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[Official] Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)


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Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young who are going to tie the knot on 27 September 2013, left Incheon International Airport this evening to fly to Madrid, Spain for their wedding photoshoot. They’re such a cute & affectionate couple =)

JiSung LeeBoYoung bc13 [Airport Pictures] Ji Sung & Lee Bo Young are heading to Spain for their wedding photoshoot JiSung LeeBoYoung bc12 [Airport Pictures] Ji Sung & Lee Bo Young are heading to Spain for their wedding photoshoot

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SBS ‘I Hear Your Voice’ Held Production Press Conference


by kpc  |  on June 2nd, 2013  |  0 comments

(K-popculture) – - The production press conference of SBS’s new Web. & Thu. programming ‘I Hear Your Voice’ written by Park Hye-Ryeon and directed by Cho Su-Won was held at SBS Hall in Mok-dong on May 29.



On the 29th, 8 days before its first airing, main actors including Lee Bo-Young, Lee Jong-Suk, Yoon Sang-Hyun, Lee Da-Hee and Kim Ga-Eun were gathered to answer questions from the media and raise expectations with the drama’s compelling story.

Actress Lee Bo-Young will play Jang Hye-Seong, a public defender who is snobbish but lovely and Lee Jong-Suk will play Park Su-Ha, a psychic boy who can read others’ mind. Yoon Sang-Hyun will play Cha Gwa-Nu, a passionate guy trying to keep himself on the straight and narrow and Lee Da-Hee will play Seo Do-Yeon, a prosecutor demanding perfectionism. Also, expectations are high on accomplished actors like Kim Hae-Sook and Jung Woong-In.



Chief director Kim Yeong-Seop said before the conference “We projected a hybrid drama that is a fantasy romance drama in the court considering cross-genre dramas rather than one genre are the big trend these days. We will do what it takes to beat any other show aired on the same time.” The director Cho Su-Won added “You may highly expect since the scripts by the writer Park Hye-Ryeon are so compelling. I am sure we will make it because the good actors are doing wonders.”



Main actors explained their roles and said some words about shooting. Yoon Sang-Hyun said “I was a bit nervous but excited at the same time since it’s my comeback show after 2 years of break and I bet a good result because we have enjoyed every shooting.”

Lee Jong-Suk said “I thought it would be easier for me to play a high schooler again same as in my last show ‘School 2013’ but it was not. Still, I am working hard on shooting.” He also indicated he works in perfect with Lee Bo-Young saying “I am thankful that she is 10 years older but humors me by even speaking teenagers’ words and shortened words.”



SBS’s new Drama Special ‘I Hear Your Voice’ will be first aired on June 5.

(Picture=Lee Yi-Seul)

by Lee Yi-Seul(ssmoly6@gmail.com)

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The production team for current airing SBS TV Wed-Thu drama ‘I Hear Your Voice’ has released a set of photos, which showed the cast members intently analysing their drama script at the film set.

In the photos, leading cast members like Lee Bo Young, Lee Jong Suk, Yoon Sang Hyun, Lee Da Hee, Kim Hae Suk, and Kim Ga Eun are all seen analysing their scripts intently. Regardless of whether if it’s their rest time in between filming, their scripts were still by their side and showed their passion.

The production team said, “It has been tough on the actors who have to keep filming every day. But they always have their scripts in their hands and would analyse them intently. Their passion and hard work should be commended. Everyone is working hard to film the drama, and we hope that everyone will continue to show their support for them.”

Meanwhile in the previous episode, Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young) chances upon the CCTV footage that sees Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk) pouncing on Joon Kook (Jung Woong In), which seemingly wakes up the memories that Soo Ha has of Joon Kook, and left viewers wondering on how the drama would progress from here on. The drama airs every Wednesday and Thursday from 10PM (KST).

By: Yoon Hyo Jung



everything went well .....as a great script.....a great drama......!

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Actors head to Spain

Source | 2013/08/23 | 1641 views | Permalink | 0 Comments


Actor Ji Seong and actress Lee Bo-yeong left for Spain yesterday to shoot their wedding photos in preparation for their wedding next month.

The couple will spend five days in Spain for the shoot, which is being organized by the fashion magazine Grazia.

Lee most recently starred in the SBS drama "I Hear Your Voice", and Ji just wrapped up MBC's "Royal Family".

But there won't be much time for the couple to enjoy Spain - Ji is about to start filming the upcoming KBS drama "Secrets".

The couple is set to get married on Sept. 27 at the Walkerhill Hotel in eastern Seoul. They met through the SBS drama "Save the Last Dance for Me" in 2004 and started dating in 2007.

The couple announced their wedding plan in handwritten letters that they posted on online fan cafes earlier this month.

By Lee Sun-min

Source : koreajoongangdaily.jo... ( English Korean )

and song ...never ending story......http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpGdLsG87qo

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class="post-title"Lee Bo Young for InStyle Posted on August 23, 2013 by daiko

lee bo young 1

Soon-to-be bride Lee Bo Young was in the spreads of InStyle’s September.

Appeared with simple and natural make-up, the 34-year-old actress of hit drama I Hear Your Voice, looked so elegant !

Lee Bo Young announced that she will marry long-time boyfriend Ji Sung on September 27.

lee bo young 2 lee bo young 3 lee bo young 4 lee bo young 5'


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Ji Seong and Lee Bo-yeong returned to Korea on the 28th after their wedding picture collection trip.

The two wore grey colored hoodies with sunglasses to match. The two of them couldn't help smiling the whole time and answered with smiles on their faces at the paparazzi's questions.

Meanwhile, Lee Bo-yeong and Ji Seong met in the 2004 drama "Save the Last Dance for Me" and are getting married on the 27th of September at the Walker Hill Hotel after a 7-year relationship.






Source : www.dispatch.co.kr/r.... ( English )

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class="title""I Hear Your Voice": Reasons to be Captivated by Lee Jong Suk

Source: Entermedia
Translator: hitoritabi
Translation note: There are a lot of really great articles about LJS coming out today, including calling him the new ‘Country’s First Love’ and predicting great things. ;A; First, an article about the drama.


"IHYV" Lee Jong Suk, the boy who can see the truth

What if someone had the ability to read your inner-most thoughts? “I Hear Your Voice” is based on this assumption. Of course, this assumption is not unprecedented in television, it has always been a common setup for sci-fi or fantasy series. However, “IHYV” tries to combine it with other new genres, making it a social drama and a romance drama at the same time.

After losing his father in a terrible incident, Sooha (Lee Jon Suk) gained the ability to read the hearts of others. When Hyesung, who witnessed the crime, came forward to give her testimony in court despite the murderer’s threats, the seeds of romance was planted in Sooha. Young Sooha’s words: “I will protect you”, allowed the drama to weave social drama together with romance.

Sooha’s ability to read minds serves two purposes, one is for the factual truth, but one is also for emotional truth. If the story moves more towards the factual truth side, that is its factual side. Should the story moves towards the emotional truth side, then it becomes more of a melodrama or romance. Thus, while “IHYV” deals with issues about justice in society, it also depicts the romance between Sooha and Hyesung. On the other hand, it also talks about the humanistic obligations to protect the disadvantaged in society.

The truth is that melodramatic romantic dramas are still the staple of our country’s drama business. If we delete romance from the equation completely, then it is hard for a drama to attract the average television watcher. However, that is trapping ourselves in the box within the structure of romance. If we add new twists to the genre, then we would able to allow more people to have resonance with the stories, revitalizing our country’s dramas.

As we enjoy the sweetness that comes from the older-younger pairing of Hyesung and Sooha, the social justice that they uncover and solve together are not just decorations for the drama. The fantastical element of a character that can read minds brings this drama away from being labeled as simply a romance or a social drama.

As time passed, Sooha appears in front of Hyesung, who has become a government-appointed lawyer, using his ability to prove that his friend is innocent, and not just traditional witnessing or analysis.


In the end, the drama is based on two axis — Sooha and Hyesung, but of the two of them, Sooha remains the focus. The first focus is the truth about cases that only he can see, and the second focus is his true feelings for Hyesung. As they solve each case and achieve social justice, it also starts up their affection towards one another.

The fact that all these elements can be presented seamlessly together, this is no doubt due to the charisma of actor Lee Jong Suk. In “School 2013”, Lee Jong Suk perfectly painted a portrait of a vibrantly green but burdened youth. His image of switching between boisterous teenager and melancholic emotions makes him the perfect actor to express the romance and social elements in this current drama. Of course, the transformation of Lee Bo Young between the two sides of the story is also unmissable.

In just two episodes, “I Hear Your Voice” has managed to capture the heart of the public. This is partially because the other Wed-Thur dramas are only portraying typical stories in their typical genre boxes, and forgot the importance of bringing something new to the table.

On the flip side, “IHYV” brought a freshness that combines romance, social issues and fantasy, and treated the topics of romance and justice with seriousness. And the thing that allows all the genres to tie together perfectly is this charismatic boy who can see the truth behind both cases and emotions — Lee Jong Suk.


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Hear Your Voice' speeds past the competition, breaking its own record in viewer ratings


Whether fans want to admit it or not, Wednesday-Thursday dramas have never been able to pick up where they left off in viewer ratings since the reign of 'Wind Blows In Winter'. However, another SBS drama, 'I Hear Your Voice', has been giving viewers a reason to tune in on weekdays.


According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the June 13th episode of 'I Hear Your Voice' sped past the coveted 15% viewer mark to achieve a 16.1% viewer rating, a 1.1% increase from its previous viewer rating of 15.0%.


KBS 2TV's historical drama, 'Mandate of Heaven', continued its slump with a 8.5% viewer rating, while MBC's 'The Queen's Classroom' dropped to a 7.8% viewer rating in its first week, falling to third place. 


Does 'I Hear Your Voice' deserve all the hype? Leave your thoughts below!

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