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Star-studded film 'Wonderland' to premiere in June




By Lee Gyu-lee

The much-anticipated film “Wonderland” is finally getting its premiere in June after a long delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The film’s distributor, Acemaker Movieworks, announced that it will hit local theaters on June 5, unveiling a trailer and still photos of the cast members.


The sci-fi drama film revolves around a virtual platform service called Wonderland, which creates a virtual version of a deceased person through artificial intelligence. The story follows a group of people using the service to reunite with their late loved ones and communicate with them through video calls.


Led by director Kim Tae-yong, whose previous work includes romance films "All for Love" (2005) and "Late Autumn" (2010), the film created a huge buzz with its stellar cast members, including Bae Suzy, Park Bo-gum, Tang Wei, Choi Woo-shik, Jung Yu-mi and Gong Yoo.


Bae and Park will play a young couple who use the service when Park’s character falls into a coma. Tang and Gong will play a married couple in their 40s and Jung and Choi will play the coordinators of the service.


The movie finished filming four years ago in 2020 and was scheduled to roll out the following year, but was indefinitely delayed for release due to the pandemic and its aftereffects on theaters.


Tang and Park shared a glimpse of the film during the ceremony of the Blue Dragon Film Awards last November, while presenting an award.


“What I'm looking forward to in 'Wonderland' is the love story between Bae and Park," Tang said. "I think Park will gain even more female fans after the movie is released."


Park also added: “’Wonderland’ is at last ready to meet the audience. It's a film that makes you contemplate precious values."




credit : Korea Times


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Best Rom-Com K-Dramas That Will Make Your Heart Flutter

Koreans really have a knack for creating a good rom-com!

Be it American, French, Japanese, Filipino, written, or otherwise, we love the romantic comedy genre. A rom-com story always has that feel-good element to it. Not only does it make you feel and understand what love is all about, but super bonus points if you can get a good laugh out of it. A win-win! And because we're self-proclaimed honorary Korean citizens (LOL), we just love love love a good ~*rom-com*~ Korean drama too!


My first Korean rom-com is the Filipino-dubbed version of Full House. I super loved the chemistry between Rain (as Justin or Lee Young Jae) and Song Hye Kyo (as Jessie or Han Ji Eun) and the story was just refreshing. Koreans have a knack for creating heart-fluttering K-Dramas and I have thus racked up a list of favorites over the years. It’s hard to narrow down the selection, but here’s a list of recent rom-com K-Dramas that you can start watching…or rewatching. *wink*


Here are 12 Rom-Com K-Dramas you need to watch on Netflix, Viu, and iQIYI:



10. Our Beloved Summer (2021)

Who’s in it: Kim Da Mi, Choi Woo Shik, Kim Sung Cheol, Noh Jung Ui

Where you can watch it: Netflix

The plot: Choi Woong and Kook Yeonsu used to be mortal enemies in high school until they weren't. Their antagonistic ways in high school somehow led to a romance that ended up in flames. Years later, however, a documentary they filmed together back in high school resurfaces and their paths once again begin to cross, as if by fate. And so we follow the story of Woong and Yeonsu, of them going back to their Tom and Jerry fights, of revelations unfolding, of dreams intertwining, and of a love that they try hard to suppress but has actually never gone away.








credit : cosmo.ph

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*** The caption in the poster reads, 'Would you like to connect?' -      Wonderland will premiere on June 5. Choi Woo Shik and Jung Yu Mi's characters mediate and control the events that take place in Wonderland. Bae Suzy and Park Bo Gum play a couple but after Park Bo Gum's character falls into a coma, Bae Suzy chooses to join Wonderland.  Gong Yoo will be making a guest appearance.    :fun:



"Wonderland" group poster










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Top 10 Mon-Tue K-dramas released in 2022 with the highest scores on mydramalist

Here are 10 highest-rated Mon-Tue K-dramas this year on mydramalist.


Compared to the weekend time slot, the competition between Mon-Tue K-dramas is less fierce, but the quality and versatility in genres of this year’s Mon-Tue series should not be ignored. Let’s take a look at 10 Mon-Tue dramas broadcast this year with the highest scores on the famous website mydramalist as of August 10, 2022. 



1st place: Our Beloved Summer (SBS) – 8.8


our beloved summer


Starring the duo of trustworthy actors, Choi Woo Shik and Kim Dami, “Our Beloved Summer” unexpectedly did not do well rating-wise with an average rating of only 3.9%. Contrary to its humble performance in Korea, “Our Beloved Summer” is one of the most loved K-dramas by international viewers this year, recording the highest score on mydramalist across Mon-Tue dramas. Perhaps international fans have always had a soft spot for heartfelt youth dramas, and “Our Beloved Summer” is no exception. 




source : https://www.kbizoom.com/top-10-mon-tue-k-dramas-released-in-2022-with-the-highest-scores-on-mydramalist/


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*** Upcoming film “Wonderland” has unveiled new stills!  “Wonderland” will premiere on June 5.   :heart2:











Suzy, Park Bo Gum, Choi Woo Shik, And More Rely On Artificial Intelligence In Their Everyday Lives In New Film "Wonderland"


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Upcoming film “Wonderland” has unveiled new stills!


“Wonderland” tells the story of people who use the “Wonderland” service, which allows users to reunite with their deceased loved ones through video call by reconstructing them through artificial intelligence. The star-studded cast consists of Tang Wei, Suzy, Park Bo Gum, Jung Yu Mi, and Choi Woo Shik.


The newly released stills capture Bai Li (Tang Wei), Jung In (Suzy), Tae Joo (Park Bo Gum), Hye Ri (Jung Yu Mi), and Hyun Soo (Choi Woo Shik) spending their daily lives with the Wonderland service.


The newly released stills capture Bai Li, who personally requested the Wonderland service in order to hide her passing from her young daughter. The stills depict Bai Li spending happy time in the past with her daughter as well as her busy life as an archaeologist. Another still of her staring blankly into the fire in the middle of the desert raises questions about her story.


tang-wei-1-.jpeg tang-wei-2-.jpeg tang-wei-3-.jpeg


Jung In wears a longing gaze as she looks at her boyfriend Tae Joo who is in a coma. After recovering her boyfriend through the Wonderland service, Jung In and Tae Joo spend affectionate time together like a miracle as they meet again in reality.


suzy-park-bo-gum.jpeg suzy-park-bo-gum-2-.jpeg suzy-park-bo-gum-3-.jpeg


Having interacted and grown up with AI parents since a young age, Hye Ri is also the Chief planner who designs the Wonderland service. The stills draw curiosity for her relationship with rookie planner Hyun Soo, who learns of a family secret while looking into the lives of numerous clients.


jung-yu-mi-.jpeg choi-woo-shik-1-.jpeg jung-yu-mi-choi-woo-shik-2.jpeg


“Wonderland” will premiere on June 5. Check out a teaser here!




credit : soompi news

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Youthful Eternity: K-drama Actors in their 30s shining as High School Students


K-drama stars have proved that age is just a number when portraying high school students. Actors in their 30s, and sometimes even older, take on roles as high school students with astonishing believability. It's not unusual to witness actors in their 30s flawlessly embodying the innocence, angst, and charm of youth.


Here are some of the renowned actors in their 30s who have masterfully embodied the essence of high school students and captivated audiences with their performances.



Choi Woo-shik – Our Beloved Summer




Choi Woo-shik proves age is just a number as he slays his role as a high schooler in the hit drama "Our Beloved Summer" in 2021. Despite being in his 30s, Choi Woo-shik convincingly embodies the essence of a high school student with his youthful energy and charm.





source : https://www.allkpop.com/article/2024/05/youthful-eternity-k-drama-actors-in-their-30s-shining-as-high-school-students

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Check out these unmissable ‘enemies-to-lovers’ K-dramas that you shouldn’t miss


K-dramas have captivated audiences worldwide with its beautiful and amazing storylines, memorable second leads, and unforgettable romances. One popular trope that never fails to captivate the viewers is the story of enemies to lovers, where two characters start off on opposite sides but eventually find themselves falling for each other against all odds.

So if you’re a fan of this trope, here are five must-watch K-dramas that will have you hooked from the very first episode until the end.



Our Beloved Summer

This drama is a story about growing up and love. It’s about Choi Ung and Kook Yeon-soo, who used to date. They have to meet again when a film from their high school days gets famous. As they deal with old feelings, they start liking each other once more. This show will make you feel warm and happy with its sweet story and lovable characters.







source : https://annyeongoppa.com/2024/05/08/check-out-these-unmissable-enemies-to-lovers-k-dramas-that-you-shouldnt-miss/

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Watch: Suzy, Park Bo Gum, Tang Wei, And More Face Complex Dilemmas In New "Wonderland" Teaser




The highly-anticipated film “Wonderland” has unveiled its main trailer!


“Wonderland” tells the story of people who use the “Wonderland” service, which allows users to reunite with their deceased loved ones through video calls by reconstructing them through artificial intelligence. The star-studded cast consists of Tang Wei, Suzy, Park Bo Gum, Jung Yu Mi, and Choi Woo Shik.


The main trailer begins with senior planner Hae Ri (Jung Yu Mi) and newcomer Hyun Soo (Choi Woo Shik), the architects of the Wonderland service, restoring Bai Li (Tang Wei), who uses the service to hide her death from her daughter.


Amidst Hae Ri’s heartfelt encouragement, “I hope you’ll find happiness, fighting!”, the trailer unfolds scenes of Bai Li traversing deserts and Tae Joo (Park Bo Gum) living in space, all the while engaging in conversations with their beloved ones via video calls.


As the story unfolds, Jung In (Suzy), who has been communicating with her boyfriend Tae Joo through video calls, finds herself in a whirlwind of emotions when the real-life Tae Joo miraculously wakes up from a coma, raising curiosity about how their relationship will change.


Furthermore, the trailer captures Bai Li’s anguish within Wonderland as she fervently seeks her daughter, who ventures out to reunite with her mother in person. Meanwhile, the expressions of bewilderment and concern etched on the faces of Hae Ri and Hyun Soo only intensify as the Wonderland system grapples with unexpected errors.


Watch the trailer below!



“Wonderland” will hit theaters on June 5.




credit : soompi news

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'Wonderland' lets you video call your lost loved ones


By Shim Sun-ah




SEOUL, May 9 (Yonhap) -- Many recent films and TV series have portrayed a future enhanced by highly advanced artificial intelligence technologies.


This hot topic returns to the Korean cinema with "Wonderland," a Korean sci-fi fantasy drama slated for release next month.


The film tells the story of people who use an innovative AI service called "Wonderland," which allows them to communicate with their deceased loved ones through video calls.


Written and directed by Kim Tae-yong, best known for "Late Autumn" (2011), the new flick boasts a star-studded cast, featuring Bae Suzy, Park Bo-gum, Jung Yu-mi, Choi Woo-shik and Tang Wei.


A scene from the Korean sci-fi film "Wonderland," provided by Acemaker Movieworks (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)

A scene from the Korean sci-fi film "Wonderland," provided by Acemaker Movieworks (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)


"I make video calls often. But after hanging up, I would wonder if that was really a real person I was talking to," Kim said during a press conference in Seoul on Thursday to promote "Wonderland."


"When I meet them again, it feels like a long time has passed, yet also like I just saw them yesterday. It feels like the boundaries of relationships are becoming increasingly blurred," he continued. "This led me to consider the possibility that, unlike the past, there could be a time when even deceased people can communicate and not be truly gone," he said, explaining his motivation for making the film.


He set the movie in the near future using technologies available today, hoping to make the story resonate with the audience.


To further enhance realism, he consulted with a prominent AI expert at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), a national research university in Daejeon.


Director Kim Tae-yong of the Korean sci-fi film "Wonderland" speaks during a press conference to promote the movie in Seoul on May 9, 2024. (Yonhap)

Director Kim Tae-yong of the Korean sci-fi film "Wonderland" speaks during a press conference to promote the movie in Seoul on May 9, 2024. (Yonhap)


In "Wonderland," Bae Suzy takes on the role of a young flight attendant who uses the service to communicate with her boyfriend (played by Park Bo-gum) after he falls into a coma from an accident.


Tang Wei plays a mother who subscribes to the service before her death to allow herself to communicate with her young daughter.


Jung Yu-mi and Choi Woo-shik portray a team of coordinators of the service.


The director admitted the actors were so captivating that he found himself constantly moving the camera closer while filming them. "So I had to make a conscious effort to step back," he said, with a smile.


Park Bo-gum said he was drawn to the film's unique concept.


"When I first read the screenplay," he said, "I found the subject matter incredibly interesting. But most of all, I wanted to work with the director."


The actor said it was a "pleasure" to constantly exchange ideas with the director about the characters and their stories throughout filming.


Bae Suzy agreed, saying: "The most fascinating aspect of working with the director was his ability to help me express complex emotions. It was also fun to exchange thoughts with him throughout the filming process."


The cast of the Korean sci-fi film "Wonderland" poses for photographers during a press conference to promote the movie in Seoul on May 9, 2024. (Yonhap)

The cast of the Korean sci-fi film "Wonderland" poses for photographers during a press conference to promote the movie in Seoul on May 9, 2024. (Yonhap)


The upcoming film marks Kim's first feature film in 13 years after "Late Autumn" and his second collaboration with Tang Wei, who is now his wife, after the 2011 romance movie.


When asked about working again with the Chinese actress, Kim described it as "an amazing experience."


"I'd see her on set all day, and then I'd go home, and there she was again," he said.


Choi Woo-shik then chimed in, asking, "So, was it good?"


Kim chuckled and replied: "Absolutely. We could talk about things at home that we couldn't on set. It felt like I was working 24 hours a day."


Tang added, "This is our second project together, and the biggest difference is that I became more comfortable than before.


"The director is a workaholic, and I'm also a detail-oriented and meticulous person. I'm lucky to be able to work with him. I think it would have been quite difficult with someone else," she said, drawing laughter from reporters.


The film will open in local theaters nationwide June 5.








credit : Yonhap News


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*** On the morning of May 9 KST, the cast members and director  of the film 'Wonderland' attended a press conference at Yongsan CGV I'Park Mall. Jung Yoo Mi, who was originally scheduled to make an appearance could not attend due to a sudden illness. I like the trailer.    :kisslevel:












photos source : allkpop


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Suzy, Park Bo-gum star in AI fantasy romance ‘Wonderland’




“Wonderland,” a sci-fi fantasy and romance film set in the near future that deals with relationships, death and life, shows what it is like to communicate using AI technology, director Kim Tae-yong said Thursday.


The movie revolves around people reuniting in a virtual world called Wonderland. Tang Wei, Suzy and Park Bo-gum star as those who ask to meet people they loved but cannot meet anymore in the real world. Jung Yu-mi and Choi Woo-shik appear as staff who support the AI service users in Wonderland.


Suzy and Park, who have shown special chemistry as emcees at Baeksang Arts Awards for many years, are expected to show on-screen chemistry in “Wonderland.” They appear as a young couple struggling to settle into a new life after Tae-ju (Park) suffers brain damage.


Suzy plays Jung-in, a woman in her 20s who misses talking to Tae-ju, who is in a coma. That leads her to sign up to the Wonderland service, where she can talk to him.


“(I once heard that) we’re living in a world where communication with technology, something non-human, is more comfortable and easier than having it with real humans. I tried to focus on that feeling,” Suzy told reporters during a press conference held in CGV Yongsan, Seoul, Thursday.




“Wonderland” is director Kim's first movie in 13 years after “Late Autumn” (2011). Both movies star his wife and Chinese actor Tang Wei. The two were married after working together on "Late Autumn."


Kim said the movie was inspired by technologies he had enjoyed during the pandemic.


“I did a lot of video calls during the pandemic. Not just me, but many people around us had to. After hanging up the video chat, I felt like if this was real and the border between human relationships felt like fading away,” Kim told reporters.


The movie was shot during the pandemic from 2020 to 2021.


“So I wanted to tell the story on – maybe – an imminent future where technology can connect people even after death,” he added.


To make sure the AI technology in the movie makes sense, Kim said he worked with a team at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology.


“I asked KAIST professor Kim Dae-shik for advice on AI technology because I wanted to make the audience feel this movie as something very relatable as if they’re seeing the near future,” said Kim.




Actors said the story was fresh to approach and act in.


“It was very interesting that this whole universe in the movie was very believable,” said Suzy.


Park said he even felt like he was involved in the pre-production because he had a lot of conversation with the director and his partner Suzy even before the shooting.


“Kim was a very friendly, smooth person to work with. He would share details about the characters and also hear from my side (in terms of acting Tae-ju). I felt like I literally produced the film from pre-production,” said Park.


Choi Woo-shik said he also loved working with Kim, adding that the director’s warmth as a person added a different mood to this sci-fi fantasy romance.


“When you think about sci-fi movies, they feel very cold and blue-toned, but the director’s warmth and the movie’s overall message mixed very well to offer a new mood,” said Choi.


Director Kim and Tang Wei said they enjoyed working together on the same project.


"What I liked the most (about working with an actress wife) was that I get to talk about work even at home," Kim said, laughing.


Tang said both she and her husband enjoy talking about work at home because both are "workaholics."


"I treat my work seriously and try to focus on every detail and this could have been very difficult for other directors. But I'm glad (that it's my husband) that I worked with," Tang said.


“Wonderland” is slated for release June 5.




credit : Korea Herald


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Walking in an AI 'Wonderland': Film tackles future of grieving


The director and cast of "Wonderland" pose for cameras during a press conference for the upcoming film at CGV Yongsan in central Seoul on Thursday. From left: Kim Tae-yong, Choi Woo-shik, Park Bo-gum, Suzy and Tang Wei [YONHAP]

The director and cast of "Wonderland" pose for cameras during a press conference for the upcoming film at CGV Yongsan in central Seoul on Thursday. From left: Kim Tae-yong, Choi Woo-shik, Park Bo-gum, Suzy and Tang Wei [YONHAP]

Relationships in “Wonderland,” an upcoming Korean sci-fi fantasy film, are seemingly easier to handle than in real life. Closure from death or breakups can be avoided as people are able to reconnect with their lost loved ones through the help of artificial intelligence.
Directed by Kim Tae-yong, the film features an ensemble cast composed solely of A-listers Tang Wei, Suzy, Park Bo-gum, Jung Yu-mi and Choi Woo-shik, who each play characters that deal with — or rather, dodge — grief and loss through an AI service called Wonderland that offers reincarnations via video call simulations.

A still from film "Wonderland" [ACEMAKER MOVIEWORKS]

A still from film "Wonderland" [ACEMAKER MOVIEWORKS]


The bittersweet possibility of digitally reuniting with a lost significant other or family member can offer solace — but can we say that they really exist? It’s a question that director Kim has had about video calls in general even among the living.
“I’ve always felt that the confines of human relationships have become very blurred through video calls nowadays,” he said during a press conference at CGV Yongsan in central Seoul on Thursday. “We’re able to interact with anyone, anytime, but sometimes it leaves me wondering, is the other person on the line actually there?”
Kim then took it up a notch: “What if there comes a time when we can be in contact with the dead through video calls?” And this became a eureka moment that led to “Wonderland,” his first feature film in 13 years since “Late Autumn.”
“This film is based on my own curiosity and I felt like it was my job to answer it,” he said.
But “Wonderland” doesn’t flaunt the infinite potential of AI technology or the virtual world. It’s meant to inspire viewers to think about their own interpersonal relationships, which is why Kim focused on making the plot “relatable” and “believable,” after receiving help from actual AI experts.

Tang Wei in "Wonderland" [ACEMAKER MOVIEWORKS]

Tang Wei in "Wonderland" [ACEMAKER MOVIEWORKS]

Tang plays Bai Li, a mother who signs herself up for Wonderland to hide her death from her young daughter. As Bai Li becomes an archaeologist in the afterlife, Tang met with actual experts in that field and bought books on the field.
“We now have more books on archaeology than on cinema at home,” joked Kim, who has been married to Tang since 2014.
It’s also the husband and wife’s second time working on a film together since first meeting on the set of “Late Autumn.” Despite some concerned reporters asking if it wasn’t troublesome to work together professionally, Kim and Tang agreed that they were compatible, thanks to both being such workaholics.


  Hide contents


Suzy in "Wonderland" [ACEMAKER MOVIEWORKS]

Suzy in "Wonderland" [ACEMAKER MOVIEWORKS]


Park Bo-gum in "Wonderland" [ACEMAKER MOVIEWORKS]

Park Bo-gum in "Wonderland" [ACEMAKER MOVIEWORKS]

Suzy and Park are already a familiar duo who have hosted the annual Baeksang Arts Awards for several years now, but in “Wonderland” they have returned as a couple. When Park’s character, Tae-ju, falls into a coma due to an accident, Suzy’s character, Jeong-in, is desperate to stay with him through Wonderland. A problem, however, arises when Tae-ju wakes back up and isn’t entirely who he used to be due to brain damage.
There was a lot of “complex, inexplicable acting” required to play Jeong-in, with Suzy describing it as a roller coaster of emotions.
“Jeong-in would be devastated when Tae-ju becomes unconscious, and then she would be filled with joy after seeing him through Wonderland but then once again become overwhelmed with yearning after the video call ends,” she said.

Jung Yu-mi in "Wonderland" [ACEMAKER MOVIEWORKS]

Jung Yu-mi in "Wonderland" [ACEMAKER MOVIEWORKS]


Choi Woo-shik in "Wonderland" [ACEMAKER MOVIEWORKS]

Choi Woo-shik in "Wonderland" [ACEMAKER MOVIEWORKS]

Jung and Choi both play characters who work for the company behind the Wonderland service as planners. Jung’s Hae-ri is introduced as being raised by digital versions of her parents on Wonderland after they died when she was young.
Casting Jung as Hae-ri was a priority for Kim, as it reminded him of a similarly odd role she had in one of his previous films, “Family Ties” (2006), in which she played a daughter who lived with two mothers.
“Jung is an actor who never lets you down,” Kim said. “She has a way of portraying a unique role to be universally relatable.”
“Wonderland” features a special cameo by actor Gong Yoo as an addition to the star-studded lineup.

A still from film "Wonderland" [ACEMAKER MOVIEWORKS]

A still from film "Wonderland" [ACEMAKER MOVIEWORKS]

Tang recalls first meeting Gong during the pandemic in a video call.
"Even that seemed like using Wonderland,” she said. “He probably thought I had a big head because he told me he was seeing me through a large-screen monitor.”
“Wonderland” premieres on June 5.

BY SHIN MIN-HEE [shin.minhee@joongang.co.kr]




credit : JoongAngDaily


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Star-studded sci-fi film and thrillers to hit local theaters in June




By Lee Gyu-lee


Local theaters are gearing up to showcase a diverse range of films ranging from sci-fi to thriller genres, including the highly anticipated ensemble film "Wonderland."


Led by director Kim Tae-yong, who previously helmed romance films "All for Love" (2005) and "Late Autumn" (2010), “Wonderland” is finally getting its release after a long COVID-induced delay.


The upcoming sci-fi drama film, slated to premiere June 5, will follow a group of people using a video chat service called Wonderland, which virtually recreates a deceased person through artificial intelligence. A young woman (Bae Suzy) requests the service to reunite with her boyfriend (Park Bo-gum) who fell into a coma and a deceased mother (Tang Wei) uses the service to hide her death from her young daughter, communicating with them through video calls.


Actors Choi Woo-shik and Jung Yu-mi will play the planners of the service and Gong Yoo will make a guest appearance as the husband of Tang’s character.



(skipped unrelated.....)




credit : Korea Times


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*** The picture shows Suzy and Park Bo Gum cozy together as they connect in the simulated world. Wang Tei and Gong Yoo can be seen enjoying a meal together while another click shows Wang Tei alone in the car as tears fill her eyes. Choi Woo Shik and Jung Yu Mi are the ones who control the simulated world and are seen getting a signature from a patient. Wonderland will premiere on June 5.    :cutekitty:




Wonderland new stills






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*** According to media outlet reports on May 25 KST, tvN's popular variety program 'Jinny's Kitchen' is returning with season 2 on June 28. 'Jinny's Kitchen 2' is scheduled to take over the  Friday evening time slot next month. All of the original cast of 'Jinny's Kitchen' season 1 are set to return for season 2, with the exception of V. A part-time hire, actress Go Min Si, will fill in for his vacancy. Looking forward for this show. Ahhh.....'Jinny's Kitchen 2' is coming soon. I'm excited. Interesting location again. I missed V! They should have waited for him, but i guess they cannot.    :cries3:





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4 K-Dramas And Movies That Feel Like Summer




Summer is nearly here, which means you get the yearly permission to relax and make the most of the warm days ahead.


It is also the perfect time to chill with your favorite K-dramas. Summer is often a metaphor for nostalgia, the first brush of love, a time to rekindle a long-forgotten romance, or even start afresh. Here are four K-dramas and movies which celebrate summer in its many shades and even have summer in their titles.


“Our Beloved Summer”





Choi Woong (Choi Woo Shik) and Guk Yeon Soo (Kim Da Mi) have no idea that the documentary they had filmed way back in high school would become something of a cult a decade later. The two had become close during the course of filming and even started a relationship which lasted five years. Now having gone their separate ways, they have not been unable to move on, despite staying clear of each other. Given the popular demand from viewers wanting to know how life panned out for the two high school students, the producers of the documentary cajole Woong and Yeon Soo to face the camera once again. It is a task in itself, since there seems to be a lot of animosity between the two, but they decide to go along with it. As old feelings resurface, there are a whole lot of regrets and unresolved issues.


“Our Beloved Summer” served as a sweet spot. The slice-of-life romantic narrative evocatively brought out how love is something that needs to be worked on beyond the romantic rose-tinted glasses. Communication is key, as well as how partners need to care for and nurture each other. Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi’s chemistry aside, the couple came across as real and relatable. “Christmas Tree,” mellifluously sung by BTS’s V, made this one a drama to remember in summer.




credit : soompi news

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*** I hope "Wonderland" will be a box-office HIT! Nowadays, a growing number of movies are not even reaching the break-even point unless they make it to the 10 million audience mark. This movie has a stellar casting lineup. I hope it will at least gain profit. “Wonderland”’ cast is considered to be the best among movies to be released this summer.  However, even a collection of well-known actors does not guarantee success. Many movies these days received a lower-than-expected report cards.   :heart3:

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*** Wonderland is an upcoming South Korean movie that will be released soon. On May 31,  the production team released new stills featuring the stellar cast. In the pictures, Bae Suzy, Gong Yoo, Tang Wei, Choi Woo Sik, and Jung Yu Mi appear in their respective roles. Choi Woo Shik appears with the heartiest smiles welcoming people into their company to avail the facility to meet with their loved ones. Previously, many more stills and teasers have been released which provides an overview of the plot.   :heart1:












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