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[Official] Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)


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[ARTICLE/SPOILER] Lee Jong-suk’s revenge against Jeong Woong-in



Something’s up with Soo-ha.

Soo-ha (Lee Jong-suk) started to put his revenge in action against Min Joon-gook (Jeong Woong-in) on the 20th in the SBS drama “I Hear Your Voice”.

Hye-seong (Lee Bo-yeong) was shocked to get a call from the police that Soo-ha might’ve stolen a gun but was later turned out to be a mistake.

Hye-seong told Soo-ha not to even think of taking revenge but he retorted and asked, “What if he was trying to hurt you?”

Hye-seong replied, “Still don’t. I will protect myself”. Soo-ha didn’t listen to her.

He tracked down Min Joon-gook’s location via his cell phone and took out a knife.Credit: hancinema

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class="post-title"[ARTICLE] “Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Young grow closer through cohabitation in ‘I Hear Your Voice’”


The production team of SBS TV Wed-Thu drama ‘I Hear Your Voice’ has recently revealed sweet cohabitation photos of Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Young.

In the photos, Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young) and Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk) are seen staying under one roof, and see their relationship blossom even further. Soo Ha is seen helping Hye Sung reach for things placed at a high area while also helping to fold clothes. Lee Bo Young meanwhile helps to take care of Lee Jong Suk who is sick, and looks at him adorably. The both of them exhibited ideal images of cohabitation partners, and left many looking on in envy.

Netizens commented, “Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk are simply adorable, where can you find people like them?” “The two of them look so sweet and compatible with each other,” “After seeing Lee Jong Suk, I feel mesmerized and feel like becoming Lee Bo Young,” “I am willing to do anything if I can live with someone like Lee Bo Young or Lee Jong Suk.”

Meanwhile, the preview for the upcoming episode 7 will see Lee Jong Suk reunite with Jung Woong In. The drama airs every Wednesday and Thursday through SBS TV from 10PM (KST).




By: Lee Zhao Tam

Copyright@KpopFighting.com Yahoo OMG

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Actress Lee Bo-yeong’s completely different dress-ups have fans’ attention.

Lee Bo-yeong is starring as a bad tempered but loveable lawyer named Hye-seong.

Hye-seong is a public defender in the KBS 2TV drama “I Hear Your Voice”. She’s a character who wishes to show people only the perfect side of her and is always dressed in a smart suit. The colors of her suits are also in earth tones to emphasize her bad temperedness and her individuality.

However, Hye-seong after work is completely different. She takes off the suit and wears various casual attire with pants.

Previously, Lee Bo-yeong starred in the former KBS 2TV weekend drama, “My Daughter Seo-yeong” as Seo-yeong. This time, she’s in a romance with actor Lee Jong-suk.

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