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[Official] Kkaemi/Enrique Geum-Go Dok Mi/Yoon Shi Yoon-Park Shin Hye from Flower Boy Next Door

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Couple from Flower Boy Next Door



Enrique Geum/Kkae Geum (Yoon Shi Yoon)
PROFILEName: Yoon Shi Yoon
Korean: 윤시윤Birthdate: September 26, 1986Birthplace: Incheon, South KoreaHeight: 178cmStar sign: LibraReligion: ChristianHobby: reading ( right now his collection is about 2000 books!)Talent agency: Taxi EntertainmentSoompi Link :http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/318314/yoon-shi-yoon-%EC%9C%A4%EC%8B%9C%EC%9C%A4/p1

Go Dok Mi ( Park Shin Hye )
PROFILEName: 박신혜 / Park Shin Hye (Bak Sin Hye)Profession: Actress, model and singer

 Paju, Gyeonggi, South Korea



Star sign:

Blood type:

Family: Mother, father and one older brother, 2 Maltese: Bongji and Nori
 Seoul Young-Pa Girls' Middle/High School , Seoul Joongang University: Majoring in drama & movie
Talent: Dancing
 Listening to music
Favorite Color: White, red
Religion: Christian 

Debut: Lee Seung Hwan's music video "Got - flower" in 2003
Soompi link: http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/25734/x 

2010-High Kick Through The Roof ( Ep 119)Park Shin Hye as future Hae ri (cameo), Yoon Shi Yoon as Jung Joon HyukPSH was asking YSY to take picture together. YSY said he was so nervous when PSH asked him since there's no TOP actors asked him before(@eniya...thanks for the translation, the translation is here:http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/comment/25701526/#Comment_25701526)
Park Shin Hye originally supposed to be in Baker King as Misun, but because of her schedule she couldn't make it.
Yoon Shi Yoon and Park Shin Hye as 25th Goodwill Ambassador for KFHI 2011
Mama Award as Host 2012
TvN Taxi Show 2012
Strong Heart Ep 159
Strong Heart Ep 160
Flower Boy Next Door 2013

thx @ ysy94 for sharing it http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/comment/25738728/#Comment_25738728

As 25th Goodwill Ambassador 2011
Credit as labelledpark-shin-hye-and-yoon-si-yoon-as-25th-Goodwill-Ambassador-for-KFHI-pretty-boy-next-door-EC-9D-B4-EC-9B-83-EC-A7-91-EA-BD-83-EB-AF-B8-EB-2.jpg

FactsThe reasons why we love these two together?
PSH  to YSY :
He is an object to study ( Strong heart episode 159 )meaning someone that you can learn from since YSY is someone who loves book, intelligent and well mannered young man.
He is confident and mischievous ( naughty) at the same time
He is always someone who well prepared when comes to shooting.
Park Shin Hye complimented Yoon Shi Yoon on his good manners and how he always has a book attached to his hand. 
“He’s always reading or studying something,” says Park Shin Hye. “That’s why I like his very natural acting without fluff. It’s always comforting to know that he comes prepared after much studying.” Interview from Instyle magazine. Here's the link:http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/comment/25699908/#Comment_25699908
@chenile...thx for sharing it here
from interview Healing time, full interview:http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/comment/25728498/#Comment_25728498"When filming endedSi Yoon oppa's eyes had turned red. Even before everything ended, oppa had said that the end would be the hardestI said to oppa "Why are you having a hard time again. The end is sad, yet refreshing at the same time." but right after I came out of Dok Mi's room I cried a lot. I think that during the 3 months that I had spent in that room, I too became attached. And then right when I saw the director's face I cried again. But now I'm back to being the high-spirited Shin Hye ^^V."

"But I'm worried about Si Yoon oppa since he's the type to become very affectionate and attached. Oppa was very good at portraying KkaeGeum and since he's usually great (at portraying characters), I don't want him to have a hard time."

Likewise, Yoon Shi Yoon, who referred to Park Shin Hye as her senior, said, “It’s not an exaggeration when you say that I chose this role because I heard Park Shin Hye was doing it.. She’s the queen of romance comedies. She’s very free-spirited in front of the camera.” From interview in Instyle magazine. Here's the link:http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/comment/25699908/#Comment_25699908

During shooting FBND, PSH would be the first person that came to YSY's mind when discuss about their acting or next scenes. Yoon Si Yoon spent most of his time filming scenes with Park Shin Hye compared to the other actors.
YSY :She was even the first person to come to my mind when I had a lot of thoughts.Whenever I filmed emotional scenes,i tried to compare the feelings that the role portrayed to my existing ones.After filming an emotional scene, we would say to each other "Thanks and good work". I'm not sure if I was any help to her. She was so busy catching my emotions that it was embarrassing so I feel sorry towards her.I was sorry and at the same time I was mad at myself.
Yoon Shi Yoon  conveyed his gratitude to Park Shin Hye particularly, He said: "because the shooting atmosphere is great, so after the end of final shooting, we went together to the Gangwon Province see map below, thanks @Frinda ) carried out *MT ( see below ) ,   I was very touched by Park Shin Hye at that time, because in her busy schedule she also found time to prepare our food too, i was so moved/touched."
Yoon Shi Yoon said: "Park Shin Hye helped me get into the drama, let me carried out the true feeling of love when shooting the scene. The script is also very special, because it allows me the freedom to interpret the love.  I had this  attitude "If i am really in love, what should i do'  to carried out the shooting. Hence there is this freedom to play ( the role) . " But he added:" when i am actually in love, I like to create a lot of surprises for my lover. " Yoon Shi Yoon may hv a cold appearance but he has the other side which is warm and cordial.  Full interview here:http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/comment/25739757/#Comment_25739757


They are huge fans of baseball game

Yoon Shi Yoon : Interview during Baker King

I’m a huge fan of baseball. If you like baseball, you’re automatically on my side and my person. That’s how much I love it. The one day of the year that I have severe depression is the day baseball ends, the day of the finals for the Korean series. I feel very empty. I truly think, ‘How do I live?’ And then I feel like I can breathe again when it’s April.

Baseball is about defense. That’s why I like it. Defense plays a much larger role in baseball, about 90 to 10. And they say while offense may be innate, defense is all about how much training you do. That’s why I feel much more affinity to people who are good at defense.

Strong Heart episode 159 PSH said she is huge fan of baseball game. Watch the video here:ht tp://www.dramacrazy.net/korean-variety/strong-heart-episode-159/285798

full interview here:http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/comment/25738728/#Comment_25738728

*Sina:* 'Flower Boys Next Door' has many sweet scenes, which ones arethose you would like to do it too when you are on a date?
*ShinHye:* I would just like to try holding each other's hand and have a stroll at Samcheong-dong street. Although to many people this is a very normal thing, to me it's not. And, although it has never been plotted in the dramas, I would like to try to have a baseball date.

"hand on shoulder, hand on the waist"tumblr_meiwcl6y0V1qerbfao2_250.gif
"dance together"tumblr_meiwcl6y0V1qerbfao4_500.gif
credit to owner
Always heard and read that PSH's kissing scenes in her previous drama were always stiff-closed mouth. But in FBND, her kissing skill definitely changed. The kissing scene with YSY look more natural and relax. kisskissm.jpg
credit as labelledysypshkiss.jpg
@frinda, thx for sharing it

credit to uploader

In TvN Taxi Show, Park Shin Hye said that her ideal type is Yoon Shin Yoon. 

Kkae Geum-Go Dok Mi dating scenes were somehow come from YSY. Thx @ xianzhongfan for translating the article

“The things I want to do when I am in love/dating, all have been done with PSH”

 I asked script writer-nim to confirm my lines, as there are no specific lines to speak. It only says “use Spanish”. Enrique’s lines were “what are you looking at, first time you see such a cute guy?” but this was not in the script at all. (what he means is that he came up with the lines himself).  It is because of the belief in me, then I feel the responsibility.  My character is that if someone asked me to do something, I will do it seriously. If I am not given the responsibility I will probably stay in the same spot and do nothing. So I thank the script writer-nim for this.

 The Spanish lines were YSY’s, but also the date with DM were also his ideas. He has no girlfriend now, but he thinks when he has, he is the type to have well thought out activities.

 In the scene where they are going for a date, the script just says “watch movie.”  The chocolates bit and others are things he would hv wanted to do with his GF, and he has now done all these with DM.  Buying shoes for her, acting aegyo, using tablet to say ‘good nite, see each other in our dreams’ – these are things I want to do when I am in love.  These are the ‘rights’ given to me as an actor. This is a happy thing. Haha.

Looking for each other
credit to uploader
Party after Mama Awardcredit to uploader (@thao_2512 thx for post it again in FBND thread)

TvN Taxi Showcredit to uploader (@meisaeteurn ,thx for post it again in FBND thread)http://youtu.be/Zqj-awUUXGs

JJang episode22credit to uploaderThe host asking PSH about picking YSY as her ideal type

Helping with the bottle

YSY greeting in PSH fan meeting Manila March 2013

note: still in progress to complete the first page. Pls share your thought, pics etc about this couple. I don't always follow their updates or news before and if you find there's any incorrect news, pls do correct me TIA
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Guest meisaeteurn

Yesssssss finally a thread hsa been made for our OTP! They are just so cute together. Perfection! I'll do my shipping spazzes here as well hahahaha

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Investigating Strong heart ep 159 round2!! :-B
You might wonder what did i found unusual on this->
....     Well....look carefully his eyes after!!;))ep159no21.png
After checking her from head to toe,he stares until she turns->ep159no22.png


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Guest meisaeteurn

@Frinda haha I love that part. He was like " I sent it as a private message." Sort of like he's saying, "only youre supposed to read it. why are you sharing it? Oh it's onnnnnn!"

Remember when Siyoon said this:

“It’s not an exaggeration when you say that I chose this role because I heard Park Shin Hye was doing it.. She’s the queen of romance comedies. She’s very free-spirited in front of the camera.”

Article: http://m.enewsworld.mnet.com/news/news_view.asp?nsID=24915&idxType=News

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