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  1. Here is some more update of new casting for KSH new drama. He will play male lead brother in the drama. Hope we can get confirmations for male lead soon also! Am really missing seeing KSH acting! Hope drama can start film soon and we can have BTS spoiler pics! Let us all post and keep forum alive till KSH comeback chingu-dul!
  2. It is so quiet now that we have no more new updates from KSH side. Hope we can have many many updates soon for KSH activities and new drama casting. Some pics of KSH for SOUP 2019. Don't know why SOUP have so much photoshop but KSH can still looking beautiful! Wish KSH would also do movie this year. It has been long time since last movie. Hope also we can get release date for LA soon! Look forward to all KSH fan meeting pics and videos soon!
  3. Finally we can have more cast news for KSH new drama! Don't know who this is but happy to see new young face act with KSH! Look forward to more cast news and hope all can confirm soon!
  4. KSH sense of humor hiding news in so small letters! Fans are also detectives! Congratulations to all fans who can be attending KSH fan meetings in Korea and Japan! Maybe it is birthday fan meeting then both will be in June! Hope we can have many many pics and videos from all fans! So happy to see KSH looking bright and happy! Hope there can be many more good and happy events and projects for KSH this year! Agree look forward to see many beautiful CFs with Hanyul and KSH! Hope they can release soon! #greedyfan
  5. Congratulations for KSH second year with Hanyul! Really love their collaboration! Look forward to see the new Hanyul CFs! Its so quiet from KSH recently so hope we can get many CFs to fill our time! Wonder when we can have news for KSH new drama? Hope they can cast and start film quickly!
  6. Agree with you! Bausch + Lomb concept is fresh and pure like KSH! Am thankful to team for making beautiful CFs! HD version for CF! Wonder what is song used? Has very nice tune wish we can see KSH dance to it!
  7. Found a link for webtoon can try and read it from pics but most chapters are lock. https://m.comic.naver.com/webtoon/list.nhn?titleId=643123 Think because title is same as male lead name some might think it is focus more on male lead. But it is romcom not melo so hope there can be equal focus for both. From some pics of early chapters can see many scenes for female lead and many supporting characters seem to have connection to female lead. The cover pages also have both male and female leads so maybe can have hope and especially because KSH is cast first. Since the writers is same for School 2015 which make KSH shine hope we can have the same for this drama. Am more interested to see interactions between KSH and JDY characters. Hope JDY can agree to the drama and we can enjoy their chemistry.
  8. Am really look forward to trio chemistry. Hope Mung Bean also release some cast confirmation soon! Have been very long time since last drama am excited to see again KSH acting!
  9. @faye406 thank you for share translation of comments! Feel proud see these comments for KSH! KSH kind, mature and humble personality can be seen by all. Hope can always support KSH for long!
  10. Agree should be first option! Then we can enjoy both hairstyle from KSH in the drama! See some pics of the webtoon and the art is very pretty! Hope webtoon writer also involved in script so we can have good quality drama! Also curious how will they give male lead so long hair? Donation angel KSH! Have such kind heart! Thank you for making contribution. Wish best for all who have suffer from of Sokcho Fire. Pray for good recovery.
  11. @faye406 thank you for update the header! Excited to have two KSH drama this year after very long drought! Dramabeans have also written article about KSH casting!
  12. Didn't notice the character have short hair! In sageuk how will they make short hair for female lead? Am happy if we can have KSH in hanbok and short hair! Haven't seen both in long time! Chingu there will be many more dramas to give us bitter taste later. KSH have just start to do more adult dramas and many female leads in kdrama are badly written. Even modern drama female leads can have same writing as KSH character in Ruler. Happy and proud of KSH to challenge again sageuk and play in non-typical sageuk plot. Really look forward to good execution of webtoon by all! Very rare to see male cross-dress drama hope it will be cute, funny and light watch! Wonder what are the other characters in webtoon? Hope KSH can again have close aged casts like School 2015 and LA. Don't know which writer wrote what plot in School 2015 but maybe am few that was satisfied with ending ship despite loving TaeBi.
  13. Finally Soompi have written article and we can know all details! KSH character description is too much funny! Excited to see this new side of KSH! Kim So Hyun will be playing the role of Dong Dong Joo, a prickly gisaeng-in-training. She is clumsy and hot-tempered and has no sense of rhythm or music, but she has the ability to make anything when given a tool and is known as the “Jang Young Sil” of her village. She isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind, but harbors a secret that she can’t tell anyone, and her life is thrown into chaos when the suspicious Nok Doo comes into the picture. The production staff of “Mung Bean Pancake” stated, “Dong Dong Joo is a character written for Kim So Hyun. She embodies the role perfectly, but also brings her own color and charm to the character. Her casting is like a gift from the heavens. Please look forward to the casting news for Nok Doo, who will be her onscreen partner.”
  14. Happy to see KSH still want to challenge sageuk after bad experience with other drama. Show that KSH does not give up easily and will always work hard to overcome all weakness! Very proud of KSH to do this! Wish luck to everyone and look forward to see in in September!
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