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[Variety] Night After Night 밤이면 밤마다

Guest serendipityyy

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Guest adikkeluangman

Big Bang’s Daesung’s representatives clarify rumors about “Night After Night”

Representatives of Big Bang’s Daesung clarified the recent controversy surrounding a writer and rumors regarding Daesung’s participation in SBS’s variety program, “Night After Night.”

In a phone call with Star News on January 24th, representatives stated, “The producers of ‘Night After Night’ are very close with Daesung. The atmosphere of the film set is always bright as well.”

At the mention of the misunderstandings and rumors amongst fans, they continued, “Fans are claiming that a certain participant hit Daesung on the head, but there was nothing to feel bad about at the time of the recording. The filming took place in a warm environment.”

Regarding fans requesting for Daesung to leave the show, they stated, “We believe the fans are misunderstanding the whole situation.”


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Guest anne0129

crystal_malfoy, Hello! A big thanks to everyone who worked on subbing this show. A lot of people appreciate the subbing teams hard work. With regards to the video....I really can't download videos to my computer and since YT is blocking it faster than we can see it....I know that the subbing team has a Dailymotion account....will they be uploading it there? Cause I visited the site and there is still no English sub videos? Please...really want to see this show. From yesterday's episode, DaeYong duo is so funny. Thanks again to all the subbers and translators and 2Unitedsubs.

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Guest adikkeluangman

Seo In Young almost didn’t want to appear on “We Got Married”

On January 31st, singer Seo In Young guested on SBS’s “Night After Night” and revealed the secrets behind her virtual marriage with rapper Crown J on MBC’s “We Got Married.”

She stated, “When rookies usually go on variety shows, it’s like a fireworks display of competition to get themselves known. I wasn’t able to adjust to that since I’m actually kind of shy, and it was difficult for me at the time.”

On her actual offer from the show, she revealed, “I really like singing, but the fact that I had to do things with people I didn’t know was a lot of pressure. I fought with my manager over the issue, and even told the director that I couldn’t do it.”

The producers were eventually able to persuade her by allowing her to “do everything with the exception of swearing.” Seo In Young continued, “Like their orders, I really did everything except swearing. I thought that they wouldn’t let me continue on the show if I showed I had a bad temper so I yelled at my husband often. That actually brought up the viewer ratings, though.”

The singer concluded, “Before the show, there was a wall in my heart. I believed that all I had to do was sing well on stage no matter what others thought of me, but through ‘We Got Married,’ I learned how to communicate with the viewers.”


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Guest sfuza_14

Hello! I'm trying to find members to join this subbing team to help spread the love for this show. 

We're currently recruiting staffs to work with us! We really need your help! 

Here are the positions 

-Translator (Korean - English / Chinese - English) 

-Timers (Experience or No experience is fine) 



If you're interested please register here and apply for the position 


or email me at sfuza_14@yahoo.com

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Guest gmanalangster

Torrent Link E13 (

Baros & HANrel):

@Semi-fly thanks.. :) .. but is there a mediafire or MegaUpload DL for NAN Episodes?? (Torrents or HANnrel seems to be not allowed in my area) Let me know.. again Thanks in advance..

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Guest sunny_dance

@Semi-fly thanks.. :) .. but is there a mediafire or MegaUpload DL for NAN Episodes?? (Torrents or HANnrel seems to be not allowed in my area) Let me know.. again Thanks in advance..

MU links available here: http://www.kpopella.com/2011/night-after-night/

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