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[Variety] Night After Night 밤이면 밤마다

Guest serendipityyy

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Guest AngelVillian

Hm... recently i was interested in this show.

And i want to help if i can o.o

I can translate CHINESE to ENGLISH

pm me on soompi if you need me to help.

Well, i wish i could :(


Just something else :

CN Blue & Big Bang rocks.

Haha, Yonghwa & Daesung.

Funny in sole conversation!

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Guest Uni0509

Hey guy.. I'm the one has fell in love with Dae in the first time I listened to Big Bang'song ... juz love him soo much xD

Super happy that he has come back to variety show and thank u guys so much to make sub :D

So I offer the sub and want to help (just pm Weiting aka LitmusPaper already) .. I dont know korean nor chinese but i can do well on timing, encoding and typesetting as well keke

If someone could do the translations, I can do all the rest things :)

NAN subteam fighting :P

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Guest beiusung

well let's make this show popular  in kpop fan , when you finish 2->3 ep i cand help to make a website, or at least blog of FB for NANteam

i love the reaction of yongDae hahaha hilarous

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Guest Da_song

Night after Night's viewership declines to a single-digit rating after 3 weeks [NEWS]

SBS variety show, Night after Night, recorded a single-digit viewership rating, which is its lowest after 3 weeks of being on air.

According to AGB Nielsen, Night after Night's December 6th episode recorded an 8.3% viewership rating. This is a 3% decline from the rating it had during its November 29th episode, which is 11.3%. The show was first televised last November 15 and jumped to an 11.2 % rating during its second episode last November 22. However, its viewership quickly declined to a single-digit only after 3 weeks.

Night after Night is broadcasted in parallel with MBC's Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Won Hee's Come to Play, which viewership rating also declined but only by 0.7%. [From 14.8% to 14.1%.] From 3.5%, the gap between the 2 shows' ratings is now at 5.8%.

In addition, the rating Night after Night got last December 6 was even lower compared to the rating it recorded during its first episode, which is 9.9%.

So basically:

EP1 (101115): 9.9%

EP2 (101122): 11.2%

EP3 (101129): 11.3%

EP4 (101206): 8.3%

Source: SPN via Edaily + Translation by vic @ bigbangupdates

Night after Night team fighting!!

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Guest Jaejoongx3

We're accepting banners for our wordpress. We'll credit you of course!

Banner must be related to Night After Night.

Size; 960 x 80.

Please send them to thenanteam@gmail.com

Thank you ^^.

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Guest anne0129

OHH!!! It's been a while since I visited this thread. Seems so many are willing to help in subbing this show and I am looking forward to watching it. I am thankful to all who are making this possible. Sorry I can't be of any help. All I can do is cheer you on guys. To Litmus, crystal and the rest thank you so much.

It is sad that the ratings decline but I hope that it will pick up again. I think I can understand because it seems that their guests are pretty old and though they may have interesting stories to tell it may not grab the attention of most people. I just hope they will pick up again very soon.

I love DaeYong interaction....they are my OTP in this show. w00t.gifw00t.gifw00t.gif

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Guest adikkeluangman

Gagman Jung Jun Ha “wanted to die” because of Park Myung Soo?

Gagman Jung Jun Ha made a tearful confession on SBS’s “Night by Night” while appearing on the show alongside actor/singer Lim Chang Jung and gagman Park Myung Soo.

The episode focused on the rivalry between different stars and held a hearing in order to give stars a chance to air out their grievances.

When MC Park Myung Soo began focusing on the different controversies surrounding Jung Jun Ha, Jung retorted, “During my rookie days, Park didn’t even treat me as a human being. Because of him, I wanted to die.”

Jung went on to reveal times where he felt belittled by Park whenever Park would flaunt his success as a gagman before him. He even began tearing up as he recalled the days he was put down by him.

Jung explained, “When I was added to ‘Infinity Challenge‘ for a while, there were so many times I wanted to quit because of Park. There was one particular instance that broke the camel’s back. During an episode recording, I was standing in front of SS501’s Japanese fans. Park came up behind me and pulled down not only my pants, but my boxers as well. I wanted to die at that moment because of Park’s prank.”

MC Park sweated bullets while Jung teared up, horrifying the studio with the rest of his confessions.

The episode can be seen on December 6th at 11:15 PM.


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Guest Faith_memory

whaaaaa! why the heck did the ratings dropped that much?? sighhss.. i hope it will do well next episode.

they need interesting guests too... young once.. kekeke ♥ to attract younger viewers.anyway, NAN FIGHTING!!

thanks for the torrent link! i hope someone would sub the episodes.!

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Guest my.yonghwa.baby

The ratings were 11% for yesterday's episode! It was tied with Come To Play.

I love this show! I almost died laughing so many times during yesterday's episode. laugh.gif

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Is Daesung hiding his real age?

On the most recent episode of SBS’s ”Every Night“, Big Bang’s Daesung had his age called into question when veteran entertainers Lee Bongwon and Jung Yong Hwa came on stage.

Daesung began to joke around with Lee Bongwon and referenced his famous sayings from 1980-1990. He also mentioned how he liked Jung Yong Hwa’s work, stating, “I had fun watching your drama ‘Yuro’,” which came out in 1989.

Shocked by Daesung’s knowledge of aged cultural references, the hosts responded, “Exactly how old are you?”and “Are you hiding your age while doing activities?”

Lee Bongwon added, “Are you 45?” while Tak Jaehoon comically stated, “Daesung-hyung.”

Daesung made the studio erupt in laughter with his reply, “Jaehoon, don’t reveal this during the broadcast. And Jung Young Hwa, don’t say anything about looking old to me. Our age ranges are

cr: Allkpop

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Rating of yesterday was 11%, it mean, its creasing compared with week  lately

I saw and laugh with them although i don't know what thay said

It will be more excited if i know what they said  :phew:

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Guest Crystal392

I just saw the ratings at 'rating thread' (thanks sayroo!!) and rushed here to share the good news with all of you but you were faster hehehehe :lol:

I am glad the ratings have increased again. NAN hwaiting!!!

Faith: thanks soo much for the screencaps <3 I also don't understand what they are saying but watching them laugh makes me laugh xD UEE looks so cute, the ajjussis so happy, YongHwa so relaxed and DaeYonh is love love love hehehehe

Thanks to everyone for sharing all that info :)

Also, NAN subs team hwaiting!!!!!!!

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Guest Crystal392

yasu: Yeah :) It makes me happy too.

I am sorry I am taking so long to finish subbing the first ep. x_x I promise I will finish it before this friday.

*YongHwa cut episode 5 'Night After Night' (I am loving DaeYong interactions too... hehehe they are soo cute): http://dai.ly/fmttKX

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Guest oneheroo

Hi! Im a new fan of this show! Sad that theres no subbing squad for this!

I was just wondering if someone knows what Dae and UEE were talking about?

Or how the situation went when Daesung said something to her and she was embarrassed?

I find Dae/UEE interactions so sweet! its the part where Dae says something and UEE goes 'Bujaa~?':o

Im really curious about what was going on! =)

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