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  1. Not sure what it is by KSH Japan fans have update. Some have also share pics of fan member card. KSH look very pretty in all pics! Wish we can have some new pics of KSH it is long time since public appearance Hope we can get some updates for KSH upcoming dramas soon it is too long now waiting! Really want to know more about characters and plot for KSH new sageuk drama! Maybe we can get some spoilers also soon! Look forward lots to FM next week! Hope we can have many pics and videos especially on new haircut!
  2. @Elif Ataş @faye406 chingu-dul you are detectives! Agree with @elan1 it look like KSH from back. Is it with new haircut? It is new pics? Since it sageuk drama filming is 4-5 months so maybe not finish filming before drama air. But almost 90% finish maybe?
  3. Wow that is very detail schedule! So possible drama have start filming next week maybe 30th May and KTO join filming 1st June? Since main leads have filming first and KSH have fan meeting on 1st June. Maybe this also mean script read happen this week? Am happy to know they start film soon and not wait till very late since it is sageuk drama which take long to film and very tiring. Look forward to script read pics and videos! Maybe we can follow KTO schedule instead of KSH since it have more info! You're right! Again have not notice clothes! It look like heavy winter coat! KSH post another pic that is throwback maybe this also same. Hahaha! Happy to see KSH active on SNS again and if filming now start hope we can have many more updates!
  4. Never think about musical theater! Is KSH watch many musical theater now? That's nice! But background look like hotel lobby not theater or maybe am not know of musical theaters. Hahahaha!
  5. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=396&aid=0000513546 Maybe someone can translate properly but think this child actress say she want to show deep acting like KSH in WAYS 2015. Happy to see others admire up to KSH. KSH acting always leave deep impact.
  6. KSH have finally updates IG after very long time! KSH in playful mood today! Wonder what filming it was for? Maybe script read? But it looks dress is too formal for script read. Happy to see KSH again! Hope can be more active again and we can have many news and updates! Agree with you! September is too far away! Wish we can have more updates to make us get through long wait! Even LA have no news! Thankful to all fans making video but not understand what is happening
  7. If it is September release then end of June can become live shoot so hope they can start earlier. E&T Story share update of KSH but can only see the back! Hope KSH can post on SNS with some updates or can make public appearance. Very long time since last post from KSH. Hope we can get more news about KSH soon and also have new Hanyul ads! Don't know who this actor is but happy to see KSH have more close age casts. Hope filming can be very fun and successful! Really look forward to see KSH new drama!
  8. KSH with short hair after long time! Look forward to see it with properly style and in HD! Wish to see KSH make public appearance with short hair! Maybe we have to wait till KSH airport appearance for Japan FM. Maybe Miss Granny is put on shelf or cancel. Sometimes drama have been cancel without any news or on indefinite hiatus. Look back at the news and see that no channel or writer and PD was announce. Only some casts was announced. Would not expect to see KSH in it anymore but maybe if they still go through with making drama they will cast new person. Agree about KSH make some cameo in KES drama if it is like Goblin cameo! LA will have season 2? It will be good if Mung Bean start filming soon then can avoid live shoot troubles. Hope we get some news about it soon!
  9. Wow! This interview is very nice! Thankful to interviewer to do such nice interview and ask many good and meaningful question! Hope we can get some updates for LA also soon! KSH have two schedule drama for 2019 but we hardly have any news for them! Am looking forward to when our KSH drought can finally end and we can have many updates! Hope KSH can do magazine shoots soon and give us more interviews! Am really enjoy reading KSH thoughts! Scripts are out? So quickly? Maybe because it is sageuk they start early but 8 epi script is lot! Maybe they have plan this drama for long time and only now announce cast? Am happy if it mean they think lot about drama and plot and cast so prepare many things. Hope it can be beautiful and fun drama that all can enjoy filming and we can all enjoy watching!
  10. Hello chingu-dul! Sorry for write again after long time! Am so happy JDY has confirmed as male lead! Really anticipate their interactions and chemistry! It feel like lot of thought have gone to make the cast for the drama and am happy to see them consider carefully KSH co-stars. Look forward to see what other characters are there in the drama. Plot sound very fun and interesting! Hope it can be done very well and all can have success! Hahaha! KSH reunite with nemesis JSY again after 4 years! Hope they have a good relationship this time! Am curious how they feel to act again after long time! Till now am satisfied with drama casts and hope all other casts can also be near age for KSH and have good relations.
  11. New profile pic already update? KSH look very mature now its good to see! Am also envy of all fans going to FM but look forward to all fan videos, pics and post! Wonder what songs KSH will sing and hope there can be some dance too! Agree! Can't believe KSH will officially be 20 this year and not teen anymore! And it is 11 years since KSH start acting! Am very happy with KSH growth as actress and person. Also excite to see what else projects and challenge KSH will take in future! Will always support!
  12. Wow! In poster pic KSH look like SHK now see this B-cut looking very like SYJ! KSH really chameleon actress! Feel very proud and can see strong aura even from pic! Thank you for KSH manager to share video! Very rare we can see KSH be happy and free! Hope the happiness can be forever and many more good things can happen in future for KSH!
  13. KSH have announce Korea FM date! As we have suspect it is early birthday FM in June 1st! Happy they take new pics for poster! Its very pretty and KSH look so bright and cheerful! Am so happy to see without bangs! And am also thought KSH look much like SHK in pic! Excited to have many videos and pics from KSH both FM in June! Hope fans can also share many stories and maybe we can get some news for LA release date! Now wait for profile pic shoot to release and hope KSH give us many more happy surprise with other activities! Wonder when we can see KSH make public appearance again? Hope it can be soon!
  14. Thanks for share edit! Agree look forward to have script read pics and many more! Will be good if cast is final soon and we can know all main characters in the drama. Really want to know more detail about other characters since can't see most webtoon chapters because it is lock. Don't know if Netflix have system of release these things but hope LA will also give us script read pics and video after release. If not hope E&T Story can share us the pics and video! Very excited to know what style hair and clothes KSH new character will have especially since its sageuk drama which have many beautiful hanbok! Wonder if KSH will now have any activity till FM in June? Hope there can be some public activities where we can see KSH because September is very far!
  15. Here is some more update of new casting for KSH new drama. He will play male lead brother in the drama. Hope we can get confirmations for male lead soon also! Am really missing seeing KSH acting! Hope drama can start film soon and we can have BTS spoiler pics! Let us all post and keep forum alive till KSH comeback chingu-dul!
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