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*** It's so NICE that we saw the Wooga Squad members reacting to the new music video of V. As expected from besties, the members couldn’t help but praise and make jokes about the song and their maknae as they watched together. Yet, their comments was hilarious and I LOL. The Wooga Squad revealed they were doing the music video reaction at V’s house without its owner. Ohhhh....how close the Wooga Squad is to the fact the members of the group were at V’s house to react to his video when he wasn’t even there. Shortly after the video was posted, V shared an Instagram story with a screenshot of the members with the caption, "That’s my place… And that shirt Wooshik-hyung is wearing? It’s from my closet. In fact, I think he took it home." -   :Megalol:    :heart2:







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10 Most Popular Netflix Programs Currently In Korea (Based On March 19, 2024 Data)





1. "Queen of Tears"

2. "Chicken Nugget"

3. "Solo Leveling"

4. "Doctor Slump"

5. "A Killer Paradox"

6. "The Gentlemen" 

7. "Jun HyunMoo's Plan"

8. "The Apothecary Diaries"

9. "Eye Love You"

10. "I'm SOLO, Love Goes On" 

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When “Loving Him Was Green”: 5 K-Drama Male Characters Waving Green Flag Proudly

In a world full of reds, a shade of green is truly refreshing! Enough with red flags!


We’ve all been there, right? Swooning over the ‘red flag’ characters, those irresistibly flawed heroes with a knack for making our hearts skip a beat.


They’re like that bag of chips while watching a good Korean drama—bold, savory, maybe not the healthiest choice, but irresistibly addictive.

It’s as if Taylor Swift was singing about our love for them: “Loving him was red.”


But wait, hold the phone. Amidst this sea of red, there’s a shade we’ve been overlooking—the serene, oh-so-peaceful green.


Yes, I’m talking about the ‘green flag’ characters. The unsung heroes of the K-Drama world, proudly waving their finest vert flag.


Let’s not forget about our greens for today. We’ve asked our friends and followers on our social media handles which male characters in their favorite Korean dramas made them say, “Loving him was green.”


Here are some of their answers!


Choi Ung, Our Beloved Summer (2021)



Screengrabbed from Netflix Philippines/Youtube


Choi Ung, played by Choi Woo Shik in “Our Beloved Summer,” is the literal walking green flag in the game, showcasing his love through supportive actions and kind words to Kook Yeon Su.


Who doesn’t want a boyfriend whose love languages are on point?



source : https://annyeongoppa.com/2024/03/18/when-loving-him-was-green-5-k-drama-male-characters-waving-green-flag-proudly/

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*** I almost forgot that Choi Woo Shik is part of "Wonderland" movie. On March 22, JoyNews24 reported that “Wonderland” is in discussions for a June premiere. After a long wait, “Wonderland” is finally set to hit theaters! “Wonderland” wrapped up filming before Park Bo Gum’s enlistment. Now, they have already initiated marketing preparations. This is a star-studded movie. Wait & see for MORE updates!   :blush:   I hope the story is good.









source : https://www.joynews24.com/view/1700241






Park Bo Gum, Suzy, Choi Woo Shik, Jung Yu Mi, Gong Yoo, And Tang Wei’s Movie “Wonderland” Confirms June Premiere




After a long wait, “Wonderland” is finally set to hit theaters!


On March 22, JoyNews24 reported that “Wonderland” is in discussions for a June premiere.


In response to the report, the film’s distributor ACEMAKER MOVIEWORKS confirmed, “We are currently preparing to release ‘Wonderland’ in June and have already initiated marketing preparations.”


“Wonderland” tells the story of people who use the “Wonderland” service, which allows users to reunite with their deceased loved ones by reconstructing them through big data. The movie is helmed by Kim Tae Yong, the director of the hit 2011 film “Late Autumn” starring Tang Wei and Hyun Bin.


Even prior to production, “Wonderland” generated significant buzz with its stellar cast, featuring Park Bo Gum, Suzy, Chinese actress Tang Wei, Gong Yoo, Jung Yu Mi, and Choi Woo Shik. “Wonderland” wrapped up filming before Park Bo Gum’s enlistment in August 2020, but its premiere remained indefinite until now.


Suzy and Park Bo Gum portray a young couple who can no longer communicate in real life after Park Bo Gum’s character falls into a coma.


Jung Yu Mi and Choi Woo Shik will play characters who control the events that take place within the simulated reality called Wonderland.


Gong Yoo takes on the role of a man in his forties who misses his deceased wife, portrayed by Tang Wei.


Stay tuned for more updates!




credit : soompi news

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*** The show introduced a “Chef of the Day” system, with Cho Woo Shik, who was previously seen mainly serving food but is now stepping up as chef. He's receiving praise for dishes like braised short ribs. Again here, people line up to dine. For Season 2, Go Min Si joined the original members, filling in for V who is currently serving in the military.  






‘Jinny’s Kitchen 2’ in Iceland










source : https://v.daum.net/v/20240326073733273

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10 Most Popular Netflix Programs Currently In Korea (Based On March 26, 2024 Data)





1. "Queen of Tears"

2. "Physical: 100"

3. "3 Body Problem"

4. "Chicken Nugget"

5. "Solo Leveling"

6. "Beauty and Mr. Romantic" 

7. "A Killer Paradox"

8. "The Apothecary Diaries"

9. "Doctor Slump"

10. "Jun HyunMoo's Plan" 

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*** The Korean Business Research Institute has revealed this month’s brand reputation rankings for film actors!  The rankings were determined through an analysis of the consumer participation, media coverage, interaction, and community awareness indexes of 50 popular movie stars, using big data collected from February 19 to March 19.  Choi Woo Shik  rocketed to fourth place after seeing a staggering 161.95 percent rise in his brand reputation index, bringing his total score for the month to 4,817,704.   :kaching1:


Check out the top 30 for this month below!

  1. Choi Min Sik
  2. Ma Dong Seok
  3. Son Suk Ku
  4. Choi Woo Shik
  5. Go Yoon Jung
  6. Lee Seo Jin
  7. Choi Sung Eun
  8. Kim Hye Soo
  9. Song Joong Ki
  10. Lee Byung Hun
  11. Lee Yi Kyung
  12. Im Siwan
  13. Song Ha Yoon
  14. Lee Hee Joon
  15. Jo Jung Suk
  16. Hyun Bong Sik
  17. Gong Yoo
  18. Honey Lee
  19. Yoo Hae Jin
  20. Ra Mi Ran
  21. Jung Woo Sung
  22. Kim Hye Joon
  23. Lee Joon Hyuk
  24. Kang Ki Young
  25. Go Min Si
  26. Cho Seung Woo
  27. Lee Jong Suk
  28. Park Seo Joon
  29. Ha Jung Woo
  30. Gong Myung



source : https://www.newscammp.co.kr/article/view/ncp202403200001

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10 Most Popular Netflix Programs Currently In Korea (Based On April 2, 2024 Data)





1. "Queen of Tears"

2. "Physical: 100"

3. "3 Body Problem"

4. "Chicken Nugget"

5. "Solo Leveling"

6. "Beauty and Mr. Romantic"

7. "Testament: The Story of Moses"

8. "A Killer Paradox"

9. "Jun HyunMoo's Plan"

10. "The Apothecary Diaries" 

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10 Most Popular Netflix Programs Currently In Korea (Based On April 9, 2024 Data)





1. "Parasyte: The Grey"

2. "Queen of Tears"

3. "3 Body Problem"

4. "Physical: 100"

5. "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba" 

6. "Chicken Nugget"

7. "Beauty and Mr. Romantic"

8. "Solo Leveling" 

9. "Parallel World Pharmacy"

10. "A Killer Paradox" 

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*** I re-watched his latest drama "A Killer Paradox".   This slow cat-and-mouse chase between Nan-gam and Tang provides the primary strand of tension for the show. It is well paced although, it starts slowly. And that no OSTs have stood out for me at all in this drama. I didn’t connect to some other characters except for Lee Tang because for me, it feels disjointed. I wouldn't say it’s great yet it’s not boring - but I feel the drama was overrated. I think one of the problems with the storyline was basically Lee Tang's character development into a serial killer. One minute you see him like a regretful and tortured accidental killer and other times, just as a serious murderer.  Choi Woo-shik and Son Suk-ku’s acting were very well done and I hope to see them working again in another drama or movie.  :Ohboy3:

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Top 10 highest rated K-dramas of 2024 from January to March



10. A Killer Paradox


A Killer Paradox written by Kim Da Min, directed by Lee Chang Hee presents a riveting narrative that delves into the complexities of morality and justice. Choi Woo Shik delivers a compelling portrayal of Lee Tang, an ordinary college student thrust into a moral quandary after accidentally murdering a serial killer. Son Suk Ku shines as Jang Nan Gam, the relentless detective determined to unravel the truth behind Lee Tang's actions. As Lee Tang grapples with his newfound ability to identify evildoers, the series explores themes of guilt, redemption, and the blurred lines between right and wrong.







source : https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/lee-dong-wook-kim-hye-juns-a-shop-for-killers-becomes-2024s-highest-rated-k-drama-so-far-top-10-list-inside-1294562

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*** According to a fan's family member who is also serving in the same military unit as V, Choi Woo Shik together with Park Hyung Sik visited V at his military unit recently.   :heart2beat:




source : https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/did-bts-v-get-visited-by-newjeans-park-hyung-sik-and-choi-woo-shik-at-military-unit-fans-family-recalls-interesting-experience-1295343

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*** Park Bo Young reveals how she became 'friends' with Choi Woo Shik in new hilarious clip; please watch. She mentioned that she was born in the early 90s, which naturally led her to have more friends who are 89 liners. She playfully highlighted that Choi Woo Shik, born in March of 90, falls into this category. She also mentioned that she recalls Choi Woo Shik's birthday because when they first met, they had to figure out how to address each other. Given that she is technically older than Choi Woo Shik, he was supposed to refer to her as "noona". But, Choi Woo Shik was only one month younger. Finding a solution to the whole addressing-dilemma, Park Bo Young concluded that Choi Woo Shik has a foreigner mindset since he is a Canadian. So, Park Bo Young told Choi Woo Shik that since he is a foreigner and does not follow the early-born system, she will make a special exception for him. So, Choi Woo Shik does not need to call Park Bo Young ‘noona’.  Park Bo Young and Choi Woo Shik will be soon seen in lead roles in an upcoming Netflix original K-drama titled Melo Movie.   :kaching3:








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*** 'Wonderland' has officially set its premiere date, which will be on June 5th. In addition to the release date announcement, the film unveiled its first teaser. The teaser introduces viewers to a world where reunions with loved ones are possible anytime, anywhere, even after an "eternal parting." They're engaging in video calls and sharing their everyday moments with their deceased loved ones.  :kaching1:








Source: Acemaker Movieworks

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*** Our Memories, an upcoming C-drama, has made fans furious. They accuse it of plagiarizing the poster styling of K-drama Our Beloved Summer.  This poster was shared online a while ago. They share similar tones and styling. It's also set in a street with the leads against a white wall filled with foliage towards the top. The actors’ ensembles also follow a matching color palette. It's just that the C-ML is wearing an off-white t-shirt with blue jeans like Choi Woo Shik; the only difference is that the latter’s is a long-sleeve shirt. While the C-FL also styles a white and yellow dress similar to Kim Da Mi’s white shirt and yellow jacket in Our Beloved Summer poster. Even the angles of the shot are almost identical.   :Megalol:  :heart1:






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Watch: Park Bo Gum, Suzy, Choi Woo Shik, And More Find Happiness In "Wonderland" + Film Confirms Premiere Date




The star-studded film “Wonderland” is coming to greet viewers soon!


On April 23, ACEMAKER MOVIEWORKS confirmed that “Wonderland” will premiere on June 5 and unveiled new character stills and a teaser.


“Wonderland” tells the story of people who use the “Wonderland” service, which allows users to reunite with their deceased loved ones through video call by reconstructing them through artificial intelligence. The star-studded cast consists of Tang Wei, Suzy, Park Bo Gum, Jung Yu Mi, and Choi Woo Shik.


In the newly released teaser, the characters all smile happily while using the Wonderland service, raising anticipation for the characters’ diverse narratives.


park-bo-gum-wonderland.jpeg suzy-.jpeg






The newly released teaser is also presented like an advertisement for the Wonderland service, highlighting how those who lost their loved ones can “reunite anytime and anywhere.”


“Wonderland” will premiere in theaters on June 5 KST. Check out the teaser below!







credit : soompi news


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*** I can't tell much from the 1st teaser of "Wonderland" since they're all holding their mobile phones, so it looks like a mobile phone ad. - hahaha - Actually, the first time I saw the video, I thought it was a new CF of Bogum. It doesn't seem very grabbing for a movie teaser. Well, I'm here for Park Bogum and Choi Woo Shik waiting for this movie. I hope it would be an interesting story because this movie has been delayed for years since its intended release.   :cutekitty:

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