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[Official] Kkaemi/Enrique Geum-Go Dok Mi/Yoon Shi Yoon-Park Shin Hye from Flower Boy Next Door

little bunny

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Translations by ppl from FBND thread,thought to add some here too! O:-)
By @PJupiter ,page 14 of FBND thread,translation of  MAMA 2012 video->

Host: “Then if that’s the case, among our top star presenters, the couple presenters were exceptionally noticed. Among those [stars] showing a bickering, childish* relationship* “Flower Boy Next Door’s” Yoon Si Yoon and Park Shin Hye couple.”

*I’m honestly not sure if “childish” and “relationship” are the correct words… But those are my best guesses as to what the host said from the context of the statement. I’m guessing “chul deok” means “childish” and “hyo yub” means “relationship” Does anyone know what those words actually mean? J

0:11-PSH: “In the drama I’ve only been wearing shabby clothes and coming out[but] today, [ I’m ] wearing an extravagant dress like this and coming out, it’s really…”

0:16-YSY: “…yes, but where is Shin Hye sshi, then?”

PSH: “[i am] right here.”

YSY: “Ah, yes.”

0:20: Host: “Before, [you] were with Park Shin Hye, but you’re alone right now.”

YSY: “That’s right/you’re right.”

Host: “Where could [she] have gone?”

YSY: “Even just earlier when [we] were presenting [we] were close…”

Host: “After ending [the award presenting]….”

0:29-Host continues: “After Si Yoon sshi passed by, following behind [ is ] Park Shin Hye sshi.”

0:31-Host: “Yoon Si Yoon sshi left first.”

PSH: “Yes. Ah, that’s right/you’re right. [He] left first.”

PSH and Host together: “Yes…”

PSH: “Did [he] not say….”

Host: “And he was wondering where Shin Hye sshi [you] were and was looking for you.”

0:39-PSH: “Ah, is that right? I was behind [him], but maybe [he] didn’t see me and left first. Anyway, we’re going to ride/take the car and leave together so….”

Host: “Oh….”

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hello everyone! i just wanna post here before i sleep. i've been lurking all this time around. it's my first time posting here in soompi. i just can't keep my silence anymore!!! i always think of these two. i haven't watched the last 2 episodes of FBND coz i don't wanna say goodbye to the drama yet. no, not yet. and your posts guys.. they are like food to my soul. thanks so much!! keep it coming hahahaha.

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FBND YSY,PSH,JH interview with NAVER part 1&2 
http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=001&oid=419&aid=0000000038Is not fully tranlated,but @eniya translated the part when Yoon Shi Yoon joins!O:-) ..Page 340 of FBND thread!

YSY walked into the Tae Joon's apartment to join the rest for the interview. KJH asked him....

KJH : U went for photoshooting? U didn't get to sleep? U hv bloodshot eyes...

YSY : Just only took some photo shoots against a white wall. And i hv only slept for 1 hour.

PSH : YSY took photos together with some props, and he has been working through the night.

Reporter : Among other drama projects i hv been to...it's my first time seeing such strong relationships going on here among the actors. IT REALLY FEELS SO DIFFERENT ( YO* ). I can truly feel the electrifying sparks flying between DokMi & Enrique through their eye contacts. ( *reporter added a "yo" at the end of this sentence... she was simply teasing both PSH & YSY ).

YSY : REALLY ? I hv not heard this for a long time.. ( adds jokingly and LAUGH ).  It is really the motivation force from PSH, that helps me to adapt. I am slow to warm up. But for this project... i am able to focus and quickly gets into the ( Enrique ) character easily. It is her help that i am able to adapt quickly. Within a short time frame, I am able to get into the mood and the feel of emotions. Hence, i could look at her ( DokMi ) feeling with thoughts of curiosity.

YSY : FIrst Debut as a rebellious teenage student in HighKick, and later in MBC " Me Too Flower " as a sweet romantic guy. And also KIM TAK KU in Baker King is of a stable/calm character... I was quite worried that I could not fulfill this ( Enrique) role. However, when I did that first screen shootings at the airport... immediately i could get into that feel for the role.

KJH : This kid really likes to analyzes over things... he reads the scripts until it turns old* ( *repeatedly reading ). Actually when i first saw his past project, i was quite impressed with his acting skills. However with this current drama, he has done such arevealing performance which u can't find in his past dramas. 

PSH : He is confident and mischievous(naughty) at the same time. 

YSY : Actually when it comes to acting, even when i couldn't find the right(best) answers, i should at least still think thoughtfully to get the best *solutions( ideas ). In the past, i did not do that( or do not do my best ).  If I choose to follow my own *thoughts( ideas ), I tend to think that pple around me might say, " We will not watch that... it's not going to work..." Because i had this expectation that i need to do my best, i hv to present my *best image ( looking cool/ handsome ). With such thoughts going on, and that's the reason why I could not totally express myself freely during performing. 

I used to follow orders from others and fulfill their expectations. I acted according to want they want. But for FBND, i had first come to a full realization, that as long as i am happy and just follow my own *ideas ( thoughts ) to act it out with freedom in my performance, and I would get approval/recognize by *everyone ( viewer? ) later. The pple around me ( I work with ) would definitely assist me too. It took me a while to comprehend this.

Reporter : Then those cute aegyo expresssion were created by u totally?

YSY : Yes, it is my idea.

REPORTER : I saw u in that magazine, did u *care/concern about*  yr body?  ( direct word translation. i think she meant - do u work out/ keep fit )

YSY : I only wanted build up my body simply to keep fit. If my face looks just *bloaty( puffy ) .... it would looks too weird for me as an actor.  i just wanted to present my true self and do my best as a actor to *manage( maintain ) my image and eveyone will then acknowledge that i am a actor. But i do not force myself to work out for the sake of it...it is simply because i enjoy sports such as mountain climbing etc.

Reporter :  Isn't it great to work with the pple here who are so free and cheerful.

YSY : Because of this cheerful environment, there is *transparency* among us ( *not pretentious, honest with each other )  ... Everyone's personality is beautiful here. It l feels like we are one big family during my acting course in the university. When i went to that school, I met different unique pple with great/distinct personalities, At that time, it felt so refreshing and *remarkable (strange/queer ) and yet so beautiful(wonderful) to me. I hv not had such a feeling for a long time.... and this is exactly how i feel now. In the past, i *worried (no confidence) about my actiing. But now, i no longer feel that way and i hv gain confidence. 

( Many crews started to come into the room, to prepare for the shots. And they had to stop the interview abruptly. )

Reporter :  It's a pity that we had to stop now. I wish the best for this drama that it would be a good turning point not just for the 3 of u.. but also for all the rest of the cast too. Thank you for making such a great drama. And for your time here despite yr busy schedule.

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whiteghost said: hello everyone! i just wanna post here before i sleep. i've been lurking all this time around. it's my first time posting here in soompi. i just can't keep my silence anymore!!! i always think of these two. i haven't watched the last 2 episodes of FBND coz i don't wanna say goodbye to the drama yet. no, not yet. and your posts guys.. they are like food to my soul. thanks so much!! keep it coming hahahaha.

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A part of YSY interview for starnews,translated by @xianzhongfan at page 380 of FBND thread->

Park Shin Hye  Because really like the plot that is why acted naturally… Maybe become more arrogant (over confident) because of that…

When YSY’s Enrique received love, and due to DM being acted by PSH, it received a lot of attention.  Previously PSH acted cheerful and bubbly roles, however in this drama, she is closed up and very careful character. Because DM is so closed up, it makes Enrique more outstanding due to the contrast.

Because my positive points are PSH’s negative points, it feels like a maze.  I am the type who will focus on my acting and act, whereas for PSH she will adapt to her co-star’s acting and work accordingly. So when we are acting, if we can act in harmony, will become more focused.  In this sense will not feel as if we are acting but really falling in love.

YSY laughingly said: “When acting with PSH, because the plot/script is good, so it is easy to focus and get into character.  There are many changes during the scenes, and a lot of anxiety/rush, believing in the co-star will make the acting more natural and focused. Will think “I don’t need to put in so much effort..., and thus may become a bit over-confident”

Asked what scene is memorable for him, YSY laughed and said when I wore the panda suit and was shirtless. It seems that traditionally dramas got kissing scenes and shirtless scenes, and this was one of the shirtless scenes.

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Guest cloe1430291736

I was indifferent about this couple at the beginning..I never thought they can make a such a beautiful couple together..I watched all PSH's dramas..YAB was my fav. but i never ship PSH with all her co-stars..I just found they were cute together on screen with both JGS and JYH, even though there were a lot of rumors about them.when i started watch FBND, the funny thing was ..i didn't feel any chemistry between YSY & PSH..I prefered  PSH with KJH instead of YSY, but after a few episodes..he..he.. i was crazy over Kkaemi couple..I absolutely can feel a strong chemistry between them..when they locked their eyes  i can feel the electrifying sparks flying around them.that's why i shipping them all the way :x :x

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cloe said: Everytime i see this pic..it seems like the way  YSY hugged our PSH  was so emotionaly & passionately ..he knew it was the last scene..so i bet he was soo sad with tears in his eyes ..look at the man behind them..he was noticed YSY..

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Guest jonejone

thank for all the pic/gis. love strong heart episode 159 so much. best part from the ep is were YSY trying to explain the dress rumor. so he ask PSH for help. how  YSY like the cute woman over sexy woman. 

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Posted by @red_ginger ,page 341 of FBND thread class="H" style="font-size: 26px; font-variant: normal; line-height: 1.4em; font-family: 'Open Sans', 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, sans-serif; font-weight: 400; font-style: normal; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: none; outline: 0px; vertical-align: baseline; color: rgb(30, 30, 31); text-shadow: white 1px 1px 0px;"PSH & YSY choice of their BEST 3 MEMORABLE SCENES (that have already been aired)
                         PSH                                                                                     YSY

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class="cb b15" style="font-family: 'Trebuchet MS', Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; line-height: 30px; margin: 0px; padding: 0px 0px 15px; border: 0px; outline: 0px; color: rgb(34, 34, 34); clear: both; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"Park Shin Hye Bids Her Farewell to Go Dok Mi..byebyeu.jpg
The actress posted a picture on her Twitter on February 27th, and wrote, “I was happy being Go Dok Mi for the past three months. The character received a lot of love. I've learned news things thanks to her, and I hope all of you enjoyed the drama. I hope the drama opened up people's hearts.”

This pic isn't posted yet so->:P class="cb b15" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px 0px 15px; border: 0px; outline: 0px; line-height: 30px; font-family: 'Trebuchet MS', Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color: rgb(34, 34, 34); clear: both; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"Happy New Year's Message From Yoon Shi Yoon and Park Shin Hye..theactorsparkshinhyeand.jpg

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 Ok...i was wondering about the BTS photos when PSH was cold?I'm really curious,so looking at them again,i came to this result! :P
YSY is a gentleman..he can't let a lady feeling cold!!(i assume they didn't start the kiss yet to warm things up=)) )bts16ab.jpg

I start to think that he didn't say to warm her up in a funny way but they laughing out of shyness...but after,someone from behind tease them so YSY changes the suggestion to a joke style!(cause PSH turned and looked at someone)bts16ac.jpg

Then,YSY looks at the staff and answers to them..."She is cold!What do you want me to do?Let her freeze?" ..or something!:))bts16ad.jpg

Some time and few kisses later...PSH gave in.. >:D<bts16a.jpg

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Guest spaceme

haiiiii all, I'm a new member here. I'm waiting for someone to make a thread for this couple. and look, here is the place !!!! I'm very pleased and happy.
I dont know how I should start. I just want to try to introduce myself first. I was a big fan of Park Shin Hye since seeing her in "Stairway to Heaven", from there I fell in love with this girl. She has incredible talent I think. exspecially acting when she cried. it's natural. I followed all the developments she had afterwards.
This is the beginning of how I could start interested YoonHye couple. it's all because of Baker King Kim Tak Gu, when there is news about park shin hye should be misun, I'm very happy. but it did not happen. then I hope park shin hye will have a project with yoon shi yoon. see, God gave me a "flower boy next door" ^ ^.
I knew from the beginning if they have a strong chemistry.
anyway. FBND lovers call themselves as "Neighbors"? right?, and cast + staff FBND call FBND lovers as "Flowers",
question now and then ... how can we call ourselves as Yoon Shi Yoon & Park Shin Hye Lovers??? (I think we need to make a name / special name) hehehehe .... LOL

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Guest eniya

Hi Lovely Neighbours,

Here is my first contribution to this new Awesome thread.


TRANSLATION for TAXI interview from chinese sub.

They were all taking a boat ride ( at the beginning part of the interview ) when they share about this.

MC : Both of you beside this time... do u know each other before this?

MC: Hv u work tgr before?

YSY: During HighKick2, I hv acted as  Jin-Ji-Hee's rebellious brother ( Jung Jun Hyuk )...

YSY : Jin Ji-Hee ( his younger sister in the role ) later grow up into this adult character who is acted by PSH

MC: so u knew each other since then...

PSH : When during HighKick2 shooting, I told him that i would like to snap a picture tgr with him, at that moment i thought he looked very nervous. ( PSH was giggling as she shared this.)

MC : YSY ?

YSY: It is my first time taking a photo...

MC : taking what photo?

YSY : That is my first time taking photo with an Artiste.. ( PSH is giggling here again )

YSY: Number 1 ( famous ) Artiste

PSH : ( He ) always stick around with the HighKick crew..., (it's my) first time to see an actor who is surprise (nervous).  ( *note : The translation here is abit weird here, may not b accurate )

MC  ( joking said to YSY ) : later u can take a photo tgr with me then, but don't be nervous... ( PSH is giggling here again )

MC 2 : He is not going to beat you up.. ( PSH is laughing and clapping here ).


my comments :

AWwww... YSY must be so shy then when she took the initiative to request for photo taking. And up til now, she still remember that. YSY must hv left a deep impression in her. AWww.... so sweet memory~~~

PS: During the first part before the boat ride, PSH lovingly adjusted YSY's Sweater in front of the Crew. YSY was caught by surprise with her action and i think he was smilingly so sweetly in his heart... ( mayb one of u can post that short clip here as a proof too, kekeke... )

PSH  ( interrupted the MC while they were still talking ) : This ( sweater ) looks like is choking to the neck, first let me adjust it down.

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@eniya Thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!! ^:)^ ^:)^ >:D< They are so cute!!!!!!! :-* 
The part they mention about first meet->

And when PSH adjusted YSY's sweater->

btw....i love first time memories!!!;)) ...you don't forget those!:x
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