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  1. Announcement: Today Ticket Open: Tomorrow Show: Three weeks from now
  2. Announcement: Today Ticket Open: Tomorrow Show: Three weeks from now
  3. Profile Movie: Single Rider Revised romanization: Single Rider Hangul: 싱글라이더 Director: Lee Joo-Young Writer: Producer: Cinematographer: Release Date: 2017 Runtime: Distributor: Warner Bros. Language: Korean Country: South Korea Plot Kang Jae-Hoon (Lee Byung-Hun) is a branch manager for an investment firm. His wife Soo-Jin (Kong Hyo-Jin) and his son are in Australia for their son’s study. Kang Jae-Hoon loses everything and he goes to Australia to meet Soo-Jin and his son. Notes Filming begins March, 2016. Cast Lee Byung-Hun as Kang Jae-Hoon Kong Hyo-Jin as Soo-Jin [SOUCE] http://asianwiki.com/Single_Rider News [2016.01.22] "Casting Confirmed for the movie, 'Single Rider'" says Lee Byung Hun and Gong Hyo Jin's side [2016.01.22] Lee Byung Hyun - Gong Hyo Jin of 'Single Rider', the birth of a couple to watch for [2016.01.22] Lee Byung-hun and Kong Hyo-jin to play a married couple in new movie 'Single Rider' [2016.01.23] Actor Lee Byung Hun and Gong Hyo Jin, couple in film 'Single Rider' [2016.02.01] LEE Byung-hun and KONG Hyo-jin Board SINGLE RIDER2nd Korean Production from Warner Bros. [2016.02.19] Sohee will be filming 'Single Rider' with Lee Byung Hun! [2016.02.20] Ahn Sohee in Talks to Star Alongside Lee Byung Hun and Gong Hyo Jin in New Film
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