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[Official] Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)


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Lee Jong Suk on Hwashin


Just watched it live, and translated the parts related to Jongsuk~ 

1. He told the MC that he is fine about being left to the side of the show— who says that on a talking variety show? XD

2. When he first worked with IU on Inkigayo, she really wanted to go for a cute and bright image different from other music shows, so she gave advice to Jongsuk about how to dress up and act cutely. But for Jongsuk, since he found it hard to perform those over-the-top scenarios, it was stressful throughout. Later, him and IU spoke plainly to each other about it and they are fine now.

3. Since he was so nervous, he placed a large packet of tissues in his jacket pocket to wipe his sweat. Later, he got so hot he had to take off his jacket. He ended up putting his large pile of tissues on the table and the MCs just started laughing at him.


4. Jongsuk is usually quite slow to warm up to people, but the first time he met Lee Boyoung on set, they already started dancing together. And afterwards, Jongsuk would chat with her via messages, even sending her pictures of himself and asking her, “Am I pretty?” (LOL WHAT)

5. He has been living alone in Seoul for 8 years now, and loves staying at home to watch TV more than anything else.

6. Since he is afraid of the dark and he has to sleep alone, he first started to sleep with the light on; but it was hard to fall asleep that way… Now, he goes to bed in the early evening and wakes up at dawn. One MC called him a ‘old man living alone’… XD… Another MC then asked what if he had a girlfriend, and Jongsuk just replied slowly, “Wh~a~t~~?”

7. When he watches TV, he would actually act out the other parts, especially when it comes to dramas or movies with his favourite actress Lee Na Young, he watched it so many times that he knows all the lines already. So he would just sit there in his living room and act out the scene with Lee Na Young.


8. If he could bring three things to a deserted island? He only wants the TV.

9. If he wants to see something, he’ll just watch it on TV or search for it on the Internet. Like if he wants to see the ocean, he’ll look up pictures on the computer… he doesn’t see how there is a big difference. If he wants to date, he would watch dating reality shows. OTZ The MCs were all shocked and feel like he would suit well to be on a programme about ‘strange people’.

10. Lee Jongsuk has a roomba vacuum cleaner and likes to follow it around the house. He finds it fun to see it bump into walls and stuff… = =|||

11. Finally, when asked to wrap up the show with a promo for IHYV, he tried to say it, then just asked Lee Boyoung, “Noona, please do it~ ♥” Orz

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tumblr_ms1qu67NXX1rmugyzo3_250.giftumblr_ms1qu67NXX1rmugyzo2_250.gif......as effort it requires for school certificate with ratings.....   

gilbakk:                                                                                                                 .....how hard is obtained.....the certificate page.......of...of!

Lee Jong Suk @ TRUGEN 2013 F/W

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[NEWS] ‘I Hear Your Voice’ Lee Bo Young’s eyes making making many fans restless



Actress Lee Bo Young is drew many people’s attention with her lovely looks.

Recently, Lee Bo Young is casting in SBS drama ‘I Hear Your Voice’, and many viewers are showing great reactions for her lovely looks.

She is particularly drawing many people’s attention for the looks of her eyes. Her big and clear eyes look like as if she is wearing contact lens, and her graceful and beautiful look is drawing many people’s attention.

The looks of her eyes are making a great match with her sophisticated acting, making the drama even better to watch.

Viewers left comments, such as “What kind of contact lens should I wear to make my eyes to look like hers?”, “She looks like a contact lens model!!”, and “I love her acting.”

On the other hand, Lee Bo Young is casting in ‘I Hear Your Voice’ as lawyer Jang Hye Sung.

Source: SG Entertainment Yahoo

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