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[Official] Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)


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class="post-title"[NEWS] Actress Lee Bo Young spills the beans on her ‘I Hear Your Voice’ co-star Lee Jong Suktumblr_inline_mona390WVA1qz4rgp.jpg

Actress Lee Bo Young spilled the beans on Lee Jong Suk’s behavior on the latest episode of SBS’ ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’.

The two are currently starring in the popular Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘I Hear Your Voice’, and it seems the hot young actor has left an impression on his co-star, who’s 10 years older.

Lee Bo Young said, “He’s fun. He does skinship often, and he dances and sings for me,” praising Lee Jong Suk’s attitude on set. She went on, “When Lee Jong Suk comes, I get energized even when I’m tired.”

When asked which other young actor she’d like to work with, she responded, “I’m satisfied with what I have now. This might even be the last time in my life I’ll work on a project with a younger man,” causing laughs.


Source : allkpop
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[by Joy Kim / photo by Jang Moon sun] On 29th of May, SBS drama \'I can hear your voice\'\'s production report conference was held at SBS with the main casts including Lee Bo young, Yoon Sang hyun, Lee Jong suk, and Lee Da hee.    From the conference, actor Yoon Sang hyun said \"I met lot of actresses but Lee Bo young is one of the most honest actresses. She is very easy going character and she does not pretend nor act pretty.: 
SBS drama \'I can hear your voice\' is about female public defender Jang Hye sung (Lee Bo young) who fights for 1% chance of innocence and a boy who has super natural power who can read people\'s mind.  The drama will portray their drama and love story. It will start airing from 5th of June.  

For more: bntnews.co.uk contact: news@bntnews.co.uk
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[Fashion report] Lee Jong suk fashion from I Hear Your Voice


[by Joy Kim] Actor Lee Jong suk and his fashion in SBS I Hear Your Voice is trending on portal sites and online communities. 
He plays the main role ‘Park Soo ha’ who has power to hear other people’s thoughts. Sometimes as a boy and sometimes as man, his character is appealing to viewers. Along with the interesting character, his casual styling became an issue. 
From the recent episode, he wore white denim shorts from True Religion and sleeveless top with vintage feel. As an outer, he chose to match with cardigan. He looked as active and casual. The cardigan made him look mature. 
Also he wore slim denim pants to show the body line and matched with natural white shirt. He chose to wear light colored denim which matched well with the season. 
In the drama he also suggests comfortable and stylish look using hoodies and pants. He wore navy colored hoodie and black pants. They can be worn with slim t-shirt and hoodies are perfect for outdoors as well. (photo captured from SBS I Hear Your Voice)  contact: news@bntnews.co.uk
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oh!.....physical abuse.....verbal abuse......emotional abuse......only for one telephone? oh yes.....result-perfect chemistry.....soo...and winnie....than happy..........with  telephone but without abuse.....for chemistry have two.....

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Lee Jong suk, can a boy have more glowing skin than girls’?

[by Chloe Yun] Actor Lee Jong suk’s glowing skin became as hot issue as his mature acting skill from SBS TV drama ‘I Can Hear Your Voice.’
Last weekend, Lee Jong suk revealed his close-up picture with a short comment “Because my skin is honest!” Despite of the busy schedule with drama and movie shooting, Lee still show his flawless, healthy skin on the screen, arousing jealousy of men and women. 
Lee Jong suk us surely the hottest actor of today as playing a boy with super natural power ‘Park Soo ha’ from SBS TV series ‘I Can Hear Your Voice.’ From fashion to small actions, everything about him becomes an hot issue.  This time, his glowing skin captured the attention. 
Meanwhile Lee Jong suk’s TV series, ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’ airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:00pm on SBS channel. (photo by wellmade STARM) 
contact: news@bntnews.co.uk
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class="title"Lee Jong Suk: “Lee Bo Young bought me lunch every day.”

Source: eDaily
Translator: hitoritabi


Actor Lee Jong Suk said that, “Lee Bo Young-noona bought me a packed lunch every morning”, proving their close collaboration on the recently-ended SBS drama “I Hear Your Voice”.

In an interview with MBC’s “Section TV” after the wrapping of the series, Lee Jong Suk mentioned that “the menu is different every day — kimbap, fried rice, a variety of things”.

To repay Lee Bo Young, he gave her a foot massage.

Also, answering his close colleague Kim Woo Bin, he said with laughter that “Kim Woo Bin has wider shoulders than me but I have a smaller face”. The episode will be aired on the 4th.

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