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  1. Creating Destiny, Star's Lover, Terroir, Mom's dead upsetPROFILE Name: 기태영 Ki Tae Young Real name: 김용우 / Kim Yong Woo Birthdate: 1978-Dec-09 Height: 179cm or 182cm? Weight: 64kg Star sign: Sagittarius Blood type: O Family member: 2 males, 2 females Marriage Status : married to Kim Eugene ( ex S.E.S personel-his co star in Creating Destiny), got married on July 23rdlovely Eugene Personality: Quiet, introvert and shy type Favorite food : Fruits Favorite cloths : T-shirt, jeans Favorite coffee : Americano style Education : Goo-jung Middle School 구정고등학교, Suh-kyung University 서경대학교 연극영화 Hobbies : watch movies 영화감상, attend drama/plays 연극감상, 노래 개사해서부르기, singing Fave sports : swimming 수영, squash 스쿼시, snowboarding 스노우보드 Talent agency: Broadin Entertainment?? currently not in any management *will make sure* Homepage : http://cafe.daum.net/KiTaeYoung Twitter : kitaeyoung twitter DRAMA 신세대보고 어른들은 몰라요 the new genration report : Adults don't know it (1997 debut drama) 카이스트 Kaist (SBS, 1999) 학교2 School 2 (KBS2, 2000) 그래도사랑해 Still Love (SBS, 2004) HD문학관 - 외등 The Outdoor Lamp (KBS, 2005) 통정(通貞) (MBC 베스트극장 627화) (2006) 하얀거탑 White Tower (MBC, 2007) 엄마가 뿔났다 Mom Is Dead Upset / Mom Has Grown Horns (KBS2, 2008) 떼루아 Terroir (SBS, 2008) 기태영 최지우 Star's Lover (SBS, 2008) 인연만들기, Creating Destiny (MBC,2009) 제중원 Jejoongwon/Jejungwon the hospital(SBS, 2010,KTY appears as cameo only in couple episodes 23 ahead only) Jejoongwon cast KTY's part in Jejoongwon 사랑을 가르쳐 드립니다 /I'll teach to love 2010 I'll teach you to love Oh Wol's Melodrama KBShttp://www.ohkpop.com/83446/drama-special-ki-tae-young-cast-in-oh-wols-melodrama To Beautiful You as the medical staff memberhttp://www.ohkpop.com/60829/new-still-cuts-of-sulli-meeting-ki-tae-young-in-drama-to-the-beautiful-you-has-been-released MOVIES 22 Days 22일 (2009) Cameo in Song Hye Gyo movie A Reason To Live ( as SHG fiance)http://www.hancinema.net/korean_boxoffice.php?weekend=2011.11.18+~+2011.11.20 MUSIC VIDEO Lee Jung Hyun 이정현 - 줄래 (2000)http://mv.daum.net/player/mv_player.asp?no...k=h&index=n</a> (4m4s MV) WAX 왁스 - 내가 당신을 사랑하는 이유 (2004)http://mv.daum.net/player/mv_player.asp?no...k=h&index=n</a> (6m1s MV) J-Hwan feat Ki Tae Young in Leave (떠나), KTY's part in the first narration-voice only) Mini Albumcr http://earchannel.blogspot.com/2012/04/ki-tae-young-cherish1st-mini-album.html KI TAE YOUNG 2009 B'DAY PARTY credit as labelled PART A PART B ( Eugene appeared as surprised present ) PART C ( Together with Eugene ) PART D ( Fooling around with Eugene and fans) PART E ( Fooling around with Eugene and fans )fav one PART F - interview Ki Tae Young _Kim Eugene Lovely and Sweet Couple VIDEOS: KTY-Eugene released news about their marriage NEWS: News about KTY_EUGENE: Eugene haven't picked out my wedding dress" " Wedding Announcement on 23rd May 2011 News KTY_Eugene wedding credit to SOOMPI NEWS WA on 23rd May 2011 INTERVIEWS Interview for White Tower Interview for SBS Entertainment 2009 Interview for Creating Destiny-Japanese Interview for Creating Destiny Interview on 17.12.2009 Interview for Children Festival " Magic Castle" BEHIND THE SCENES BTS Baristar advertisement shooting Making Kissing Scene in Creating Destiny Poster Shooting for Creating Destiny Creating Destiny NG A( with Eugene) Creating Destiny NG B Creating Destiny Episode 13 bts Creating Destiny NG C Creating Destiny NG D Creating Destiny last day shooting EVENTS Baristar Launch Event KTY's Fly Me To The Moon at Baristar Launch Event MC for M-net event KTY greeted his fans during shooting Creating Destiny Press Conference for Creating Destiny part 1 Press Conference for Creating Destiny 2 KTY at Eugene's Beauty Secret part 1 KTY at Eugene's Beauty Secret part 2 Children Festival Rehearsal "Magic Castle" Children Festival " Magic Castle" Children Festival "Magic Castle" fans video At Byun Woo Min's Wedding ( Jin Ju's father in Creating Destiny) together with Eugene CF 코카콜라 Coca Cola 베스킨라빈스 Baskin Robins Caffe Latte Baristar Car Advertisement for Hyundai Drink Advertisement "Yuil?" MAGAZINES Men's Health 2007 ELLE Girl Jan 2009 ELLEGirl Star Baristar Event Interview Fashion Model 20 Mar 2008 Seoul Fashion Week F/W 08-09 27 Sep 2008 Andre Kim fashion show, AWARD Nomination for New Actor Award for SBS drama on 31 December 2008 for Mom's Dead Upset SBS award 2008 WEBSITES DAUM CAFE KI TAE YOUNG CHINESE BAIDU KI TAE YOUNG Ki Tae Young _Eugene fans Ki Tae Young on Facebook (by fans) Ki Tae Young 0n Asianfanatics Ki Tae Young in Hancinema
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