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[Drama 2013] Advertising Genius Lee Tae-baek 광고천재 이태백

Felicia Soh

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January 17, 2013
'Ad Genius Lee Tae-Baek' poster reflects harmonious atmosphere  Source: Innolife Korea
KBS all-new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Ad Genius Lee Tae-Baek’ poster was revealed at the shooting field. The four main characters Jin-Goo, Park Ha-Seon, Jo Hyun-Jae, and Han Chae-Young participated in a photo shoot in a studio at Nonhyun-dong Seoul in January 15. The poster’s shooting atmosphere was a blend of congeniality and fighting spirit. 
Displaying the intrinsic aspects of each character, the members monitored each other with firm teamwork and posed perfectly in a professional style shooting for the poster. The male actors also made concessions for shooting order in regards to the actresses, and they showed their playful sides by calling each other in their character’s name. They also held their script during spare time during the shooting, showing their passion for the drama.
Professional photographer Hwang Yeong-Chul said, “The shooting was successful due to the actor’s hard work-ethic and bright attitude throughout the day even though it started early in the morning. It was really hard to pick the best cuts because there were so many of them and the actors really gave their entire focus on their shots.” Meanwhile, the all-new KBS drama ‘Ad Genius Lee Tae-Baek’ will be shown in this coming February as a follow-up to ‘School 2013’. 

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This article was posted on the Storm S official website, also reported by various Korean media outlets

<광고천재 이태백> 조현재 합류로 투탑 체재 확정! 

시크한 광고 기획 전문가 ‘애디 강’배역 낙점 

한국과 중국, 일본 등을 오가며 활동을 펼치고 있는 배우 조현재가 KBS 드라마 <광고천재 이태백>에서 세계적인 광고 시장에서도 인정받고 있는 화려한 경력의 소유자 이자 전형적인 ‘엄친아’ 앨리트인 ‘애디 강’으로 1년 6개월 만에 브라운관으로 복귀 한다. 

이로써 <광고천재 이태백>은 먼저 합류한 이태백(진구)와 함께 투톱 체재로 더욱 탄탄해진 스토리라인과 등장 인물간의 긴장도를 높이는 구도를 갖추게 되었다. 

이번 드라마에서 조현재는 ‘애디 강’ - 광고계에서 최고의 통찰력과 탁월한 전략가로서 분 단위로 시간을 쪼개 쓰는 성격으로, 아버지가 운영하고 회사를 한국 최고의 광고 대행사로 만들어 가는 과정에서 벌어지는 이태백(진구)과의 사건들 속에서 백지윤(박하선) 과 고아리(한채영)을 사이에 두고 일과 사랑을 모두 쟁취하고자 하는 시크하고 도시적인 캐릭터로 분할 예정이다. 

이에 조현재는 “광고현장에서 벌어지는 리얼하면서도 생동적인 소재에 매료 되었으며, 이번 작품을 통해서 시크하고 도시적인 캐릭터를 잘 살려 연기자 조현재의 또 다른 매력을 보여 드릴 수 있도록 최선을 다하겠다”는출연소감을밝혔다. 

조현재는 올해 상반기에 로맨틱 코미디 영화 ‘그녀에게 부족한 10%(가제)’의 개봉을 앞두고 있으며 2013년 한해 한국을 비롯한 일본 및 중국에서의 왕성한 활동을 계획하고 있다. 
Source: http://stormscompany.com/notice/family_list.html?ptype=view&idx=7654
English translation at this link: http://johyunjae1980.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/jo-hyun-jae-joins-the-cast-of-ad-genius-two-top-format-is-realized-revised/
The article says that the drama is using the Two Top format.

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January 21, 2013
[New TV Drama "AD Genius Lee TaeBaek"] Poster Photo Shoot, Behind the Scenes
Photo Credit: Raemongraein Written By: Jun Ji Young KBS Global
Here's a sneak peak at what went on during the photo shoot for the hotly anticipated KBS Monday/Tuesday TV drama "AD Genius Lee TaeBaek."
On Tuesday, January 15th, Jin Goo (Plays the role of Lee Taebaek), Park Hasun (Paik Jiyoon), Jo Hyeonjae (Eddie Kang) and Han Chaeyoung (Ko Ari) who star in this upcoming TV drama gathered at a Studio in Nonhyeon Dong, Seoul for their drama's first photo shoot. The enthusiastic and talented cast made sure the session was fun and full of energy.
Jin Goo was clearly in character. Just like Lee Taebaek, he was brimming with enthusiasm and positivity. Park Hasun was also role-playing, made sure she lights up the studio with her charms. Jo Hyeonjae was looking sharp in his form-fitting suit, a sight the ladies could not keep their eyes off. Han Chaeyoung reminded everyone why she is known as the living Barbie doll in her beautiful one-piece.
The four professionals were already in character as anyone could plainly see. The team's camaraderie was amazing, as the actors always gathered to monitor every shot taken of each member. They gave each other compliments and constructive pointers. Basically they were a delight for the crew, making the process quick, efficient and easy.
The male stars were always displaying great chivalry before their female partners. Regardless of age, the cast addressed each other with honorific expressions. The actors were clearly focused in making sure they give their all to their new drama. Even during breaks, their eyes were glued to their scripts. Photographer Hwang Youngcheol who was in charge of the photo shoot for "AD Genius Lee TaeBaek" said he was grateful to the cast for coming in at such an early hour of the day, and displaying great enthusiasm. He added that the task of choosing a few photos out of the lot was impossible, as each shot was amazing, thanks to the focused and cooperative stars. "AD Genius Lee TaeBaek" features the lives of professionals in the cutthroat world of advertising, where admen and women spend many sleepless nights brainstorming and researching to create the perfect commercial, copy or campaign to satisfy clients and win over consumers. And of course, the fascinating characters do it with style.
The new KBS TV Monday/Tuesday drama "AD genius Lee TaeBaek" begins in February.

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 "Ad Genius" poster shoot last Jan 15, 2013: 
Ad Genius Poster Shoot-05
Ad Genius Poster Shoot-09

More gorgeous screencaps of JHJ and HCY at this link: http://johyunjae1980.wordpress.com/2013/01/21/ad-genius-video-from-poster-shoot-released/
Credit: Video and photos from Ojik @  https://www.facebook.com/ojikhj

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JHJ posted the following message and photo on his official FB page today (01.22.2013)
'광고천재 이태백' 책 대본입니다~ 
여러분들께 새로운 모습으로 인사 드리겠습니다^^

Book script of 'Advertising Genius Tae-Baek Lee'~
See you soon^^

Link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=199614493512309&set=a.126335817506844.22379.102621923211567&type=1&theater
Credit: https://www.facebook.com/officialjhj

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January 22, 2013
"Lee Tae-baek" Han Chae-young's charms?
Source: TV Report via Hancinema.net
Han Chae-young is about to have everyone sliding between her fingers in the upcoming KBS 2TV drama "Lee Tae-baek".
Han Chae-young's role of Ko Ah-ri is a graduate from a prestigious American school with beauty and outstanding specifications. She put in her all in advertising with the past behind her and kept urging on herself towards her dream to become the advertising executive.
She is a good talker who knows how to enchant her opponent and charm people with her looks. She is a great businesswoman whom even men look up to and she is about to capture the hearts of advertisers.
The pictures of Ko Ah-ri released on the 22nd shows her running a presentation in fashionable clothes and raises expectations on her character.
Han Chae-young claims, "A character like Ko Ah-ri is something I wanted to try before. I was excited to get this role and I thought it would be fun. I hope I can show something different in this drama".
"Lee Tae-baek" revolves around four people in the advertising industry; Ko Ah-ri (Han Chae-young), Lee Tae-baek (Jin Goo), Baek Ji-yoon (Park Ha-seon) and Eddie Kang (Jo Hyeon-jae).
"Lee Tae-baek" will be aired on the 4th of February after "School 2013".

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