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  1. Somebody said about LA (don't remember if it was the writer, any of the actors or staff people) that it was time to forget who's the first lead or who's the second one. I agree about that. Anyway, reading opinions here and there, I feel many people believe Sun-oh is the first lead.
  2. This is the time when Kang Tae-oh's opinion is ab-so-lu-te-ly needed. I reLOL every time I remember his poker face.
  3. Dong Dong Ju grandpa was a powerful nobleman too. He could have built that swing, so he let young prince Gwanghae enjoy it as well as, years later, did the same with his granddaughter.
  4. I think it's also related to her being more mature and confident. She is no more that ultra-ultra-shy 12 years old girl who could barely look Yoo Seung-ho in the face. She has worked with so many hot boys and knows they love a pretty girl who teases them. Neither YDJ is shy at all. Maybe it's because he didn't take the acting route until he was 24, so he lived a "normal" life with its social development and things like that; something child actors may lack.
  5. Please, please! Don't say those two cursed words! If you invoke them, they could come in and we would be dammed! Let's stay far away from the biggest enemy of kdrama fans (apart from baseball, of course). OK, my bet for the first minutes of Monday's ep: Nok-du probably knows Yool-mo is the culprit of that massacre, so he's going straight to kill him. But there is about one or two thousand thugs in the middle. Nok-du crushes them all (epic background music and slow motion) and, when he is tired but close to catch CYM, ninja bodyguard gets between them and it starts the Big One (as this is a fiction, they both may be Joseon's best sword fighters). One way or another, ninja bodyguard defeats Nok-du and kills him or I-am-pretty-sure-I-killed-him-master-but-I-didn't-check-it-because-this-is-a-kdrama-and-evil-people-is-supposed-to-do-that-way.
  6. Ok Taec-yeon was a good teacher. And then, Radio Romance's three men (Doo-Joon, Yoon Park and Kwak Dong-yeon). All of them use to tease her whenever they could, so she has learned a lot as a victim
  7. Thank you for the recaps and pics! If the ratings go down again with this astounding episode, I'm gonna buy me a whole table factory and flip it!
  8. Thank you, KDrama Gods, for hearing my begs. Just for some seconds, but b*d*ss KSH has returned! Let that arrows fly!
  9. The complete plot twist should be... Cha Yool-moo being shirtless too and showing another 6 pack. Abs battle, fight! Now seriously, I wish the ratings decrease is not due to Kim So-hyun fans. As @kshuuuuuw, @valNK and others have pointed out, her character DDJ is slowly fading to black in this episode and we still got this 'Ruler, Master of the Mask' trauma. When politics and action come on stage, scripts use to be male centered. But TTON has shown us it's ready to reverse all tropes and I trust the writers to develop a good role to --remember!-- the female lead. Can you imagine it wasn't Yool-mo, but Dong Dong-Jo coming into the hidden palace in slow motion, carrying a bloodstained sword and smirking like a psycho? Surely I would be (fan)screaming for ten hours after finishing the episode! Anyway... who's with me in the #teamYool-MoistheHottestBoyinTTON?
  10. "Ruler" vibes are coming again, after Monday's episode. Two people at the TTON subforum share this feeling with me. It's time to pray again to the Kdrama Gods: please, give DDJ presence not only in romantic and comedy scenes, but also in action and political stuff. Please, please, please...
  11. Because it's not an ending. It's just Netflix strategy to finish with a big cliffhanger and encourage viewers to ask for a second season. And I bet one of my kidneys that second season will end the same way.
  12. But Heo Yoon also said something like: "if they found them before we do, we're dammed". Maybe the smirking-minister faction wants to kill them too. And there's this warrior who killed the assassin girl who was hunting father and brother. Isn't he/she Cha Yool-moo's "ice cutter"? What faction does CYM belong to? "Chef" is an interesting new character, I was fearing he was going to be just a thirdwheeler-SLS. Edit: I just read @herina_90 shares the same suspicion about "ice-cutter warrior".
  13. From what I've understood, those are the queen's (and crown prince's) faction, commanded by minister Heo Yoon. Rival faction is the one commanded by the minister with this big head and always smirking (don't know his name).
  14. You just read my mind. That's kind of a spoiler, isn't it? Bad news for #teamNokduIsNotThePrince . Talking about shippers teams, should be start a #teamNokYool?
  15. Welcome to the #teamNokduIsNotThePrince It's not only you. I'm not a huge k-drama addicted (got no free time, just watching Kim So-hyun works), but at this time I've given up about all the little (or big) script holes. I just enjoy them and move on. Like a computers blogger said long time ago, "you want literature, read James Joyce".
  16. I don't know who scares me the most, little girl Aeng-doo or Yool-mo (that hate gaze at the ending...) But then, they're both so cute when cooking that rolled meat... (now we know where does her strength come from: she's *always* eating something).
  17. 45 minutes until H Hour and they're showing TTON's logo at the upper right. That's a commitment, KBS!
  18. It worries me a little that, if they're airing #9 and #10 tonight (5th full), episodes are going to be swapped. Maybe the writers wanted to make a big cliffhanger for Tuesday episode and just a little one for Monday's; that would change now. On the contrary, I don't really like big cliffhangers. They're a torture.
  19. My God. This is going to be me, after two (2) weeks without The Tale of Nok-du. Suffering from intense withdrawal: Credit: Angrytomato
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