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[Official] Kkaemi/Enrique Geum-Go Dok Mi/Yoon Shi Yoon-Park Shin Hye from Flower Boy Next Door

little bunny

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My dear Kkaemists, I know it's been a while since the last time I posted here. To say that I'm sad with the news is an understatement, but life goes on. If they are both happy, then that's what matters. 

So, Yoonie will be back in less than 210 days, right, @rachelyun? With PSH already dating someone else, I guess the spot is open for any of us (ok not me, I'm taken in real life) to jump in! LOL 

Hwaiting, Kkaemists! It was fun while it lasted, and who knows? As I said, life goes on and these two are certainly still very young for us to close shop! :)

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Hi KKaeMists! Today is a new day!

Group hug! :wub:

I'm leaving this thread (forever? temporary? only time can tell...) for respect to PSH and YSY,  I'm not going to ship them if she already has a relationship now. 

I really enjoyed the ride! Thanks to KkaeMi and all KkaeMists! :lol:

I hope they find their own happiness! ;) Fighting!

Love you all! ❤️ 

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Guest xoxo402

Please make it temporary....SH need us right now. I need you too:lol: SH place will remain unchanged at the top. With all the good deeds that she did, she will get help from all over the places...heaven and earth. Fighting SH ...please come back safely.

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Guest ArylT

Its really hard for me too! I just said that I will be active here then I will go again! I want to stay in this ship longer but if PSH is in a relationship I better not shio her with anybody else. You will always be my forever treasured kkaemist! Gonna miss you! I might be back but I dont know! Thanks for the memories they are the best! 안영!

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Guest xoxo402

Hi KkaeMists,,,I will not ship them too if either one of them in relationship with someone else. If I have time, I will come here. You know when I saw SH new pics that I like, I can't resist to make a new post.

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Guest xoxo402


She's tired. I hope she can stay healthy...physically and emotionally.

For some reason I'm more worried about her emotional factor. It's summer...not a good season for her. Sure you all noticed that she's having sad events or not a good news during summer, Please be more careful or lie low during this season. I hope no unexpected things happen after this. I believe when winter come everything will be back on track.

Oh! Rachel you already changed your profile pic. I will change it later...



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Guest xoxo402

Hi KkaeMists....Which pic will make us missing SY? Well.... Yoonies know! :phew: :lol: 





ctto via PSH_Baidu Bar

All pics for HStyle make me feel goood.....Well done SH. Good job.

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Hi kkaemists! Been lurking here eversince I knew from my friend about PSH and ugh!!! I was totally devastated and deeply wounded and I still am now. Can't believe, neither I want to believe it! I promised that I would only post here after I finish my exams but I can't wait anymore!:tears: I want to vent out 'cause I think I'd burst anytime soon and won't be able to take it. I am sooooo sad kkaemists! I cried a bucket of tears! </3 Yes, I've been so busy with my studies and couldn't able to visit here but God knows how often they've crossed my mind. I deeply love them both to be together in the future. My heart bleeds now. So much! Sorry if I'm too pessimistic but please bear with me now. Time heals even when it ends too soon.. HUGS! And btw I MISS YOU ALL! And YSY hwaiiitingggg! Few more days to go and I'd be happy again! Guess his comeback will totally mend my broken kkaemi heart. </3

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Guest xoxo402





[TRANS] from the PSH_Baidubar post / CEO Salt Interview

cr: Kiki for Chinese to English Trans

.......because CEO of SALT mentioned FBND as a drama from cable TV series that sold in China with the highest output price. I thought it was sold with highest price in Japan only. Refer http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/7596/20130128/flower-boy-next-door-highest-cable-series.htm

In the meantime, SH update her IG :


with a caption "San Gimignano alley .. Seems like it's never ending, coming towards you- Yoon Jong Shin."

ct to translator.

Why I'm thinking of Van Gogh?

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Guest xoxo402

The Best Moments of Yoon Shi Yoon(윤시윤) in Barefoot Friends.

cr to uploader

Remember Yoon Jong Shin, the singer of "Going To You" that happen to be mentioned by SH in her IG during her vacation at San Gimignano alley?

Of course he was one of the Barefoot Friends team members together with our SY and Kim Bum Soo (another singer he ft the song with). 

Yeah I know probably every KkaeMist knew about it. 

KFG-BFF E6 005

SY with Yoon Jong Shin and KIm Bum Soo


With Yoon Jong Shin and one of Shinee members I think.

cr dramaflu and en.korea

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Guest xoxo402

Hi again....I'm back from hiatus.

I read SH met Soo Jin on 26/9 and later day met Mee Soo at Gangwon-do. I don't know which part of Gangwon-do.

Since 26/9 is Shi Yoon birthday and also his free day, I strongly wish for FBND reunion. Being ninja or not I hope he will be spent that day with full of happiness. Certain moment don't come always and not easy to get.

Since Gangwon-do quite famous these day for several reasons, I think I should repost this one.

Embedded image permalink

cr ssinz twitter 12:08 AM - 14 Jan 2013

Trans :

Last year 24, 25/12  when everyone was enjoying the Christmas festival, only Go Dok Mi and Enrique were alone!! Went for a honeymoon at Gangwon-do~? A prize of 500 won to those who are curious! Check out tvN "Flower Boys Next Door" tonight at 11pm ^-^


And here the shooting location :

korean drama

Blog owner wrote "Dongsanhang Beach, Dongsan-ri, Hyun-namyeon, Yangyang-gun, Kangwon-do (강원도 양양군 현남면 동산리)"

And as usual me the forever late Kkaemist wish a very Happy Birthday to Sergeant  Yoon Shi Yoon ;):)  Please be happy, less worry, eat a lot while being fit and keep healthy always. Come back next year with really really good project. If the role and script not good enough,I don't mind you stay in hiatus. Yoonies can wait.

Until next time....

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BEEN A LONG TIME! I was lurking and YES I WAS SO HAPPY on the day Yoonie discharged from army!! Currently watching his new drama, "Mirror of the Witch" and 1N2D!! Loving him even more!! :wub:


Sorry but I cannot help to spazz on this and post it here!! My KkaeMi shipper heart! HAHAHHAHAHAHUHUHUHU! LOL peace out!! :D




-credits to the rightful owner/s-


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Just wanted to share some info..

For those who haven't vote for psh in Asia artists award, and have been wondering what kind of award it is. I read in twitter that its a new award by 5 media companies..The winners will be determine by votes. And there's already 4 confirmed artists to perform plus mbc will broadcast it

So, don't forget to vote using naver or Facebook id. 1 id only could vote 1 time per day. 


Also, there will be 3 round CvMSdGVVYAEenec.jpg

Sorry for the inconvenience :sweatingbullets:

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No matter what FBND have a special place in my heart and the people who posted in this thread are warm hearted people and so friendly. I continue checking here once in a while not to get news of them as a couple but as individuals whom I respect and admire very much. Miss you all wonderful chinggus :)

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