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  1. Hi may I post the official MV of "Tonight" OST 3 by Hwang Chi Yeul - views appreciated, thanks MV with Eng subs, cr: HCY Music:
  2. cynkdf

    Chi Yeol --[[치열]

    Teaser 1 - Hwang Chi Yeul "A Walk to Goodbye"
  3. Thanks to gelzgoddess for sharing pics of the Sunshine & Love talk concert. There were video messages from actors Bae Jeong Nam and Kim Eul Sung. Speaking of Bae Jeong Nam earlier I watched a video where HCY went to attend a fashion show (Seoul Fashion Week) and saw a cool-looking male model, but didn't realise he was the actor in "Mr Sunshine" until I watched this: Students from the Korean Language Institute went on the Sunshine & Love tour, here's an article: http://www.yskli.com/_en/pr/news.asp?page=1&bidx=16403&SFIELD=&GTXT=&bgbn=R
  4. Thanks so much for the explanation. Very nice OST by Stella Jang, thanks for posting the link.
  5. Hoping that SJ's character will be redeemed soon ...because I kinda still like her, despite what she has done. Who on earth is S Crystal?? I have heard only of Billy Crystal ...
  6. Thanks for your recap, which I enjoyed reading. And thanks so much for posting the link to HCY's OST in your recap For a bit of fun, for those who enjoyed OST 3 ... Explanation: Off to watch Ep 4 with subs ...
  7. Watched ep 3 without subs and need subs to have a better idea of what's going on. I enjoy reading the interesting insights/opinions given so far. I actually like that the female lead is shown (for now anyway) as someone who is not the usual candy type seen in K-dramas. And KDY is absolutely slaying it as OSH, this character is intriguing. YSH is adorable and as mentioned in Knetz' comments, how does he appear to be younger than the other students? Thanks to HCY North America FB for translation of the beautiful lyrics of OST 3 and HCY's interview in the Making of Video:
  8. Thanks The angry mother is played by Lee Jung Eun, who acted brilliantly as Haman-daek, Aeshin's adorable maid in "Mr Sunshine". Look forward to more interesting cameos! Official MV for OST 3 - hoping to hear it in ep 4 tonight:
  9. Making of OST 3 by Hwang Chi Yeul! Thanks vlending vlending has organized events to promote the OSTs - good to see: https://twitter.com/vlending/status/1074554982064566272
  10. @Berou thanks for posting that Soompi write-up, it's brilliant. Is the handsome bridegroom in the cameo (first ep) the same actor who acted in "Remember"? YSH is already recognized as an excellent actor, I am hoping for him to be in a well-written drama that is acclaimed critically (I don't trust ratings) and for KDY, I hope this is his breakout role. As a crazy HCY stan I must share this, which I find amusing nonetheless. This morning a Weibo blogger posted about the official OST 3 poster and one fan
  11. Thanks to Paolo of HCY North America FB, Sze Hwee and "Yao Tian Chai" (Weibo) all HCY fans, for a more comprehensive translation of HCY's talk at the Talk Concert where he spoke about how he joined the OST line-up, (I didn't realize singers can choose OST project), Joseph's funeral scene etc
  12. Sorry to cut your post, but can I just thank whoever recommended the drama to you, because your comments are very well-written. @Berou you are right, HCY's OST is a sad ballad Thanks to How Entertainment:
  13. Thanks to a kind fan on Weibo and another helpful HCY fan, here's a translation of another part of HCY's talk session with the MC: (From 06:10 of this video, he demonstrates what he did when he met Mr Sunshine cast members (presumably KMJ and maybe other actors, he didn't say who) HCY: "I met the artistes backstage. When I was saying hi to them I can't help but to bend over and move backwards. Because they are the people I had seen in the drama ...they look so handsome in the drama so I can't help but to bend over and move backwards." A starstruck HCY - cute, don't you think?
  14. cynkdf

    Chi Yeol --[[치열]

    Hwang Chi Yeul at "Sunshine & Love" Talk Concert on 15 December - for fans of "Mr Sunshine"
  15. "Remember" is being aired on local TV here in Singapore (Channel U). My sis is following it avidly and is impressed by both the plot and YSH's acting (she has seen him in "The Way Home"). A few days ago I told her that YSH has a new drama but never thought I'd be watching it Not much has been said about Yeon Jun Suk (Oh Young-min). He is a fine actor, I remember him from "Brilliant Legacy" where he was very convincing as the heroine's autistic brother. IMHO the casting director has done a brilliant job assembling not only leading actors who can act well but also a supporting cast of veterans with solid skills (Cheon Ho Jin, Kim Mi Kyung etc). Kim Yeo Jin had a brief but impressive role in "Moonlight Drawn By Clouds" as the female lead's mother and I look forward to seeing her in a refreshingly different role as a villain
  16. Thanks to KMJ's fan for sharing these pics: Those of you who have watched the video I posted in spoiler above - I read on Weibo today that HCY didn't know he had to open the door himself until the staff told him to do so .. hence the delay in entering the stage until about 30 seconds later
  17. Sorry to cut your post. Happy to read you love his OST for Ruler. Somehow I wish the new OST (translated by a HCY fan as "Are you listening?") won't be quite so sad/emotional but rather something lighter and sweet
  18. "How Can I Forget You" - first time HCY has sung full version live: Another clip - this starts with scenes from the official MV being shown on the big screen:
  19. Hi all, jumping aboard the "My Strange Hero" train because I learnt that Hwang Chi Yeul has sung an OST for this drama (release date of the song this Monday 17 December)! Thanks to OP for starting the thread, I need to catch up on the rest of the thread. I don't watch K-dramas nowadays unless HCY sings an OST for them, which explains why I followed "Ruler - Master of the Mask" until halfway when the writers lost the plot ... Yoo Seung Ho was excellent in that drama so I am glad he is the lead in "My Strange Hero" and although I have watched very few K-dramas I like Jo Bo-ah (saw her in "All About My Mom" ) and Kwak Dong Yeon (he did great in "Moonlight Drawn By Clouds", deserves to be main lead someday soon). ' Caught up with the first two episodes and it's a really promising start.
  20. @rubie you are welcome, I am always happy to share about HCY Hopefully fans will be allowed to record what happens during the talk concert. Meanwhile here are pics of fans starting out on the Sunshine Location Tour - thanks to chiyeul_up_family_fancafe for the pics. All aboard the Sunshine Train!
  21. Thanks for this info - so no OSTs will be sung? Luckily I read your post otherwise I will be wondering if OST singers will appear at this concert as well as the orchestra The talk concert will be held tomorrow, I haven't seen any details about what cast members besides Kim Min Jung will appear. HCY will sing at least three songs. If I may take the liberty of posting this reaction video to "How Can I Forget You" - the reactor is so cute, she says she may watch "Mr Sunshine" partly as a result of HCY's performance of the OST From around 07:15 onwards
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