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[Official] Kkaemi/Enrique Geum-Go Dok Mi/Yoon Shi Yoon-Park Shin Hye from Flower Boy Next Door

little bunny

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Guest meisaeteurn

@ijustloveher hahahah Siyoon looks like he's deep in his thoughts. Would you like Shinhye to read your thoughts? Kekeke

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Guest ijustloveher

733976_567535136599115_1145869641_n.jpg1st and 2nd pics  :x what are you doing to his face??? *-:) 1st pics shinhye Trying to catch his mouth>?? :P:P 2nd pics SH cant resist His CUTEness  :\"> :\"> Mianhe  :( just really miss them

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Wave to all of you...welcome aboard to newbie too! Happy to see that Kkaemi couple lover is growing. Keep coming! :)
Thank you for sharing pictures, video etc to here.
Frinda said:  Ok...i was wondering about the BTS photos when PSH was cold?I'm really curious,so looking at them again,i came to this result! :P
YSY is a gentleman..he can't let a lady feeling cold!!(i assume they didn't start the kiss yet to warm things up=)) )bts16ab.jpg

I start to think that he didn't say to warm her up in a funny way but they laughing out of shyness...but after,someone from behind tease them so YSY changes the suggestion to a joke style!(cause PSH turned and looked at someone)bts16ac.jpg

Then,YSY looks at the staff and answers to them..."She is cold!What do you want me to do?Let her freeze?" ..or something!:))bts16ad.jpg

Some time and few kisses later...PSH gave in.. >:D<bts16a.jpg

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eniya said:

Hi Lovely Neighbours,

Here is my first contribution to this new Awesome thread.


TRANSLATION for TAXI interview from chinese sub.

They were all taking a boat ride ( at the beginning part of the interview ) when they share about this.

MC : Both of you beside this time... do u know each other before this?

MC: Hv u work tgr before?

YSY: During HighKick2, I hv acted as  Jin-Ji-Hee's rebellious brother ( Jung Jun Hyuk )...

YSY : Jin Ji-Hee ( his younger sister in the role ) later grow up into this adult character who is acted by PSH

MC: so u knew each other since then...

PSH : When during HighKick2 shooting, I told him that i would like to snap a picture tgr with him, at that moment i thought he looked very nervous. ( PSH was giggling as she shared this.)

MC : YSY ?

YSY: It is my first time taking a photo...

MC : taking what photo?

YSY : That is my first time taking photo with an Artiste.. ( PSH is giggling here again )

YSY: Number 1 ( famous ) Artiste

PSH : ( He ) always stick around with the HighKick crew..., (it's my) first time to see an actor who is surprise (nervous).  ( *note : The translation here is abit weird here, may not b accurate )

MC  ( joking said to YSY ) : later u can take a photo tgr with me then, but don't be nervous... ( PSH is giggling here again )

MC 2 : He is not going to beat you up.. ( PSH is laughing and clapping here ).


my comments :

AWwww... YSY must be so shy then when she took the initiative to request for photo taking. And up til now, she still remember that. YSY must hv left a deep impression in her. AWww.... so sweet memory~~~

PS: During the first part before the boat ride, PSH lovingly adjusted YSY's Sweater in front of the Crew. YSY was caught by surprise with her action and i think he was smilingly so sweetly in his heart... ( mayb one of u can post that short clip here as a proof too, kekeke... )

PSH  ( interrupted the MC while they were still talking ) : This ( sweater ) looks like is choking to the neck, first let me adjust it down.

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