Even after a 14 hour workday, we witnessed on-going laughter, joy and hilarity exuberating from these two. It mystified those on set, yet made them smile too, since the enthusiasm was infectious. The friendly jostling, the on-going 'skinship', the unguarded stares, the never-ending compliments are addictive to watch.

Mr Forever Alone, usually serious and pensive is reduced to a puddle of goo at the feet of the delightful Queen of RomCom. It is almost as if he could not help glancing at her, staring with fascination like he wouldn't get caught. When they bantered his single-lidded eyes scrunched into nothingness, obscured by his face-changing, unstoppable grin. She is no better, really. Joking and laughing, almost always touching him lightly. So comfortable, if one didn't know better, they seem a couple many years married. As the drama became more intense, it seemed like her feelings off-screen had intensified too, and there were pensive moments and unsure moments as if she herself were questioning her own feelings and actions. Who can blame her for questioning a miracle?

All of a sudden we felt like voyeurs into something beautiful blossoming between them. 

Why they belong together, could be answered in the most cliché of ways: They complement each other, like two opposites that attract, like two sides of a coin. It's a romantic journey that began many years ago. Like a faint constellation, against a dark night, their fate can be traced back a dozen years earlier. They had a photoshoot in 2001, and then in 2009, they were recognised as Rising Stars of Asia.  In the next 5 years, they both experienced heartbreak; they both changed. She's single again, he's suffered personal loss but put himself together again. This time, they meet with the freedom to build a professional relationship of mutual and deep respect, but are blindsided by the ease with which they fall into it.

This SOGONG ship - it's all about watching two industry veterans, accidentally falling into life-changing happiness after a long, empty wait. The happiness they exude around each other makes us happy and grants us solace from our own difficulties and challenges in our own lives.

What was reel, had turned real. To argue otherwise is futile. To deny is pointless.



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The SoGong Couple   
Lights. Camera. Action.
The film rolls. Everybody is in character. The story unfolds.
The world they exist in is a world of make believe. Parts are played well, hearts are captured. 


The film stops rolling. The story ends. 
A new scene unfolds.. and hearts remain to be captured.

Strangers from way back and quite recently, colleagues. Nothing proved to be a hindrance for what is bound to happen; as a greater story of love begins. Two people not very much alike, two people very much unprepared for what is to come. The words exchanged. The laughter shared. The sense of familiarity. Everything goes downhill from there. The fall was inevitable. And stopping it was not an option. 

On screen, the chemistry between them is to die for. Of course, the script calls for it and one can expect nothing less from these two superb actors. However, what happens once the cameras stop rolling is another story. Or should we say, another love story. BTS after BTS, interview and press conferences one after the other, and individual public appearances show what was reel had turned real. 

To argue is futile. To deny is pointless.
Some call it serendipity. Some call it fate. Some call it destiny.

The heart calls it love.

No buts. No ifs. We know. We believe.
Video Concept and Production
@shipper91 and our sister SoGongers at KitesVN
Sherlock Holmes (CBS Elementary)
Lake Wave by Oh Joon Sung (The Master's Sun OST)
I Love You by Akdong Musician (All About My Romance OST)
Note from the SoGongers: Thank you everyone for watching! We have had a great time working together and putting up the material. Thanks so much to the organizers for putting this together and to the other shippers too, it's been wonderful getting to know other ships and Soompiers.
@everyone, FIGHTING! Don't forget to come visit us at 


ROUND 4 Original Post





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@NRGchick YES! Not forgetting the incessant abuse of the F5 button, especially during the nerve-wracking wait for each round's results! :D And your awesome offer of a comic strip for every 50 votes, which was such an incredible encouragement for everyone to vote, and spazz when we see our names being mentioned, especially by JJW or KW! What an amazing, enriching experience... one I would not trade for the world :wub:

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Oh wow. Those were brilliant, if I may say so myself. I can't even remember which part I contributed, but the entire thing was just awesome! And I'm still shipping them two years down the road - so much so that even though I participated in the Healer couple entries and we won something, I chose to stick to my SoGong colors.

Ahhh even our bedimpled grumpy professor is dating, and with UEE no less. Why is our So Ganji such a slow poke? Or too secretive for our own good? And of course Ms Gong just goes around like she always does, as if nothing's going on. Nothing can't be going on! Heh. 

It's me, Queen of Wishful Thinking, and back in a SoGong thread again. It's like coming home. Thank you sweet @liddi for the heads up. Those were good ol' days.

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@azzurri I think we are rightfully proud of the entries... the fruition of so many talented, supportive SoGongers' hard work. I love that there was never any question of egos... just everyone giving what they have and doing what they can together to create a labour of love for uri SoGong. SoGonger power at its best, which is exactly the reason why I choose to keep our colours, even through the ensuing ups and downs... because our colours represent far more than just a ship, but the spirit and heart of fellow SoGongers, who have become more a family than merely fellow shippers.

Ahh... slow poke Mr So? I would like to think that there is far more going on behind the scenes than we are privy to right now... in particular his Guerilla Date interview Nov 2015 hints at so much more. Whatever it may be, I too am still hoping that one day, one day, we will hear happy news and see this thread break into celebration, for our couple as well as our ship. I rewatch TMS and its BTSes... particularly @shipper91's contest video and the feelings still come rushing back... not that they ever left. Shipping. It's not for the faint-hearted. No truer words have ever been spoken :) 

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Guest mywebfoot

@azzurri I agree! What strikes me the most about the entries is that it's impossible to tell who wrote what any more.  I love that it showcases our teamwork then. 

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WOW....@liddi. .....thank you so much for bringing back sweet moments of our SoGong collaboration and participation......... they were such exciting times, so full of laughter and life, so intense and passionate. ....a cohort of TMS fans who believed in the chemistry,  saw the attraction,  felt the passion,  fascinated by the desire, and yearned for the seduction and endearment to carry on. ...after the final curtain.....such amazing and memorable times that I continue to cherish always, thank you to all SoGong believers, absolutely! ..LOL..

I too continue to remain staunch as a SoGong believer because they changed my life forever. and  I will always be thankful.... It is always a pleasure when I visit this thread, because I feel peaceful and happy every time, kamsa!  What ever is happening with our SoGong couple, (the cameras dont  lie)...I only wish them true love and happiness always. ...

The friendships gained, the camaraderie shared and the social fellowship formed has been amazing. ....like @azzuri has mentioned hope will remain until we get to throw confetti at their wedding, you never know right....so until that moment, the SoGong dream lives on.....woot woot! 

Thank you @EVERYONE for the many beautiful pics and memories of our SoGong journey....I continue to fangirl these two individually,  and adore and appreciate them so muchly... so as I wait  and look forward to their next meeting of meetings, I will continue to return to this thread for that happy virus hope, absolutely!  



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@chakita babe Those were definitely exhilarating, joyful times, despite being utterly stressful... and the best is everyone's participation and support, fueled by our love for our incredible SoGong. As with everyone here... I continue to hope that one day, we will hear happy news from them. Seeing all the different couples announcing in recent days has me wishing and dreaming that one day, we too will celebrate their announcement with confetti, and charter a plane to... Hawaii, was it @mywebfoot? ;) for the front-row celebrations! Still holding out for TMS Season 2 as well - PD Jin Hyuk and Hong sisters, please make it happen!

Until the day we see them together again, I continue to love and believe in our beautiful couple... and wish them all the blessings and happiness in the world. Though SoGong... please don't wait until I'm geriatric and have forgotten my Soompi password that I cannot log in and burst out virtual champagne with everyone here, okay? :sweatingbullets:

EDIT: Wow... my 4,000th post... dedicated to SoGong! I still remember celebrating my 1,000th post milestone, also for SoGong. Should I post with a frenzy, hoping that my 5,000th post will be celebrating SoGong's happy announcement? :w00t:

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 And I'm finally back! I miss this forum so much that it kills me. Okay, so the screenshot photo here shows that I still can't let go of these two! Yep, my saved videos on YouTube are only TMS favorite episodes. It is because I've been busy with my studies lately that I could not watch TMS on T.V. (really) so yeah, this is much easier... In this way, I'd be able to watch TMS whenever I want to... I can't help but share this to you dearest SoGongers because I'm still into them you know.... Hahahaha. This is the only Korean on-screen couple and the only Korean drama I love. I'm not really into Korean stuff but TMS and SoGong are both exceptions. Hahahahahah! And honestly, I keep on praying that there will be TMS 2 soon... like really soon. (Let us all pray for that!!!) Lord please!!! Producer ahjussi and Hong Sisters.... please....

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@liddi asked me to share this over here, so here you go. Latest Mr So CF... I have never been a big fan of KFC, but Mr So makes me want to eat that Fried Chicken.

He's looking so good, and so happy. Is someone making him happy these days, you think? ;)



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