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  1. Omg that’s hilarious! It’s thanks to my Mexican aunt and three of my half-Mexican cousins that I know a little bit of Spanish as well 362 okay okay, outdoor rain Good night everyone 362
  2. I share similar sentiments, I don’t mind it either although I would prefer it otherwise very strong possibility! I like the way you think!
  3. Hiiiii I’m also waiting for rain! I love the rain. while we are both waiting for this rain... let us enjoy this kind of rain... 368
  4. I’m not a slave driver, obviously I’m kind and generous and give them breaks... their breaks consist of “interacting” with me hi friend, your smile melts me even if I live in an igloo in the North Pole Good morning Friend OMG mi amiga es muy bien con espanol(my friend is very good with Spanish) Hola! Buenas Noches! (Hello! Good night) bonjour mon amie have a wonderful day at work mon amie 372
  5. i think you’re right We are getting closer to episode 5 @Sleepy Owl thank you for sharing your thoughts, very insightful is the battle scene we saw in ep one really the “war with silla?” It may be just one of the earlier battles against “unknown enemy” to prove ondal worth and quality as a general to gain approval for their marriage/relationship?
  6. it’s really, really good! So smart! So heart-warming and so heart-breaking at the same time I want sohyun to do it because she will be playing two roles! This is her niche! Also I want to see her wear high school uniform again! she will be playing high school doppelgänger and then play another character that you will see as a young adult in college and also an older adult in the work office a green fairy
  7. No problem lemon grass fish sauce chicken, savory chicken crepe, chai tea muffin idk, I like being anonymous that’s why I keep it plain Good night everyone here is a parting gift potential customer... nope... you mean potential employees/workers for our gym 374
  8. @partyon I think you need to do an intervention, your twin is thinking about going into the cannibalism lifestyle Abs are for almost everything minus eating. Admire but no eating the bathrooms need a lot of cleaning! I have faith in you 374 @Min2206 you can have first servings of this or This lol
  9. @Abs_ triggered she corrupted me... I mean she had a marvelous influence on me that is me, I don’t want to leave my bed ever. Just eat and sleep in bed forever Good morning friend Is “house” a new way of saying an oppa? The lady sure has an interesting way of cleaning her oppa in your meme gif Allow this oppa to help you clean your bathroom. @Abs_ triggered and I accepts credit card or food as payment Thank you friend for defending me you can
  10. the guy on the right has same reactions as us. They are from Thai boy love drama “2gether the series” one of my new oppas @Abs_ triggered metawin opas-iamkajorn aka win. 384
  11. i dropped it after ep 2. I heard it was sad though for ep 3 OMG I love the intriguing brotherhood/friendship between Bucky & Steve! I didn’t like Steve’s ending in the last avenger movie tho help pleaseee and here’s a side of dessert for after the dessert @Min2206 @Abs_ triggered @partyon @Thong Thin im not sure, Warner bros seems to not want it and also it’s very polarized I’m sure many people will watch it on hbo or other sources due to curiosity, but I think many people already be
  12. hi friend! Have some You can have my share, I can’t eat the chocolate fondue myself due to allergies Thank you for kind words, there is still plenty of leftovers, enjoy 390 sounds like an amazing show! I hate cliff hangers, I try to avoid shows like that my favorite marvel movie is captain America winter soldier
  13. i made peanut sauce! I forgotten to take photo. Too tired, didn’t take much photos today some simple chocolate fondue spread for today event 398 UGH horrible @pompyavi it makes me not to want to watch it, there’s no point if there’s not going to be a sequel
  14. I don’t know how to swim either.... have some more, I’m evil I hope you melt into a puddle lol thank you one of the things I made. there’s also a shower scene on episode 4 part 4 video but stupid wall blocking most of his upper half durian is the best and the actor name is Pirapat Watthanasetsiri aka earth. dead tired how do we apply for this job to rub his abs? thank you, I hope you’re enjoy your weekend as well
  15. i hope this is one of the times the writer takes liberties and just end him as soon as possible despite historical inaccuracies
  16. Unless the mafia is also a pigeon 406
  17. Oh yea, you have to cook, right? unfortunately yes and other errands OMG I love coconut Picture of coconut I had in Vietnam 406
  18. Thank you for your kind words I’m taking a break, staying up all night to prepare for two events tomorrow Thank you friend! Have a beautiful weekend as well 410 Good morning to you friend happy weekend and happy cleaning friend Happy Saturday mi amiga WElcome friend Happy Saturday friend my new oppa from a tale of thousand stars. You approved? @partyon give us some money to buy him for gym HI friend
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