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[Drama 2013/2014] ♚ Empress Ki (기황후) ♚

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Guest ziimblu

The lovely & super talented Ha ji won!!!Of course, I am so looking forward to this!
Hope Joo Jin Moo or Won Bin will be the male lead :-) 

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Guest smoochysparks

I hope "HWATU" would be a REUNION project for Ha Ji-Won, Lee Seo-Jin & Kim Min-Joon. It would be great to see them act again in another historical period drama. It has been 10 years since "DAMO" and I think it's about time to bring them all back together :-)

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No more news about this drama?! All I know is that HJW will be the main lead female but casting for other characters it not started/finalized? I guess is too early.

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Guest hapha8714

i hope this will be the next big hit sageuk after Queen Seon Deok... it's past 3 years already, and still my very favorite drama... but i have eventually lost my interest in historical drama after seeing cliches over and over again in the succeeding historicals.

they were "neh", i became less interested in sageuk after not seeing a drama that would be at par with QSD, then here came the Deep Rooted Tree that was just remarkable in its own way... it made me hopeful! and also realized it's the same writer behind QSD! lol. no wonder it was awesome...

but after Deep Rooted Tree, i have not seen any drama that makes me giddy and excited episode after episode.

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Guest bearbarbiie1023

*Just Wanna Share*


Choi Young: "We must prevent Ki Cheol entry into Yuan. I don't want him met the Queen Ki "

[just imagine how if Yoo Oh Sung (Ki Cheol Cast) met with Ha Ji Won] :P


King Gongmin: "
You (Ki Cheol) are also part of my people in Goryeo. And your sister, Queen Ki also very loving Goryeo. We must find a way to negotiate."

so there is more of the picture of the character of the queen who would be Ha Ji Won played later. Despite living in the Yuan and the queen, she still loves Goryeo] ^^

In Faith, the character of
queen Qi called about 4 until 5 times :)

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I'm very torn about this. On one hand, I love the writers and their work. On the other, I hate the director and don't like the genre or premise. I also do think Ha Ji Won is ok, but she is not someone I think is great enough to watch something that does not interest me for.

I guess I'll wait and see how it goes and what people think. A lot can go wrong with a bad director, even if the script is good. I am not ready to celebrate yet.

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Since they haven't post who's gonna be Ha Ji Won leading man, I like to make a suggestions for SOONG SEUNG HEON which i watched some of his dramas n i like his acting ability , likewise with KIM NAM GIL, on the currenT drama SHARK, my ist time to watch this guy and i think he could portrait the character of an emperor.I wILL be on cloud 9 if it would be LEE SEUNGGI . ( Hearties forever!!!)

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Guest bearbarbiie1023

The Cast of Hwatu are released !!!!  :D


김정현 Kim Jung Hyun
김성오 Kim Sung Oh
최무상 Choi Moo Sang
이문식 Lee Moon Sik
김영호 Kim Young Ho
김영철 Kim Young Chul
정웅인 Jung Woong In
김갑수 Kim Kap Soo
김명국 Kim Myung Guk
김형범 Kim Hyung Bum
권오중 Kwon Oh Joong
진이한 Jin Yi Han
and 신승환 Shin Seung Hwan

Looking at the names, Ha Ji Won will be working again with Kim Sung Oh whom she previously worked with in ‘Secret Garden’, Kim Hyung Bum in ‘Something Happened in Bali’, and also with Kwon Oh Joong after 10 years since ‘Damo’.

Photo source: DC HJW via TK2H_LSG_HJW fb

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Guest bearbarbiie1023


According to keimk94@twitter, drama Hwatu will film in China for 2 weeks. The crew is shooting on MBC filming set now. Ha Ji Won is so beautiful.

her tweet : 드라마 화투 중국가서 2주동안 찍는단말은들었지만 벌써 ㄷ ㄷ 엠비씨 구층에서 찍고있네 하지원...예브다 ㅎ..

but,now her timeline is protect ^^

via: Jiwonderland fb & Jiwonesia fb

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1023rs said: The Cast of Hwatu are released !!!!  :D

What, so many names. I almost forget that they have to start shooting in August.

Empress Ki will be in the same drama with Safari, Mr. Black and Baek-san?! :-O

Now, I`m serious, from that list I watched in other dramas:  Choi Moo Sang, Lee Moon Sik, Kim Young Chul, Jung Woong In, Kim Gap Soo, Kwon Oh Joong- loved, Kim Sung Oh, Jin Yi Han, Kim Hyung Bum- liked

3 actors I did not see before. WOW, and those are supporting cast? I can`t wait to see who is going to be the lead actor!

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@Orion, Hi, dear! It`s a long time since I have seen you on soompi! So you are worried about the director?! So do I but I still have faith that he will not disappoint like his previous work. For that he was helped by the writer and male lead IMO). I`m still waiting for the lead actor to fully committed. For an anniversary sageuk I`m expect some great drama. We`ll see. 

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