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[Drama 2013] Cruel City / Heartless City 무정도시


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JTBC Drama

Cruel City (무정도시)

Previously known as: Undercover 

Also called: Heartless City

Genre: Crime, romance, and action

Directors: Lee Jung-Hyo & Jang Yong Woo

Screenwriter: Yoo Sung Yul

Network: JTBC

Episodes: 20

Broadcast period: May 27th - July 30th, 2013

Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:50




Shi-Hyun (Jung Kyung-Ho) grew up in an orphanage, before running away from there. He then made a living by working as a drug courier and picked up the nickname "Doctor." He's now the boss of a mid-size gang. His drug supplier is a man known as Scale (Kim Byung-Ok). Shi-Hyun has plans take over his position.

Meanwhile, Hyeong-Min (Lee Jae-Yoon) becomes the section chief of a special investigation unit. Their goal is to take down Scale, who killed an undercover officer. Hyeong-Min's girlfriend Kyung-Mi (Ko Na-Eun) is also a detective. She also grew up in an orphanage with Soo-Min (Nam Gyu-Ri). They grew up like real sisters and Soo-Min is now studying to enter the police academy.

While trying to catch Scale, Hyeong-Min learns about a guy called "Doctor." Now, Hyeong-Min and his team go after Shi-Hyun.



Jung Kyung Ho as Jung Shi Hoo


Grew up in orphanage, he lived harsh life and dealing with drugs.Because he’s smart and has physical ability, he quickly becomes a mid-bos gangster in a district. While he was plotting to be a bigger boss, he met Kyung Mi, whom grew up in the same orphanage. Now, Kyung Mi works as a police.During a drug raid, Kyung Mi was assasinated. Si Hyun is the suspect murderer and chased by police.

Then, he meets Soo Min. He starts to fall in love.


Nam Gyu Ri as Yoon Soo Min


Although they’re not real sisters Soo Min considered Kyung Mi as her sister. Soo Min becomes police because she admires Kyung Mi. While they investigated drug-cartel, Kyung Mi was killed by someone.She infitrates to the drug-cartel to find Kyung Mi’s killer while she is a undercover cop led by Hyung-Min.

Lee Jae Yoon as Ji Hyung Min
Son Chang Min as Min Hong Gi

Kim Yoo Ri as Lee Jin Suk
Choi Moo Seong as Moon Deok Bae
Yoon Hyun Min as Kim Hyun Soo
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Kyung Ho has been in Princess Ja Myung Go (I really loved him in that drama) and he has also been in Smile, You. Jae Yoon has been in the recent drama Queen of Ambition and also in Ghost. I didn't quite know him but I did recognize him in Queen Ambition having a smaller role.  

I really love that drama. It reminds me of that last scene, I think I cried. It was way too underrated in my opinion. 

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Because Heartless City is a jTBC drama, I have a bit of expectation for it to have impressive quality writing.

The noir story is about a cop, played by Jung Kyung Ho, who goes undercover to infiltrate a drug cartel. During his covert work, he falls for Nam Gyu Ri‘s femme fatale character.

Do they have chemistry? Based on this still, I think so, and according to the teasers, it’s an electrifying yes.

Heartless City will premiere on May 27th.



 cr:couch kimchi

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class="articletitle" style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px; outline: none 0px; list-style: none; font-size: 33px; border: 0px none; line-height: 34px; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;"New Drama "Cruel City" Offers Gritty Urban Action

Cruel City," a drama due air at the end of May, has something for crime drama lovers, plenty of gritty urban action scenes and a passionate love triangle. The drama will highlight the life and death struggle between police and drug traffickers and the people whose lives unfortunately get caught in the middle.

 In the jBTC drama, Si Hyun, played by Jung Kyung Jo, joins a drug trafficking gang so he can investigate a case. His undercover life is miserable and lonely. But he is dedicated to solving the crime. Jung Kyung Jo saw the role as a challenge and the character as someone he would really enjoy playing.

"I knew this role was for me as soon as I read about it," said Jung Kyung Jo. "I am excited every moment I am on set and can barely wait to start filming."

Jung's most recent acting job was in the film "Rollercoaster." Before that he served his two years of compulsory military duty. The actor has not appeared in a drama since "Smile, You" in 2010 and his fans are happy to see him return to the small screen.
Lee Jae Yoon plays Hyung Min, the man who chases after him. "Yawang," his last drama, just finished airing. In that drama, he played Yoo Jang Hun. He also played Jo Jae Min in the cyber crime thriller, "Ghost."

Nam Gyu Ri, former member of the female trio See Ya, plays the woman who gets involved in their struggle. The actress had a cameo appearance as Bae Jung Ah in the drama "Ohlala Couple" and played Yoon Se Ra in "Haeundae Lovers," as well as the lead role of Shin Ji Hyun in "49 Days." She was also excited about her role in "Cruel City."

"I am going to put everything I have into playing this character," said Nam.

The story promises to be dark and disturbing.

According to co-director Lee Jung Hyo,  "The drama has a film noir feeling to it."

Film noir is a cinematic term used to describe stylish crime films.

"It's a sad love story between the men and the woman who have no choice but to hide their feelings. The story will linger with viewers like no other," said Lee, who will co-direct with Jang Yong Woo.

Other members of the cast include Kim Yoo Mi, who will play Jin Sook and Kim Hyo Sun who will play the killer Eun Soo. Go Na Eun has been cast as Lee Kyung Mi and Son Chang Min as Min Gook Jang.

All credit to Kpopstarz


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Guest wisteria7

@elegance1 Thank you for starting this thread. The cast looks great. I just love cinematic noir. 49 days is one of my favorite dramas and NGR was great in it. Looking forward to seeing her again. 

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@wisteria7 - You are quite welcome. I sort of stumbled upon this on when watching teasers from the same company, and I absolutely loved it.  I really liked 49 Days too, though it's hard to ignore the ending. 13 days left! I hope this drama will have lots of drama and heat and some excitement! One note too..if any of you guys have heard any news about this drama it would be lovely if you would share it.
@jwand - No I don't know at all. Sorry.

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Guest wisteria7

@elegance1  Yes, that ending stunned me, too. I hope Cruel City will have a good resolution.

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