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  1. Thank you you as well friendo, have a beautiful day Hmmmmm chicken chops sounds delicious Nothing wrong with loving food, we all need to eat to live awww how sweet I should sleep, good night everyone 372
  2. awww thank you! Reading 5 days of backlog comments took me some time. im sorry friend, I hope you will find joys and be more cheerful “Yes, was back to work past few days...lots of backlogs to clear.....and I was rather depressed to see those results. Still under medication and will be going for doc follow-up this coming Tuesday.” @Thong Thin I’m sorry but I pray 4 u always have some spaghetti with naan bread @Lmangla sorry 4 delayed response, I hope you continue to enjoy bossam I recently watched ep 2, and I was ho
  3. omgggg good luck! I was able to vent because I was with my friend but I would be filled with stress watching alone or maybe you will like it, I don’t know, everyone has different taste and perspectives LoL 466 P.s I think she’s an idiot to buy a dress that takes her at least 7 months(?) to pay back on her credit card .
  4. Likewise! Nice to see you too friendo three hours past bedtime for me. Good night everyone 470
  5. awww! Fighting!!! I hope things will be well with you just prayed 4 you. omg. Her character was so obnoxious. She doesn’t stand up for herself when constantly mistreated by others but only “stands” up for herself against the ML that she met only once who is actually a huge softie although he seems prickly on the outside. She jumps into conclusions all the time and never saw that she played a role in the misunderstandings. And she fabricate things to make it seems she made the right judgment. She wants to get her old job back by giving tabloid reporter her opinion why she th
  6. have a wonderful Monday as well I hope you find good rest amidst your bustling and prolific busy schedule! Fighting late meal, I should be sleeping soon, a few hours past bedtime my gaffe hi friend great! Hope you’re doing well too it’s so bad I watched first 2 episodes. FL got on my nerves. I’m like please don’t ever marry her. buenos Dias Good morning friendo hiiiii 486
  7. Good morning to you I love growing veggies in cups where it only requires water and no dirt I did research. Awww must be so beautiful in country side ^^ cactus plant in park I went omgggg that looks so good! is that purple banana? 456
  8. i figure it out after you said laptop was too heavy for your daughter awwww! What a cute story, it’s definitely worth the walk. You can try making it at home maybe. Tacos are so versatile, you can put almost anything you want in it. It can be fusion if you like. I went on a hike with a friend, it’s pretty 456 @Thong Thin Idk if u remember telling me to grow some veggies/herbs but I been doing so in cups
  9. that sounds delicious I hope you had a marvelous day thank you, same for you yes they do! You are in the word lingo more than me, it took me time to process what you meant by tab. I thought tab means like a debt/money you can borrow I went to Mexican restaurant recently and had this. Above is surf and turf fries, and bottom is adobado and lengua tacos. I told them to put cheese and sour cream on the side so my friend can eat it since I can’t eat dairy ohhhh no I hope you’ll be okay
  10. It’s more softer, like risotto. Seasoning is different. have a great day that’s awful. It’s interesting how different parts of the world deal with the pandemic so differently. Sorry for struggles it’s sad and interesting and humorous that the cat acted like birth control enjoy dinner roses at the park is so pretty at this time of year At the park I tried chicken tamales, so good 512
  11. thank you oooooh it does! I don’t use eggs, I have random reactions to them sometimes 512 thank you so much for kind words you as well, have a marvelous day omg . Nooo. what do they suggest to help with your health problems??? Food dieting? please recover soon enjoy this ocean view, I went to the beach the other day Miss you too Omg I saw clips of that drama. Who cares if he’s shy, it’s his performance that counts this Thai boys love short is so cute they’re the same
  12. what a lovely scene without a doubt sohyun is a queen in drama and in real life love her so much she went through so much
  13. Ah yes! Poor him hi amigo long time I hope you have been well have fun at groceries! Buy some yummy things and get some milk tea too, warm weather today Have some Russian fried rice 518
  14. awww thank you mon amie you don’t recognize him??? vincenzo... baddie... kwak dong yeon 514
  15. hi co-ceo! sorry for lacking in my duties, it has been tiring with things at home and life in general but I’m glad to see you taking well care of our harem... I mean gym equipments I found another new swim instructor 514
  16. shy shy modern drama dogs are the most loyal ship them all the time work again pls me too I miss princess
  17. A quick Hola & Hello & good-bye since it’s pass my bedtime lol catching up and reading 10 pages of content omg thank you for all the abs, I drool enough to fill a Olympic swimming pool, I’m joining @sadthe1st with the licking emoticon Earth went to a strawberry farm tacos: adobado, cabeza, birria, lengua good night mis amigos 606
  18. I know right, imagine my disappointment. We got clowned a movie would be delightful:) beauty queen romantic couple of the ages I just can’t
  19. thank you! I made it! I have waffle maker It’s both kimchi and seaweed (both store bought) I’m glad it’s better You as well! Have an amazing weekend! Happy abs day, @partyon @Abs_ triggered @4evrkdrama earth from “a tale of 1000 stars” drama ended last week. So good
  20. Thank you Enjoy some matcha waffles And some chicken & ribs Yes! Pho is super healthy! I love making it! I’m allergic to most ingredients in ramen anyways thank you friendo Hi mi Amiga Ohhhh nooo. Drink lots of water, and often gargle warm water mixed with salt instead of mouthwash good luck @Abs_ triggered girl you been slacking. We need more new slaves.... I mean recruitments, our gym is booming 482
  21. Thank you for sharing your story You sound so adventurous! It’s great you know how to balance both work and truly “living” life PIZZA! Hmmm thankfully there’s two pizza places in my city that makes gluten-free/and dairy-free pizzas I’m sure regular pizza taste better but still my pizzas are great tasting. omg fighting to you and your family! hi friendo I’m very hesitant! But I’m down to try everything at least once maybe it’s time to get revenge and eat them caterpillars
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