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[Drama 2012] Take Care of Us, Captain 부탁해요, 캡틴


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Guys here's another great place to watch the drama live


Simply sign up and then scroll to the Live SBS airing under the ON AIR tab. It's fast! :) all u need is to sign up with your email address


Happy Watching!

Wow ! Nice quality! And great for macs! Thank you! Really like this drama! 

haaaa! My heart is beating so fast! OMG! I thought he would finally know whose daughter she is!! 

I hope Da Jin can control herself and focus on her work again even if she has to work with the cabin manager. She needs to separate private and work life or it will ruin her. I guess we'll see it or she wouldn't be a pilot til the end of the drama :P 

Haaa! Waiting for tomorrow! 

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Guest eunhye05

Hi Flyers,

Just finished episode 3. They're slowly bringing in conflict and showcasing the backstories. I just wish this had more lovey dovey scenes than drama. haha. That's just me.

Ok I was a bit late

- She dropped her sunglasses and it had some form of sentimental value? Capk seemed  very considerate. I think it was his fault. hehe. missed that part

- Aww the sunglasses were given to her by her mom. :( Such a sweet scene. HanDaJin and Omma. I would've felt bad too if something priceless as that was broken. Wait was HanDaJin asking her mom for a baby sister?

- Aww JJH stuttering about the sunglasses. asking forgiveness? lol

- OK here we have the pool scene with Clara's swim suit and all. hahah. She's on to him. Oh wait...now she's trying to piece together her who CaptK really is after seeing he also has a burn mark.

- HDJ reminds me of a cute boy standing next to KangDongSoo haha. He's so tall.

- So now we meet the team leader. What's happening why is KDS behind the vending machine.

- ChoiJiWon is back. Tough on the outside but obviously she still carries the guilt of the past. Oh and she's one feared cabin manager.

- Look more new characters to bring the funny in. :) (I kinda wish they had much brighter clothes though. Their uniforms are so dull. CJW is running this crew like a military woman. Love it!

- Looks like CJW confessed everything to HDJ but she still hasnt forgiven her.

- But wait there's more...CJW and CapK share a past too. How bitter can life get for this second female lead as well. Aigooo.

- Han Sisters together again. While walking down the steps towards their house DaJeon sees Ajusshi CaptK and runs after him. She's all cutesy pants towards him for that little parcel he's holding. In the end...he gives in and they get a free afternoon snack.

- They go home eat the spagetti dinner they thought was prepared for them by kind Ajusshi and find KDS in their house. ...well the house they share. HDJ hits him on the head without confirming who he is. hahaha. When he wakes up he proves to them he wasnt trespassing and shows them his studio which i think is also in Ajusshi's garage?

- Not sure what transpired at team leaders place.

- Poor CJW...she hasnt gotten over everything that's happened. She reflects back on what happened in the plane. She still keeps CapK's co-pilot stripes. I feel her pain. :S

- Oh and what's this...they run into each other while reminscing at their favorite steps....and now time to talk.

- so it appears the love lines are Clara-->CapK<--CJW and CapK<-->HDJ<--KDS  Interesting

- What certain past is the VP hiding from both Clara and CapK. :S Hmmmm...

-   Oh dear... now CJW, CapK and HDJ will all be crew for this one flight. AWKWARD!!!!!!!

- And it appears that CJW and HDJ will seriously need to work things out after this.  It's putting this flight at risk. Poor HDJ she's being evaluated too while she blunders. too bad. CapK is pissed with her again. Scolds her infront of CJW. Here we go. Wow drama in the cockpit.

- So dear CJW sees goodness in everyone...even criminals...and she's kind to this one on board. And he's grateful. I kinda wish HDJ would try to forgive but this is a drama and it'll take a while.

-  Oh dear more drama now... HDJ vs CJW and now CapK sees them with HDJ grabbing CJW by the collar. Tsk!

- Preview shows Clara and CapK on a date? HDJ being grilled by Wings Air. Can't wait for tom.

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Guest eunhye05

Hi Flyers,

I just want to share a tip for those dying to watch the VIKI site subs but can't because it's blocked or not available in your region. I use to encounter this issue before so I found the following video to help me bypass this. Hope you can figure it out. It takes some patience. :)

Watch the Change your IP to any country video: (See how he/she changes the ip address. Your objective is to get an address from US so that you can watch the video)


Here's the cheat sheet from the video:

1) Go to http://www.ip-adress.com/proxy_list/?k=country   and select a recent proxy from the united states. Make sure it's an elite proxy. That usually works well. Copy this proxy ID and port

2) Go to http://www.ip-adress.com/Proxy_Checker/ and input this proxy into the proxychecker field and click Check it Now! If it's valid it'll tell you if the proxy is from the United States and is Elite. :)

3) Now open Firefox, locate Options Menu > click Options > click Advanced tab > click Network > click Settings under Connection.

4) select Manual Proxy configuration and input the proxy  into the HTTP Proxy:___________ and Port:_____

(I tried Proxy: and Port:8080)

5) Check use this proxy server for all protocols

6) Click Ok

7) Open a new tab in Firefox and input the URL for the Viki Site: http://en.viki.com/channels/5442/videos/59337

Works like a charm :)

Note: to get back to your old settings simply select the No Proxy option again in Step 4. This is a demo only for firefox browser. I'm not sure how you do it for Internet Explorer. If you don't have firefox then just download the installer. it's free. ;)

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Guest ching22194

I feel bad for Ji Won, it must be pretty awful to be always reminded of your past mistake.

She did what she can to make up for it. She become a better person now, you can see it how

she handles the man with handcuffs. She's now the cabin manager which means she performs

well. And she's down on her knees crying and asking forgiveness way back. It's all up to HDJ

to open her heart and accept her sorry or maybe it would be better if she lend a hand for the kid sister. ;)

I always look forward to KDS and HDJ scenes coz it's always funny, if only Chun Hee's not married

i would love to see them together.. :D He's charming but his hair in this drama ruined it.. :lol:

The scene that struck me the most is when the two most guilty person dine together, i just wish

i know what they're talking coz it s obvious the still can't forget what had happened in the past.

Among them who is at fault really? KYS for losing the auto pilot or CJW for ignoring the mom.

At first i put all the blame to Ji Won for not accompanying the mom but then i realized she couldn't possibly

go with her inside the cr. so it must be for not calling the attention of the other staff.

Again some people make stupid mistake or act stupid shall i say. The flight attendants are scared of that

guy with handcuffs when he obviously can't do anything to them when he have escort on both sides.

I'm not sure i would want to continue watching this or just skip some part coz every time there's commotion

i might scared riding an airplane again what if the pilot would act like jerk, i dont wanna die.. :sweatingbullets::P

btw, which character Lee Honey should play if she accepted the part?

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Full Ratings

AGB Nielsen Korea

3rd episode:

Nationwide: 9,4%(-1,1%)

Seoul: 9,9% (-1,4%)

TNS Media Korea

3rd episode:

Nationwide: 10,7% (+0,6%)

Seoul: 12,1% (+0,9%)

Ech, TMTETS rise very quickly (26,9% in AGB). Captain surely will not grow up :-(

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[spoiler @ Epi-3] "Take Care of Us, Captain" Ji Jin-hee yells an apology at Koo Hye-seon


Yoon-seong (Ji Jin-hee) and Da-jin (Koo Hye-seon) quarreled.

In the SBS drama "Take Care of Us, Captain" Yoon-seong yelled at Da-jin because he was sorry.

He broke her sunglasses by accident. He couldn't help but be terribly sorry as she was upset and told him they were left for her by her dead mother.

He tried to get sunglasses just like the ones she had but couldn't.

He then coincidentally ran in Da-jin once again a few days later. He yelled, "Leave something as precious as that at home!" and turned to walk away from her.

Da-jin also yelled at him, "Captain, why are you carrying your head around? Looks like you have many important things in there! Leave it at home! At home!" and aroused laughter.

While they are getting along and quarreling at the same time, Da-jin still doesn't know that Yoon-seong was indirectly responsible for her mother's death.

Source : http://news.nate.com/view/20120111n32023

Permalink : Han Cinema

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I want to know when both of them are going to find out just who they both are to each other... as in him being the co-pilot with her dad on that flight where her mom died and him finding out that she's his mentor's daughter. I am still not loving Cap Kim here... urgh - sometimes I just want to punch his lights out. LOL I know what kind of character he's supposed to be - so I get it but still!! Can't he even better just a little nicer to HDJ. JJH plays him very well... :) 

I think HDJ bigger problem is that she really didn't have time or the right people to process out the whole death of her mother and then quickly there after death of her father - and illness of her sister. All that was just dumped on her at once... so without that, she can't really truly forgive those who is currently holding responsible for her mom's death & her sister's illness. I just hope that she can eventually process this and truly forgive and move on from all of that. Poor HDJ - fighting!!

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