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[Variety] Night After Night 밤이면 밤마다

Guest serendipityyy

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Guest gmanalangster

MU links available here: http://www.kpopella.com/2011/night-after-night/

@sunny_dance... Thank you very much... ^_^ ... OOOPPPS ... I topped the page but nothing to share.. So Sorry... blush.gif

And Thanks to the English Subber(s)... FIGHTING!!!

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this is my first post in soompi :D

I love Daesung so much... so I really thank who uploads this show every week :D

it's just raw videos but I still love it becus I can see my Daesung...

Hope we can watch full of them with subs soon :D

P/s:  thank 2united team... I'll download ep 1 and never forget ur hard  work :D

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Guest anne0129

YAHHOOOOOO!!! Finally the subbed 1st episode is here. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Thank you to the subbers, translators, timers, uploaders, everyone involved in sharing the subbed version to everyone. Know that your work is so much appreciated. Hope you can keep on doing it. I wish I could help but I am not computer savvy so have so little knowledge about computers and can't understand Korean or Chinese at all. So all I can give you is my support and prayers to all those involved in the subbing team. FIGHTING!!!! Again, thank you so much.

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Guest ichaboy

Two weeks ago Lee Bum Soo tweeted that he was shooting for this show.. Does anyone know when the episode will be aired?? What about the next episode?? Will it be the part 2 of ep 16 or there will be new guests coming??

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Guest adikkeluangman

Big Bang’s Seungri was tricked by a night club manager

Big Bang’s Seungri will be a guest on the February 28th episode of SBS’s “Night After Night, Idol’s Legend.” During this episode, the idol revealed a time when he was tricked by a night club manager.

Seungri confessed, “Before my solo promotions for “Strong Baby“, I secretly went to a night club without my agency knowing, and the club manager tricked me. I wanted to go to the night club to increase my masculinity, and I only went because I believed the manager when he said that he would keep my visit out of the public’s eye. However, in order to increase sales, he purposefully publicized my visit ahead of time.”

He added, “And of all places, an acquaintance of my boss’, Yang Hyun Suk, happened to be there, so I ended up getting caught.”

To this story, Seungri added a moral, “Hoobaes (juniors), don’t believe the night club managers!”, causing much laughter in the studio.


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Guest adikkeluangman

Eun Ji Won had no contract while he was in Sechskies

Eun Ji Won recently revealed that he had no contract with his company when he was in the old school group Sechskies.

During the broadcast of SBS “Night After Night”, Eun Ji Won shockingly revealed, “While I was in Sechskies, I didn’t have any contract with the company.”

He added, “It was actually a lot scarier to not have a contract. Even though the door was open for any of the members to leave at any time, we knew that we couldn’t just leave.”

On the other hand, Kim Tae Woo revealed his contract with his company when he was in old school group, g.o.d as he proudly stated, “I think g.o.d had the best contract back then.” The episode aired on the 28th at 11:15pm.


Kim Tae Woo wants to retire when he turns 45

On February 28th, singer Kim Tae Woo guested on SBS’s “Night After Night” and revealed the approximate date of his retirement.

He stated, “My dream is to retire on December 31st of the year I turn 45 years old.”

When asked to explain why, he continued, “I want to try both producing and composing music right now, but I’d like to first ensure that I’ll retire as an amazing singer when I turn 45.”

MC Tak Jae Hoon, who had listened quietly to his confession, caused to studio to roar with laughter after he commented, “So that means you want to stay around for another 15 years. That’s pretty long.”


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Guest adikkeluangman

Why did a fan throw sunflower seeds at T.O.P?

While appearing on SBS’s “Night By Night” recently, Seungri revealed that “T.O.P hyung got hit by sunflower seeds that a fan threw at him.”

But what was the reason for such an aggressive, in not unusual, display? Seungri explained, “That fan had yelled ‘Always remember me!!’, and then threw a handful of sunflower seeds at T.O.P.”

Afterwards, T.O.P had asked that fan, “Why did you throw this at me?”. The fan then truthfully revealed, “On the internet, I saw a fan at Kang Dong Won’s fan sign event slap Kang Dong Won across the face. But afterwards, during interview, Kang Dong Won stated that he remembered that fan very well. That’s why I copied that fan.”

Seungri then stated, “T.O.P hyung understood that fan’s meaning. He kindly gave her his signature and even comforted her while saying, ‘Please don’t do this again.’ But later, other fans learned about that event and everyone started to throw presents at us, asking us to remember them.”


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Guest adikkeluangman

UEE reveals her method on collecting money for her secret funds

On the February 28th episode of SBS’s ”Night after Night,” After School’s UEE revealed her secrets to forming a slush (secret) fund.

She stated, “My parents manage all my funds, and I get an allowance of 300,000 won ($268.43 USD) every month.”

Comedian Park Myung Soo replied, “300,000 won is probably not enough,” to which UEE retorted, “That’s why I have a method of creating a slush fund.”

She continued, “When I go overseas, my parents give me a 500,000 won ($447.43 USD) allowance. I exchange the currency, but I don’t use it, so when I return to Korea, I exchange it back into Korean currency.”

Comedian Kim Jae Dong cracked up the audience when he pointed out, “Then, were you trying to benefit from the foreign exchange rate?”

Big Bang’s Seungri joined in on teasing UEE, as he stated, “Only UEE sleeps in her own place apart from After School’s dorm“, causing the audience to crack up even further.


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Guest casper_hyun

hye....i'm really want to watch this show..i'm so happy after i heard this show already subbed...but my happiness destroy when sbs block this show at youtube..anyone know where i can watch this show...if not for the uploader please upload this show at another website..like dailymotion...please...

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Guest adikkeluangman

Kahi’s hurtful breakup with her boyfriend

After School’s Kahi revealed how she got her breakup notice from her boyfriend.

On SBS “Night By Night”, Kahi revealed, “We had spent a fun time together on our date. However, once we got in the car, my boyfriend suddenly told me that we should break up.”

She added, “I asked him why he would say that. He then told me that this wasn’t all of a sudden. I told him that I can pretend that I didn’t hear about this and that we should spend some time thinking about it. However, that guy coldly stated that I heard him say that we should break up.”

Kahi then revealed her feelings about that situation, “Once I got home, I called my friend and started crying. I was really hurt back then.”


Yoo In Na reveals the traits for her ideal man

On March 7th, actress Yoo In Na guested on SBS’s “Night by Night“, and revealed the unique traits for her ideal man.

The episode’s topic of discussion revolved around marriage, since most of the guests on that episode were unmarried celebrities in their 30s.

When asked about her ideal man, Yoo In Na replied, “A man who isn’t secretive. I don’t like bad guys that you can’t read, I’d rather go for someone honest. I also don’t like suspicious men, or men that are too charismatic. I think MC Tak Jae Hoon is the secretive type.”

She continued, “Normally, people that don’t talk a lot and keep things to themselves are hard to read, but Tak Jae Hoon talks endlessly and I still can’t tell what he’s thinking.”

Tak Jae Hoon then made a hilarious facial expression and replied, “I’ll make sure you never know!”


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Guest adikkeluangman

Kim Jae Dong asked Yoo In Na for her number

During an interview with Star News on March 7th, actress Yoo In Na revealed that she received an offer to go hiking with MC Kim Jae Dong.

Still, that didn’t hinder Kim Jae Dong’s love for her, as the two recently guested on KBS’s “Night by Night” together, in which Kim Jae Dong’s ‘Yoo In Na’ obsession was revealed in full force. Not only had he scribbled her name all over his script card, but he even wrote ‘38+5′ when she revealed that she wanted to get married within the next five years.


Kahi could have gotten married?

After School’s Kahi revealed, “Marriage? I could have if I wanted to.” The star then truthfully confessed that she had rode on the hypothetical ‘bus’ towards marriage.

On March 7th, singer Hong Kyung Min, who also guested on SBS’s ”Night After Night“, started the conversation with a metaphorical question. “You are waiting for the bus at the bus stop and one bus arrives. However, it’s not the bus you were waiting for. Then does that mean you didn’t ride the bus, or couldn’t ride the bus?”

This prompted the MC’s to ask Kahi, “Why haven’t you been able to marry yet? Did you also just let the bus go?” Kahi replied, “I was already riding the bus, but I was contemplating on whether or not to get off the bus.”

With the studio reeling with shock from her surprise confession, Kahi continued, “To achieve my dream, I boldly stepped off that bus. Currently, I am riding on a new (singer) bus”. It was an answer that drew applause and respect from the crowd.

Meanwhile, Hong Kyung Min received sympathy for his answer, after he revealed, “Kahi-sshi is okay. For me, I was diligently riding the bus, but the bus let someone else on and left. If you experience a situation like that, then riding a bus altogether can become frightening.”


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