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  1. HCY going to SBS to guest as special DJ on Cultwo Show. Thanks to the uploader:
  2. "20th Century Hit Song" on KBS Joy - 08:47 HCY appears
  3. HCY released a new single today "All My Days":
  4. Latest video on HCY's YT channel - cooking stir-fried ramen
  5. HCY singing "Brush" orig by Kang Jin on Immortal Songs aired today:
  6. Latest YT video on HCY's own Youtube channel - his review of Porsche Taycan:
  7. * Immortal Songs trembles in fear * Which reminds me, I forgot to post this - a great ensemble of Jung Dong Ha, Ali, Min Woo Hyuk and HCY singing "Things We Took For Granted" orig Lee Juck - on IS2 10th Anniversary Special. Beautiful performance!
  8. Have you heard of Deep Throat? Then I shall call you Biased Jaw! Thanks for being so biased about Chiyeul-nim. Here he is on Studio Waffle - from 05:40:
  9. Welcome to Soompi! Thanks for linking to "Father" performance, truly one of the songs that changed his life!
  10. So happy that HCY was invited to take part in Immortal Songs 10th Anniversary special. Here's his beautiful performance of "Because I Love You" orig by Yoo Jae-ha:
  11. HCY was a guest on Radio Star on 2 June - singing while doing a headstand!
  12. There is a preview of this coming Saturday's 10th Anniversary Special episode of Immortal Songs - and HCY is one of the competitors! Anticipating!
  13. Thanks to SBS pick! for this video - 05:24 HCY recording in collab project "Now N New 2021":
  14. HCY sang "I'll Be Your Lover" orig Kim Ho Joong on KBS Trot Magic Wandering Group - and scored 100 on the karaoke machine! Yay!
  15. HCY among 62 singers in this "Now N New 2021" collab: Proceeds from the digital sales go to help indivduals most affected by the Corona 19 epidemic:
  16. HCY singing acapella on MBN's National Cook Cook Bang Bang:
  17. HCY meets the courier driver whose FB cover of "Two Letters" sent viral. Delightful video:
  18. HCY took on reality Youtube GPT in a Pilates challenge (first time either of them have attempted Pilates)
  19. HCY singing "Two Letters" on Koreign Foreigners:
  20. To promote his new song "Two Letters" HCY appeared on tvN's Comedy Big League: Ouch!
  21. Hilarious and heartwarmng segment on Fun-staurant (KBS) - Lee Yuri and Heo Kyeong Hwan visited HCY in his recording studio :
  22. His first album since he set up his own one-man agency Ten2Ent - well done, Gasunim!
  23. HCY teaching beautiful adorable actress Lee Yuri how to cover his song
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