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[Drama 2013] Advertising Genius Lee Tae-baek 광고천재 이태백

Felicia Soh

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January 23, 2013
[New drama 'AD Genius Lee Tae Baek'] 
Han Chaeyoung demonstrates ways to survive in the ad world using the art of seduction
Photos By: RaemongRaein Written By: Jun Ji Young KBS Global
Han Chaeyoung Demonstrates the Art of Seduction in KBS TV Monday/Tuesday drama "Ad Genius Lee Taebaek" Go Ari played by Han Chaeyoung is perfect in every way.
She studied advertising in a prestigious university in the United States and pushes herself to make it to the top of Geumsan Advertising as an account executive(AE).
This beautiful lady boldly leaves her past behind to become a top AE. She is able to impress, convince and even seduce clients when pitching for a new account.
In this male-dominant industry she is able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the best in the business. 1810_4835_l.jpg
The still shots from the drama shows Han dressed to impress during a competitive presentation session.
Fans are impressed by how Han Chaeyoung seems to have masterfully put on the new mask of her character's persona.
Han said that she was delighted to have landed the role, adding that she wanted to play a character like this for as long as she can remember.
She also said that she is excited to be able to show a whole new side of her through this new drama.
"Ad Genius Lee Taebaek" revolves around the stories of ambitious AE Go Ari(Han Chaeyoung), Lee Taebaek(Jin Goo), Paik Jiyoon(Park Hasun) and Eddie Kang(Jo Hyunjae).
The drama aims to reveal the lesser known sides of the world of advertising, behind the glitz and glamor.
Watch Han Chaeyoung's Go Ari seduce her clients and beat the competition in the battle for new acconts for the first time in the KBS Monday/Tuesday drama "Ad Genius Lee Taebaek" at 10pm Korea time on Monday February 4th.

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Character description for Lee Tae Baek (Jin Gu)
꼴통 돈키호테형, 이태백! ===
어떤 상황에서도 쫄지 않는 강철 멘탈!!
지방 삼류대 시각디자인과를 중퇴한 경남 통영 출신의 꼴통(?) 이태백!언젠가는 광고대행사에 입사해 멋진 광고인이 되고야 말겠다는 열정과 꿈을 품고 있는꿈만 많은~~ 현재 그냥 알바생
내가 한다면 한다니까!!
현재는 꿈만 큰~ 만년 취업준비생이지만 제대로 꽂히기만 하면 앞만 보고 돌진하는 돈키호테형 인간!!그런 태백!! 결국 큰~일을 치고 마는데요!!
88만원 세대 대표 루져 탈출기!!
입사지원 결과는 언제나 1차 서류전형 탈락이지만!! 광고에 재대로 꽂힌 태백!!그리고 첫 사랑에 제대로 꽂힌 태백!!180도 변해버린 첫 사랑이 등장하면서 태백의 삶이 격렬하게 꼬이기 시작하는데요!!

과연 태백은 루져도 탈출하고 첫 사랑도 쟁취할 수 있을까요?!

Character description for Baek Ji Hyun (Park Ha Sun):
박하선과 연인사이군요.
감수성 충만형, 백지윤! ===
평범한 비정규직 사원의 가면을 쓴 지윤!
평범한 사람들처럼 살고 싶은 그룹 총수의 딸 지윤금산 그룹 본가의 삶은 언제나 맞지 않는 옷을 입은 것처럼 늘 불편하기만 한데요~
책이라면 가리지 않고 좋아하는 활자 중독녀
그런 지윤을 위로해준 건 바로 책!!책을 읽는 동안은 본가의 삶이 아닌 다른 삶을 사는 것만 같아 더욱더 책에 매달려 살아왔던 지윤
한 줄의 카피로 핵심을 담아내는 감수성 충만형!!
사실은 깐깐하고 칭찬에 인색한 아버지 백회장의 인정을 받고 싶은 마음에철저히 순응하며 살아온 지윤그런 지윤에게~ 자유분방하고 똘끼충만한 이태백이 나타나면서 혼돈 속으로 휘말려 들어가게 되는데요!
지윤은 언제쯤 자신을 둘러싸고 있는 가면에서 벗어날 수 있을까요??

Character description for Go Ah Ri:
매력적인 사교형, 고아리 ===
상대를 사로잡는 화려한 외모와 임기응변 능력!
광고든 인생이든 '유혹'할 줄 알아야 성공한다고 믿는 아리!유혹을 위해서면 돈이든, 지위든, 현란한 언변이든 섹시한 모습이든 뭐든~ 주저 없이 이용하는 성공주의형 인간!

후진이름, 후진 학교, 후진 남친은 버려!!
광고대행사 입사 시험에 서른아홉 번째로 떨어지던 날.. 촌스러운 통영출신 복희는 버려졌다!그리고 명품녀 고아리로 거듭나겠다고 결심했다!
냉혈한도 심장을 뛰게 하는 유혹의 기술로 광고계를 평정하다!

지방대 출신 고복희와는 이별하고 미국 명문 광고 스쿨 출신의 명품 고라이로 새 출발을 시작한 아리금산애드 대표의 장남 애디 강이 스카우트 돼 오자...아리의 필살기 유혹의 기술을 발휘하기 시작하는데요..
과연, 이번에도 아리의 기술은 그녀의 삶을 승승장구하게 해줄까요??
This is what I gathered just based on Google Translate:
1. Eddie Kang comes back to Korea with 2 goals in mind, one of which is to marry Ji Hyun (PArk Ha Sun).  The character description doesn't say if he loves her, or just feels affection for her, or if he is marrying because that is what their family wants.
2. Go Ah Ri (Han Chae Young) abandons her first love to pursue her ambitions.  She will use her beauty, if necessary, to achieve her goals.  She will try to seduce Eddie Kang.  Will her seduction techniques help her achieve her goal again?
2. Ji Hyun works as an ordinary employee at Geumshan Ad  without letting other people know that she belongs to a rich family.  She may be from a rich family, but she prefers to be like ordinary people.  To receive the recognition of her father, who is niggardly in his praise of her, she complies with everything he wants.  But her world will turn into chaos when she meets LTB.
3.  We already know LTB's goals so I will not repeat it here.  But here's an addition:  While trying to achieve his own goals he will meet up with his first love again who abandoned him years ago, and things will start to go wrong again.
Note:  In the Korean version, no names are mentioned as to who Go Ah Ri's and LTB's first loves are.  I am making the assumption that they are each other's first loves.
I am sure I made a lot of mistakes, so if someone can make a better translation, that would be great!

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Disclaimer: Google-gist
January 24, 2013
Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek: "Running away not in my dictionary"
Source: Nate ++
In the episode one drama capture released on January 24, a sunny-smiling actor Jin Goo transformed into a passionate and youthful Art Director (AD) in the upcoming new KBS2 drama 'Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek'. Brought up in a tough life, the character he plays exudes a bright persona radiating positive energy while battling prejudice in the cold reality.

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January 24, 2013
Jin Goo, where's the tough guy?
Source: Newsen via Hancinema.net
Jin Goo transformed into the genius art director Lee Tae-baek in the KBS 2TV drama "Lee Tae-baek" despite the bias towards him.
Jin Goo's role of Lee Tae-baek lives a tough life without any specifications, money or back up but has the strong mentality to break down those walls and walk through them.
The still cut revealed above is from the first episode. Lee Tae-baek is happy and smiling energetically on his way back from an interview.
Putting on the mask of a happy-go-lucky young man in his twenties, Jin Goo has been possessed as Lee Tae-baek and many are curious to see how he puts on this character in the future.
Unlike most of his serious and charismatic images so far known in movies and dramas, serious Jin Goo is nowhere to be seen but there is just a bouncy young man riding on a scooter.
Meanwhile, "Lee Tae-baek" is expected to deliver hopes and dreams to those young generations who live a tough life. To be aired on the 4th of February after "School 2013".

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January 25, 2013
"Lee Tae-baek" Han Chae-young is a stylish AD
Source: Nate 1 l 2 l 3 via Hancinema.net
Han Chae-young is going to be the 'wannabe lady' of the upcoming KBS 2TV drama "Lee Tae-baek".
Ko Ah-ri is a prestigious school graduate from America who is made up of outstanding beauty and talking skills. She's good with socializing and has all the required qualifications for an Art Executive. She also has the business mind and ability to avoid risks.
In the still cuts revealed are scenes from the first episode where she is carrying out a presentation in front of the advertisers and staff of Geum San Ad. In a meeting room where there is no room for mistakes, she is cool and explains why she is better than most men when it comes to business.
A source says, "We will be able to see why she is the number 1 in sales when you see this presentation. She fights to win over an ad in this war field".
Meanwhile, "Lee Tae-baek" is a drama about people in the advertising industry working with passion and craze. To be aired on the 4th next month.

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