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Hyun Bin 현빈 "Shining Brightly"


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*** Wow..................another journey for him - the famous brand Tom Ford. He is expected to represent the "Tom Ford Beauty" and its fragrances in 15 regions in Asia. Looking forward for him to dominate the Asian countries with his newest brand partnership.. He looks exquisite holding the nes Soleil Brûlant fragrance, which I saw from the Tom Ford official Instagram account. This is not the first time that Hyun Bin received partnerships with various famous brands, aside from perfume, he also partnered with popular jewelry brand Chow Tai Fook. :kitty:


I'm glad that he recently finished filming his forthcoming movie "Confidential Assignment 2: International." I hope after this movie, a drama will be next. He is currently busy with tons of brand advertisements.  :heart3:

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Hyun Bin named Tom Ford Beauty’s first Asia-Pacific brand ambassador


Hyun Bin posed with Tom Ford's new Soleil Brûlant fragrance which was introduced this spring for his first-ever campaign for the brand




Seoul — South Korean actor Hyun Bin is officially the new face of Tom Ford Beauty. Tom Ford Beauty announced on July 2 that Hyun Bin had been selected as their first-ever Asia-Pacific Fragrance Attaché and that means that he will be representing the brand and its fragrances in the region.


Hyun Bin remarked, “As a long-time fan of the designer, I’m honoured to be working with Tom Ford Beauty. I’m looking forward to my journey together with the brand as a Fragrance Attaché.”


Hyun Bin posed with Tom Ford’s new Soleil Brûlant fragrance which was introduced this spring for his first-ever campaign for the brand, as reported by Soompi.





In other news, Hyun Bin recently wrapped up filming for his upcoming movie “Confidential Assignment 2: International.”


Born on September 25, 1982, Kim Tae-pyung, known popularly as Hyun Bin is a South Korean actor. Hyun Bin first gained wide recognition for his role in the 2005 romantic comedy television drama My Name is Kim Sam-soon. Since then, he has appeared in leading roles in other successful television shows including; the romantic fantasy drama Secret Garden (2010–2011), fantasy drama Memories of the Alhambra (2018–2019), and romantic drama Crash Landing on You (2019–2020).


Hyun Bin’s popularity was further widened by starring in a series of box office hits; the action thriller Confidential Assignment (2017), the crime thrillers The Swindlers (2017)[2] and The Negotiation (2018) as well as the zombie horror Rampant (2018).


Hyun was Gallup Korea’s Television Actor of the Year in 2011.The success of Hyun Bin’s works internationally established him as a top Hallyu star. He is one of the highest-paid actors in South Korea.


Hyun Bin drew praise from critics for his performance in melodrama film Late Autumn, which was screened at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival. Throughout his career, he has been nominated for many awards, including five at the Baeksang Arts Awards, and won various acting recognition, including the Grand Prize (Daesang) for TV at the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards.



/TISGFollow us on Social Media

credit : https://theindependent.sg/hyun-bin-named-tom-ford-beautys-first-asia-pacific-brand-ambassador/

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*** The competition to be the Most Sought After K-Actor in Casting Calls in this article survey on which actors are currently the most coveted among industry casting agents. Casting agents & production directors were asked which actor in 2021 currently is their no. 1 choice when it comes time to cast a project. (6) votes went to PSJ in 1st place, followed by Gong Yoo with (5) votes and then Hyunbin got (4) votes. Top 5 are Kim Soo Hyun & Kang Ha Neul who each got (3) votes. Joo Ji Hoon & Ji Chang Wook got (1) vote & other actors.........BTW, there's an actress version of this as well, too. This is interesting but there are many omissions, which surprised me, though.  :kitty:








LINK here : https://star.ytn.co.kr/_sn/0117_202107030800250759

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Gong Yoo, Hyun Bin, Lee Min-ho: Their most romantic scenes in K-dramas to send your heart fluttering again




With such charismatic and gorgeous stars, it's no wonder that romance is the biggest genre in Korean dramas.


If you, like us, rewatch your favourite dramas again and again just to savour the achingly beautiful scenes once more, here are some of the best romantic scenes in recent hit series starring oppas Gong Yoo, Hyun Bin, Lee Min-ho, Song Joong-ki, and Park Seo-joon.



Crash Landing on You

Episode 10 — Captain Ri reunites with Se-ri in Seoul



Oh the times I had to scream-laugh into my pillow watching this scene, where – let's forget the crazy plot holes – the dashing and resourceful Captain Ri (Hyun Bin) manages to crawl through a long tunnel into South Korea, lands himself in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, where a wistful Se-ri happens to be strolling down.


It doesn't make sense, but neither is someone as dreamy as a North Korean Captain Ri, so everything's okay.



(skipped unrelated.....)



credit https://www.asiaone.com/entertainment/gong-yoo-hyun-bin-lee-min-ho-song-joong-ki-park-seo-joon-their-most-romantic-scenes-k-dramas

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Hyun Bin On His Iconic K-Drama Character Captain Ri: 'He knows how to sacrifice for his loved ones'

We asked the actor why he thinks Captain Ri was so well-loved by fans all over the world.

I still remember the time when my life revolved around Crash Landing On You. I remember making sure my Saturday and Sunday nights were free so I could catch the latest episodes. There were even instances when I would go to work bright and early on Mondays, park my car, and watch the latest releases in my vehicle before starting my day at work. I absolutely loved losing myself in Captain Ri and Yoon Se Ri's love story. Good times, 'no?


When Bench announced that Hyun Bin was their newest global ambassador, I—along with many, many, fans—was ecstatic because that instantly upped our chances of maybe seeing our Captain Ri IRL. After all, Bench has had a long list of Korean celebrities as endorsers, and most of them have held fan meetings in the Philippines over the past years.


But then, COVID-19 happened, and many plans had to be changed. 


Still, Bench is making a lot of our fangirl dreams come true, as they're hosting an exclusive online fan meet with the Korean star on July 11, 2021. Prior to the event, I, along with other members of the press actually got to chat with Hyun Bin where we got to know him a little better. (Yes he's really gwapo and dreamy!)


Cosmopolitan Philippines asked Hyun Bin why he thinks his iconic character, Captain Ri, was so well-loved by K-drama fans all over the world. He answered: "I think that this character is pure, serious, and most of all, knows how to sacrifice for his loved ones, which is what people loved about him." We couldn't agree more, Hyun Bin-ssi!




Other interesting facts we learned about him: He doesn't have a "dream" role and he continuously looks for "something new" when choosing his projects. He also talked about his personal style, sharing that he likes to be comfortable and that he'll add certain statement pieces like a nice watch or a stylish pair of shoes to elevate his style. 


Hyun Bin recently is currently working on his latest project, the sequel of his successful film, Confidential Assignment. 



credit : https://www.cosmo.ph/entertainment/hyun-bin-captain-ri-bench-interview-a1027-20210710?ref=home_feed_1

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10 Korean Dramas That Portray Healthy Relationships


With the landing of the Korean wave all over the world, people in the remotest places of the globe can now connect to and relate with the stories portrayed in Korean dramas. Among all the genres that K-Dramas are popular for, romance dramas are the most beloved and for good reason too! They portray beautiful relationships, very human situations and provide healing to the soul. However, the relationships shown in these dramas don't always portray happy relationships. Here are


10 Korean dramas that give us shining examples of healthy relationships!





"Crash Landing on You"


The drama responsible for the re-strengthening of the Hallyu wave, "Crash Landing on You" is a love story beyond borders, quite literally. The romance here is nothing short of a fairy tale romance and even though it might not be completely realistic, we love it regardless.



(skipped unrelated.....)



source : Hancinema

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These Korean Actors With Dimples Make Our Hearts Flutter


It is a common saying that the smile is the beauty of the soul. It has a ripple effect and has the potential to make another person smile who in turn does the same to another person. Smiling is kindness. There are as many different types of smiles in the world as there are people. Among them, dimpled smiles are some of the absolute prettiest!


With the popularity of Korean dramas, Korean actors are at the forefront of the Korean entertainment industry. They're always in the spotlight and fans all over the world, in millions, swoon over them. Today, we're counting down 8 of the prettiest dimpled smiles in the Korean acting world.



3. Hyun Bin


Hyun Bin is one of the hottest and physically fit actors in the Korean entertainment industry. However, his rough and tough masculine charm is complimented in a contrasting way by his dimpled smile.



(skipped unrelated.....)



source : https://www.kpopmap.com/these-korean-actors-with-dimples-make-our-hearts-flutter/

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[PICK] Stars We Wish to See in Romance Movies Again




Love stories have become very rare recently. Romance is constantly seeking viewers on small screens, but the latest Korean films are mostly based on other genres. Indeed, some are in the production stage: Jeon Jong Seo and Son Seok Gu’s Romance Without Love (working title), Lee Dong Wook and Lim Su Jeong’s Single in Seoul, and Han Ji Min, Yoona, Kang Ha Neul’s Happy New Year. However, there are not many of them. Actors who have elicited various emotions in romance films in the past nowadays play characters with no love lines. Hoping to see the romantic side of the actors on the screen again, let’s relieve the disappointment with the movies introduced below.



Late Autumn (2010)


Late Autumn Hyun BinCredit: CJ Entertainment


This movie drew a lot of attention as Hyun Bin, who gained huge popularity with Secret Garden, and Tang Wei of Lust and Caution co-starred. It is a remake of Lee Man Hee’s 1966 film of the same title. It depicts an unforgettable love between a female prisoner who takes a three-day vacation and a man who is on a run. Their love story in strange places lacks big dramatic events, but the sad and lonely emotions left by a short encounter followed by a long separation leave a lingering impression. The foggy and inclement weather in Seattle also doubles the loneliness of the film.



(skipped unrelated.....)



source : Zapzee

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*** HB recently attended a virtual meet and greet organized by Filipino lifestyle brand Bench, and he answered questions from his fans. A fan asked, “If you were given the chance to use a time machine, is there a particular moment you’d like to travel back to?” Hyun Bin's answer? “Nope, I like where I am right now.” Hyun Bin likes where he is in life now. This is one of the questions caught the attention of netizens. He was also asked about how he has changed now that he is reaching 40. Hyun Bin responded that he has learned to take things easy from time to time. He shared that he also picked up Pilates to stay fit.  :kaching3:

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Behind the scenes for Tom Ford Beauty




Official news/Crashing Landing On You is getting an American remake. It was mentioned briefly before when Studio Dragon and Skydance news came about. Hotel Del Luna and The Cursed are other Studio Dragon kdramas that have been mentioned previously in news that are also getting remakes.


Studio Dragon is going to make a remake of "Crash Landing on You" that is speeding up its entry into the US




Studio Dragon, the leading producer of Korean Wave content, is expected to join hands with the US production company Sky Dance to produce a remake of "Crash Landing on You."

According to related industries on the 20th, Studio Dragon is working on a project to localize the US by utilizing the "Crash Landing Intellectual Property (IP)" of Love. A Studio Dragon official said, "There are several projects that are exchanging IP with Sky Dance, and the crash landing of love is also one of the projects under way." "Detailed production schedule, timing and direction have not been confirmed yet."

This is part of a collaboration project with Skydance, a US production company that signed a strategic partnership in February last year. Skydance is a production company that produced films such as "Terminator," "6 Underground," "Mission Impossible," dramas "Grace and Frankie," and "Ultimate Carbon."

Studio Dragon has been actively exchanging original IPs owned by both companies along with Sky Dance and has been promoting a number of joint planning and development projects. The crash landing of love is also being carried out as one of the joint planning and development projects. Prior to this, the two companies had confirmed the production of a remake of "Hotel Del Luna." Including this, four Studio Dragon IP works are currently being developed as remakes.

Not only Studio Dragon IP but also Sky Dance's IP is working together. Currently, the two companies are developing a series of script dramas called 'Queens of the Desserts' using the IP that has Sky Dance. It is also known that other original IP developments owned by Skydance are being discussed.

In addition, the two companies have confirmed series orders for Apple TV+Hyang original dramas, further enhancing cooperation on US projects. "The Big Door Prize," which has confirmed its production, is a 10-part human drama that combines fantasy and mystery genres, based on MO Walsh's novel of the same name. Beyond the sale of finished content or remake rights, Studio Dragon will be the first studio in Korea to produce a series of American dramas for global viewers.

"The reason why we are paying attention to Studio Dragon's entry into the US market is that the production cost of American dramas is similar to that of Korean dramas. It is equivalent to Studio Dragon's annual sales of five episodes a year and one season each, " an industry source said.

Meanwhile, Studio Dragon is planning a total of 18 projects, including "The Big Door Prize," which has confirmed production, and projects to localize successful IPs in Korea, including "Crash Landing On You" and "Hotel Del Luna."




*Translated on Papago by Naver



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EVENT: Celebrity Sightings


Have you met your favorite oppa? What was he like? Was he taller than you expected? :love:

Or do you want to meet him? What would the meeting be like?


Share your stories with chingus on the Celebrity Sightings thread.


We want to read your gossip!



Your Event Organizers,

@partyon @confusedheart326 @Sleepy Owl @agenth @Lmangla

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Crash Landing On You is getting a documentary made in Japan




"Hand Sick" by Japan, the country of fanatics.

The popularity of Korean dramas in Japan with the drama "Crash Landing on You" has not cooled down for more than a year and a half. Rather, it is called the "third Korean Wave" and seems to expand its influence in all directions. Even a remake of a Korean drama is popular, and an exhibition of Korean dramas is held in the midst of Corona 19 in offline, drawing great popularity from local fans. Meanwhile, Netflix also gave specific figures that Japanese subscribers' time to watch Korean dramas has increased more than six times compared to a year ago. Although Korea-Japan relations are still frozen, multinational OTT, Internet and SNS, which are not affected by bilateral relations, are playing a new role, strengthening the continuity of the third Korean Wave.

According to drama production companies Studio Dragon (253450) and CJ ENM (035760), Japanese terrestrial Nippon TV (NTV) has been broadcasting season 2 of "Voice 110 Emergency Command Room," a remake of "Voice" since the 10th. The film has continued to show positive performance, with its first episode rating reaching 11.3 percent. "Voice" is a genre that tells the story of 112 reporting center directors and other members who have invitation power struggling to secure golden time at crime scenes. It has also succeeded in settling into a seasonal drama by securing a stable fixed fan base in Korea, and its fourth season is currently airing.

Posters of season 2 of the Japanese remake of the drama "Voice 110," which has been broadcast on Nippon TV since the 10th. /Photo courtesy = Studio Dragon

Earlier this January, a Japanese version of the Korean drama "Familiar Wife (2018)" was aired on Japanese terrestrial Fuji TV. It was scheduled at 10 p.m. every Thursday, the prime time, and ended with a stable ratings of 7 to 8 percent (based on the Gwandong district). The reality and boredom of married couples' lives were melted into a fantasy theme called Time Slip, which received favorable reviews when it aired in Korea. In April, the drama "How" was sold to Fuji TV and aired late at night.

As such, the popularity of Korean dramas in Japan is still on the rise. Japan's terrestrial TV Tokyo reported on the 13th that Netflix's Japanese users watched Korean dramas last year more than six times more than the previous year. Starting with "Crash Landing on You," dramas such as "Itaewon Class," "It's Okay to Not Be Okay," and "Vinsenzo" became popular in Japan.

Regarding the popularity of Korean dramas, TV Tokyo said, "Differentiated 'specific video expression' is the secret." "It is a natural result to realize the imagination as a video because the story is diversified and there are many stories beyond our imagination." The drama "Vinsenzo," which aired earlier this year, showed an example of a scene set in Italy using synthetic technology instead of going there.

Due to this popularity, "Studio Dragon Hallyu Drama Exhibition," an offline exhibition, has also been held in Tokyo since the 10th. The exhibition, jointly organized by Asahi TV, Japan's private broadcasting station, has three drama experience centers: "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?" starring Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young, "Start Up" by Suzy and Nam Joo-hyuk, and "Vinsenzo" by Song Joong-ki and Jeon Yeo-bin. The exhibition features photos and videos, as well as photo zones, reproduced sets, props and costumes.

The popularity of the drama "Crash Landing on You" which has set the stage for the third Korean Wave in Japan, has also been in progress for a year and a half since it ended. Since the drama was aired on Netflix, the main actor Hyun Bin has become a cover model for a leading weekly magazine and has become so popular that a special planning article has been released in the leading media. According to Studio Dragon, NHK, a Japanese public broadcaster, is preparing a documentary on the background of "Crash Landing on You" gaining popularity locally, the impact and reasons of the drama, in October this year. It is known that interviews including major actors, production staff and critics are included.

Source: https://www.sedaily.com/NewsView/22OZZN6TWL

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Goo Do Shim talked about Hyun Bin again :) She appeared on Huh Young Man's Food Travel to promote her new movie, Shining Moment. Huh Young Man asked Goo Do Shim to call HB to be on the show :) 


"Don't talk to the agency, just come out a little bit." Go Doo-sim, trying to cast Hyun Bin on "The 100th Ban Ki Haeng."
Huh Young-man suddenly asked, “Call actor Hyun Bin and ask him to appear in Baekban Travel (please tell me)”. Go Doo-shim said, “Me? In the past, I played the role of a son in the drama, but now he is getting too big.”

Huh Young-man said firmly, "Even when you grow up, a son is a son." In response, Go Doo-shim said, "Hyun Bin-ah, such an adult is begging, but when do you have a little time, don't talk to the agency and come out a bit?" She also delivered a message of support, “to eat well and be healthy wherever you are.”

Huh Young-man said, "I have something to say to Hyun Bin. I can't see his face these days.." To this, Go Doo-shim said, "It must have been because he was filming in a foreign country."



After enjoying the grilled porridge and mulhoe, Heo Young-man made a rather unexpected request to Go Doo-shim. Heo Young-man said, "Please ask Hyun Bin to come out on 'A Trip to the Half Years'" and asked Go Doo Shim, who had a relationship with the mother and child in the past drama 'The Snow Queen'. So, it was only then that we were between mother and son, and now Go Doo Shim, who was hesitant about not contacting us often, left a video letter saying, "Hyun Bin-ah, the elderly are asking you to do this.




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