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✪ Kim So Hyun 김소현 ✪ [2021's Current Dramas : River Where the Moon Rises (KBS2)] & Love Alarm S2 (Netflix) on March 12 ✪

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We prob shouldn’t worry too much since she still will give us a superb performance even if she gets a subpar script (looking at you ruler...). 


Yeah ah I agree. Let’s just lower our expectations of the drama as a whole and only look forward to seeing her performance and cross our fingers for a season 2. If not, a different drama soon (I’m too greedy even though Mungbean is around the corner lol). I still want miss granny to happen because I would love to see her play a cranky no nonsense old lady and also I want to see her sing and dance (disappointed they never post her performances at her fan meetings) 

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One and only, she's Kim So Hyun       The link for her variety show Because This Is My First Twenty is below with the total 12 episodes. Please give her full support

here the translated news for today!   [News] 'Radio Romance' Kim So Hyun "First-time adult acting, compare to huge burden, I’ll acting happily” . She has chosen “Radio Romance” as her fi

Sohyun ig , twitter uptade  

Official poster of Love Alarm






Watch: Kim So Hyun, Song Kang, And Jung Ga Ram Reflect On Love In Teaser For Drama “Love Alarm”

Netflix’s upcoming original series “Love Alarm” has shared a new teaser video and poster!

“Love Alarm” will be romance story about a society where a mobile application will let users know when someone within 10 meters of them has feelings for them. The series is based on a popular webtoon and will follow the lives of people who wish to stay away from the application and find love in the old-fashioned way.

The new teaser poster shows the three main characters of Kim Jo Jo (played by Kim So Hyun), Lee Hye Young (played by Jung Ga Ram), and Hwang Seon Oh (played by Song Kang). Through the app, Jo Jo learns that both Hye Young and Seon Oh have feelings for her, and she isn’t quite sure what to do as Hye Young and Seon Oh are best friends of twelve years. The tagline reads, “When you turn on the application, your heart will ring.”


The teaser video shows snippets of the application in action, showing how the screen changes when someone who’s interested in you comes closer. Jo Jo and Seon Oh realize they have feelings for each other through the application and they spend sweet moments together, but watching over them with a complicated expression on his face is Hye Young. The two friends decide to let Jo Jo be the one to decide who she ends up with, setting off a series of events that follow Jo Jo as she tries to make her choice.

“Love Alarm” is set to be released on Netflix on August 22.


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Kim So-hyun’s love triangle, unusual mobile app in poster, teaser for Netflix Korean drama ‘Love Alarm’

43d164ec747b17a419776084a908383b?s=20&d=mm&r=g Samfann   July 29, 2019

Netflix’s Love Alarm released on Monday its first poster and a new teaser that feature its leads actors Kim So-hyun, Song Kang, and Jung Ga-ram whose characters learn about their very own love triangle because of a bizarre mobile application.

The application alerts its users when a person who likes them is nearby, up to 10 meters from their location. In the poster, the main actors—dressed in school uniform—are shown standing on top of a giant mobile phone, with Kim So-hyun (Radio Romance) facing Song Kang. The caption reads: “When you turn on the application, your heart will ring.”


The teen romance drama will center on Kim So-hyun’s character named Kim Jo-jo, a cheerful high school student who lives with her aunt. Being an orphan, she is left with no choice but to put up with the unkind way she is treated by her aunt’s family.

In school, however, there are two guys who want to give her the support and love she needs to win the uphill battle she is facing every day. Song Kang (The Liar And His Lover) plays Hwang Sun-oh, a typical rich kid who is deprived of love and attention from his family. He is good friends with the other guy named Lee Hye-yeong, played by Jung Ga-ram (Mistress), who started liking Jo-jo before Sun-oh did.

Jo-jo learns through the app that both Sun-oh and Hye-yeong have feelings for her, which makes her confused about what to do since the two are best friends of twelve years.


Meanwhile, the teaser gives a glimpse of how the mobile application works. It also reveals that Sun-oh also realizes through the app that Jo-jo might have feelings for him and shows Hye-yeong looking jealous upon seeing Sun-oh and Jo-jo becoming very close with and sweet on each other. However, it seems unclear for now as to whom Jo-jo will end up with since the two friends decide to let her make the choice.

Love Alarm is directed by PD Lee Na-jeong of Fight For My Way and based on a popular webtoon of the same name by Chon Kye-young, one of South Korea’s most famous cartoonists. Netflix described the TV adaptation as its “first original Korean drama” when it first announced the project in 2017.

The series will be released by Netflix on August 22 in more than 190 countries. It is one of the 9 new Korean dramas that will premiere in August.



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If you’re in love, Love Alarm will ring, If you’re in love, you cannot hide your feelings.” 

As Love Alarm, an app that tells you if there’s anyone who has a crush on you within a 10-meter radius launches, it quickly becomes a social phenomenon. While everyone talks about it and uses it to test their love and popularity, Jojo is one of the few exceptions as life itself is an uphill battle every day for her. However, Jojo soon faces a love triangle situation between Sun-oh, who she is fond of, and Hye-young, who has had a huge crush on her. 

Kim Jojo, played by Kim So-hyun (Who Are You: School 2015, Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight, Radio Romance) is a girl with positive spirit despite some painful family history, and she finds a new love by using the app. Hwang Sun-oh, played by a new face Song Kang, likes Jojo, and he has it all. He has the look of a model and grew up in a rich family. Lee Hye-yeong, played by another rookie actor Jung Ga-ram, is good friends with Sun-oh, and he also likes Jojo, even before Sun-oh.

Love Alarm is based on a popular Korean webtoon of the same title by Chon Kye-young, whose other works like Unplugged Boy and Audition have a strong following in Korea.

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Love triangles, love rivals, and Love Alarm in Netflix youth drama


Aww this looks adorable! Netflix’s Love Alarm, which was first announced way back in early 2017, is finally premiering next month, and we finally have the show’s official poster and our first teaser for the webtoon adaptation featuring Kim So-hyun (Radio Romance), Song Kang (The Liar and His Lover), and Jung Ga-ram (Mistress).

The youth romance centers around a fictional phone app that alerts you when someone within a ten-meter radius has a crush on you. Which sounds like a horrifying prospect to me if I were a high schooler. It certainly complicates things between two best friends, played by Song Kang and Jung Ga-ram, whose characters are the prickly, cold type and the sweet, warm type, respectively. Of course they are. They naturally get involved in a love triangle with Kim So-hyun’s character, who is a hardworking, Candy-type.

In the teaser, Kim So-hyun installs the phone app and wonders what it is to like someone. Well, it sounds like she finds her answer really quickly, because she’s confronted by Song Kang who directly asks whether she likes him. The next thing we know, the two high schoolers are a couple, sharing a cute hug on school grounds and going on a seaside scooter ride.


Unfortunately, Kim So-hyun has another admirer in Jung Ga-ram, who determinedly enters her ten-meter range. She says, “The moment my love alarm rang, my body rang with it.” Jung Ga-ram makes his move as well, approaching Kim So-hyun and saying that he’s waited for her. This, of course, drives a wedge between the two friends, and they decide to let Kim So-hyun’s character make her choice between them. It looks like the show will move beyond high school into the characters’ college years and maybe even beyond, judging from the teaser.

Directing the show is Lee Na-jung, who co-directed Fight My Way and Oh My Venus, which I’m taking for a good thing since they both had very sweet couples at the center of the shows. Writing is Lee Ah-yeon and Seo Bo-ra, both of whom only have one other credit, having co-written last year’s Coffee, I Leave It To You. I’m usually a bit warier of writers with such a short resume, but since there’s a solid source material to adapt the show from, I’m less worried than I would be with an original show.

Netflix will be releasing all 8 episodes of Love Alarm on its platform on August 22.



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3 hours ago, Elif Ataş said:

Sohyun's manager shared a photo from filming area  and she said the weather is too hot. 


Let's hope they're not filming winter scenes, like when Sohyunnie is doing SOUP fall/winter photo shoots...


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