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[Variety] Night After Night 밤이면 밤마다

Guest serendipityyy

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Guest adikkeluangman

After School’s UEE is jealous of Son Dambi?

On a recent broadcast of SBS’s “Night After Night“, After School’s UEE appeared as a guest and shared an experience of how rookies were treated in comparison to big stars.

UEE revealed, “After School are rookies, we couldn’t eat meals more expensive than 6,000 won (~$6 USD). So if we went 500 won over the limit, our manager made sure we accounted for that ourselves. In comparison, Son Dambi unnie was not like that, despite being in the same company. Because she is a top star, she could eat anything she liked. I envied that.”

Hearing UEE’s experience, Jung Yonghwa asked, “What is the criteria to be a top star?”

Kim Jae Dong humorously answered, “Someone who receives more than 6,000 won for a meal,” which drew laughter from the studio.


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Guest cxxstar

I hate to ask this, as I'm sure it's asked a lot, but...is there anywhere I can watch this with English subs? I want to watch for Yonghwa, but I don't understand Korean! blush.gif:lol:

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Guest adikkeluangman

What was the intention behind Kim Jae Dong’s texts to UEE & Yoo In Na?

Comedian/MC Kim Jae Dong’s ’sneaky operation’ of sending female celebrities text messages has been thrusted into the spotlight.

On the March 28th broadcast of SBS’s “Night After Night“, MC/After School’s UEE asked guest/rocker Yoon Do Hyun the meaning behind the text messages sent by Kim Jae Dong.

UEE stated, “Kim Jae Dong-sshi keeps inviting females to go mountain hiking via texts. Are his intentions pure?” She added, “Not long ago, Yoo In Na-sshi guested on this show. I don’t know when he got her number, but he sent her a message about going to the mountain together. I have also received this kind of text message from him in the past.”

Yoon Do Hyun replied, “Kim Jae Dong really likes women. He’s getting older and he lives by himself, so he’s probably lonely. Today, I will only reveal this much” – driving a wedge into Kim Jae Dong’s ‘playbook’.

Comedian Kim Sook, who was also a guest on this day, added, “He never sent me that kind of message. He only sends texts to beautiful, single, female celebrities.”

Kim Jae Dong looked obviously shocked at the accusations, but viewers showed much interest in the situation because he did not defend himself right away.


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Guest adikkeluangman

IU admits that she contemplated getting a nose job + talks about awkwardness with Wooyoung


IU confessed that she thought about getting rhinoplasty in the past.

A preview from the upcoming episode of SBS’s “Night By Night” played a clip of IU’s confession as she revealed she even visited a cosmetic surgeon’s office. “My company didn’t want me to get surgery,” she said. “But I wanted to get plastic surgery so I begged them.”

She continued, “I have a small and flat nose, and it’s always been a complex of mine. I asked my company before my debut, and I visited a plastic surgery clinic. They told me that I had such thin skin that if they raised my nose, it would only be raised 1mm. I was disappointed and just came back without getting the procedure.”

IU also talked about her scandal with 2PM’s Wooyoung, her love interest from KBS2TV’s ”Dream High“.

She laughed, “We had an uncomfortable relationship [because of the scandal]. There were rumors that I followed him around because I liked him. I also found out that the 2PM members knew about this rumor, and that’s why they started to view me in a weird way.”

She then added that they got past the awkwardness and became close friends.

Stay tuned for more details when “Night By Night” airs on the 4th!


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Guest adikkeluangman

After School’s UEE blamed herself for the obstacles of “Birdie Buddy”

On April 4th, After School’s UEE guested on SBS’s “Night by Night” and revealed her feelings on her golf drama, “Birdie Buddy,” doing poorly because of her.

In response to actress Min Hyo Rin’s story on the obstacles she had to go through with “Triple,” UEE added, “I was also cast for a golf drama last year and recorded for nine months.”

She continued, “I saw an article a while ago and they had used the phrase ‘UEE’s collapse.’ I also saw replies that had said it was the end for me, and I truly was upset. The producers had given me such a big role, and I began wondering whether it was because of me that the drama wasn’t getting picked up by broadcast stations. Not only that, but I was scared that it’d affect After School as well.”

Despite “Birdie Buddy” having completed filming, the drama is still undergoing difficulty in securing itself a broadcast station to air through.


IU clears up rumors that she’s ‘arrogant and rude’

IU recently clarified some rumors surrounding herself.

The idol appeared on SBS’s “Night After Night” on April 4th, and explained the rumor that she was ‘arrogant even at a young age’.

“When I sing, my voice is thin and high but my normal voice is deep and low. So people think I talk to them as if I’m mad. I have been asked before if I have been looking down on them,” she said.

She continued to clarify, “I’m very shy and I was chubby after I debuted, so no one knew I was a celebrity. Even a security guard at a broadcasting station tried to force me out. There were many seniors who wouldn’t receive my greeting, so I used to bow to them and run away.”

Singer Kan Mi Youn revealed that she was one of the seniors who thought IU was arrogant and rude. She jokingly confessed, “A few years ago, I saw IU for the first time. She just bowed her head and went away. Newbies normally bow 90 degrees, and I wouldn’t have forgiven her if she couldn’t even sing well.”


Min Hyo Rin cries while talking about the obstacles she’s faced in her career


On April 4th, actress Min Hyo Rin guested on SBS’s “Night by Night” and shared stories about the hardships she’s faced in her life and career.

Tearfully, she began, “My aunt helps my father out a lot, but she herself is not living a comfortable life. I want to save up everything I can and buy her a house.”

She then went on to clarify rumors about how she underwent plastic surgery for her nose. “I did not get any work done on my nose, it’s natural. I did, however, get my eyes clipped up because one was bigger than the other.”

The discussion moved onto the topic of her frequent photoshoots and the emphasis on her ‘bagel girl’ image. Min Hyo Rin explained, “When I wasn’t working on dramas and such, I had to maintain life in my house somehow so I did photoshoots endlessly. Whenever I did dramas, people would always say that I looked too young, so they would never cast me.”

She continued, “I did lingerie and underwear photoshoots because I just wanted to show a more variety in my charms, but people took it the wrong way and kept criticizing about how I kept ‘going naked.’ I was so upset with that that I cried.”

When asked about the rumors of her dating her agency CEO, she revealed, “During my trainee days, my CEO always said that he’d cancel my contract if I was late for even a minute. I’d replace my meals with ‘kim-bap’ and had to leave my cell phone on my CEO’s desk when going in for training. He was so strict and scary.”

“He never let me leave the company building. They’d purposely fill my schedule to the brim and never let me do anything outside of it. Once I went into the basement training room, they wouldn’t let me out; it was basically like I was trapped in there.”

Taking note of the unusual cell phone rule, she was then asked for what reasons she was allowed to use her cell phone. She replied, “I used it to contact my parents and family members. Even while on a phone call with them, I couldn’t stop thinking about them and missing them.”


Min Hyo Rin used to be a JYP trainee

Actress Min Hyo Rin has revealed that she used to be a JYP Entertainment trainee.

On April 4th, Min Hyo Rin appeared on the SBS variety show ‘Night after Night,’ and stated, “I told my dad that I’d go to Seoul after I was accepted as a JYP trainee.”

She confessed, “My dad said it was fine but he didn’t let me sleep away from home. So I commuted from Daegu to Seoul via train and bus for 7 months.”

“I cried in the car everyday,” said Min Hyo Rin. She added, “There were many drunk passengers on the night bus. I was so scared but I couldn’t tell my parents because I was scared they wouldn’t let me go to Seoul anymore. I took a cab by myself since my parents worked too… but I really hated being scared.”

Min Hyo Rin also revealed the truth behind her plastic surgery rumor. Denying the rumors, however, she said she did slightly clip her eyes.


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Guest angah2211

can someone sub the whole episode for NAN.. i really hope anyone can help on this cause i dont understand korean. but i wanna watch NAN. :(

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Guest han_oelguri

please someone sub this shows... :wub:

i just slightly understand what they are talking about, cannot get the whole idea..


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