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[Official] Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)


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6 hours ago from Li Zhongshuochaohua

timeline_card_small_super_default.pngLee Jong Suk[heart]#李钟硕0331 debut 11 anniversary# 20100331~20210331 Happy 11th anniversary of debut[Hit call][Hit call]


3 hours ago from Li Zhongshuochaohua

timeline_card_small_super_default.pngLee Jong Suk [Hug]# # 11th Anniversary Lee Jong-suk 0331 debut

at nib love letter is your
            side of the mouth situation, then you
            heart the idea is that you think
            the eyes of the stars is your
            southerly since I have not met you
            southerly from the micro to read you into the illness
            future can not forget the early heart
            Let’s run together and love

fast forward fast forward, thank you[Jerry]
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  • 4d0a36d3ly1gp304uzq9wj20rs0rswzf.jpg
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Hey a clear stream 

2 hours ago from Li Zhongshuo Chaohua Edited

[N] Lee Jong Suk's new drama is here! ! ! ! ! Retiredtimeline_card_small_super_default.pngLee Jong Suk is negotiating to appear in tvN's new drama "Big Mouth".
Lee Jong Suk will play the 30th generation of the actor's lawyer Park Chang-ho. Born as Tutangspoon, he is a head of a family dreaming of rising his status, and he became a lawyer through law school. However, after being imprisoned aggrievedly in the nine thousand prison where only vicious criminals gathered, he pretended to be a big mouse in order to survive and gradually became a true genius fraudster.:approves:
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Baidu Li Zhongshuo Bar Official Blog 

Yesterday at 14:14 from Li Zhongshuo Super Talk

timeline_card_small_super_default.pngLee Jong Suk [heart]#李钟硕欧莱雅品牌大会# Congratulations to Li Zhongshuo for becoming the brand ambassador of L'Oreal. The powerful actor Li Zhongshuo @李钟硕 will bring a splendor to lifewith #三代欧莱雅黑 essence# . The stars are shining and the king returns with L'Oreal!
@ L'Oreal Paris : The much-anticipated, just waiting for the return. The brand-new #三代欧莱雅黑 essence# After ten years, the formula has been upgraded, specializing in the double fermentation essence, it can defeat the skin damage in one fell swoop, rejuvenate the skin, and fight against aging. Immediately go to #聚 value-calculated huanju day# to decode the youth together with the L'Oreal Paris brand ambassador @李钟硕, not afraid of the years!timeline_card_small_web_default.png[Pre-sale on Happy Gathering Day] Brand new L'Oreal 3rd Generation Black Essence Anti-aging Fine Pore Essence Muscle Foundation

Ayan girl who loves life 

2 hours ago from Li Zhongshuochaohua

timeline_card_small_super_default.pngLee Jong-suk
powder of Lee Jong-suk many, many years
may be the first time I met such a thing now, sad for a long time
I was a fan of China, I know that a foreign actor powder
is really difficult, the language barrier, there is no dynamic and missing as
we Like my brother does not mean that we are not patriotic.
We also love our country.
In fact, Li Zhongshuo is a very good person, warm and kind, and
he has been silently doing a lot of charity
donations to impoverished areas in China, etc. He
has been expressing with practical actions. His kindness,
our support club, has also been doing various charities.
He is also a person who loves China and
values China very much. Fans respect China very much.
"Charity has no borders"
can you please let him go?
He did nothing wrong.
He is a very sensitive person.
I'm afraid he is sad . I'm afraid he is sad. He
has been online frequently last night. It
shows that he attaches great importance to it and is looking forward to
it. But we are also I didn’t expect this to happen,
everyone is merciful, right?[tears][tears][tears]
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