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[Variety] Night After Night 밤이면 밤마다

Guest serendipityyy

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Those people working on the NANTeam, I would like to help. In a couple of days Ill be done with this semster and have a lot of time left so I want to help sub this though my korean is very limited (I can only speak it), maybe I can hep with editing or timesetting?

Please inform me if you need help for the rest of the episodes :)


YongHwa-Daesung-UEE FTW!! <3

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Guest anne0129

Thanks for all those working in the subbing team of NaN. We will wait patiently for your work. Meanwhile, I will satisfy my love for this show by watching the raw episodes. Hope that the ratings will continue to do well and that they will have more guests and celebrities wanting to be their guest. Love all the host. Especially JYH, hope he will be more and more adept in his hosting skills and he will be more and more active in the show as it progresses. :wub: :wub: :wub: NIGHT AFTER NIGHT HWAITING!!!!

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Guest shinhdeplol

Daesung cuts on Night After Night (101220) [videoS]bigbangupdates.com/2010/12/daesun…#bigbang

C: bigbangupdates @ twitter

i was about to post the videos attached with this post here. but they are all blocked by SBS now. Anyone has YT links that are still available?

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Guest Crystal392

I am sorry for taking too long to sub. I will work harder... NANsubs hwaiting! :)

Da_song: Thanks for the info. Good luck NAN in Japan!!

shinhdeplol: Hopefully someone will upload that cut on dailymotion or other page because lately SBS has been blocking videos from their channel pretty fast.

anne: I hope the same hehehe ;)

NAN ep 06 YongHwa cut

~hehehe the guest is really tall :P~

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Guest Da_song

Actor Shin Sung Rok doesn’t think 187 cm is that tall


Actor Shin Sung Rok personally labeled himself as a ‘cute man’, despite his height of 187 cm, while making an appearance on SBS’s “Night After Night.”

MC Kim Jae Dong questioned the actor on his statement by asking, “It’s difficult to be cute at a height of 187 cm, isn’t it?”

Shin Sung Rok replied, “187cm is not that tall,” causing the studio to go into a frenzy over the ridiculous but hilarious statement. The actor continued, “I was disqualified from a lot of auditions for my height. When my seniors are acting, they tell me to come up wearing only socks.”

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa and Big Bang’s Daesung refused to get over the fact that Shin Sung Rok called 187 cm ‘not that tall.’ Yonghwa commented, “One of our group members is 186 cm tall, and he only wears shoes with heels, making me, at 179 cm, look like a baby.”

Source: Seoul NTN via Nate


Look at yong-dae reaction. Too cute


This is vimeo channel for Daesung cuts on BamBam.



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Guest Jeffers0n
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Thank you for all the torrent links to this show!

I'm new fan of NAN; it's absolutely hilarious. I hope they continue to have interesting guests on the show. It's always the best when gagmen/comedians are surveyed because you know it's going to be funny. I can't wait for tomorrow's episode - Yoon Jong-shin and Kim Tae-won<3. 

The interactions between Tak Jae-hoon and Park Myung-soo are my favorite. TAJ never fails to make me laugh. The little battle between Dae-sung and Yong-hwa is cute too. However, just one question, what exactly is UEE's role here? She's not really one PMS's team because they always bring in an extra celeb. All she really does is announce that they have 100 online viewers and for them to begin. lol

NAN Hwaiting! 

- Kyu

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NAN fighting! i heard that Daesung and other MC nominated for netizen best popularity award in SBS entertainment award 2010. hope team NAN win!!

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Guest Crystal392

Q_Park: hehehe yeah I wonder the same about UEE :X

Thanks to everyone for links and screencaps :D

I feel bad that we, NAN subs team, haven't been able to release the first ep with eng subs yet x_x I hope it will be soon, thanks to feezie and Hotcakes!! NAN subs team fighting! :D

Also, the ratings of monday's ep:




1. Smile, Dong Hae <웃어라동해야> (KBS1) - 26.2%, 25.2%

2. Athena: Goddess of War <아테나전쟁의여신> (SBS) episode 5 - 19.0%, 18.8%

3. KBS News 9 <KBS뉴스9> (KBS1) - 18.8%, 18.8%

4. You Don't Know Women <여자를몰라> (SBS) - 13.4%, 13.3%

5. Trot Festival <트로트대축제> (KBS1) - 11.9%, 11.2% (#6)

6. Queen of Reversals <역전의여왕> (MBC) episode 21 - 11.1%, 12.0% (#5)

7. Scarlet Letter <주홍글씨> (MBC) - 9.8%, 10.2%

8. SBS 8 o'clock news <SBS8시뉴스> (SBS) - 9.8%, 9.8%

9. Pure Pumpkin Flower <호박꽃순정> (SBS) - 9.7%, 9.8%

10. Korean Language Competition <우리말겨루기> (KBS1) - 9.4%, 8.8% (#16)

11. Night After Night <밤이면밤마다> (SBS) - 9.4%, 9.2% (#12)

12. Human Theater <인간극장> (KBS1) - 9.1%, 8.5% (#17)

13. KBS News Time <KBS뉴스타임> (KBS2) - 9.0%, 9.3% (#11)

14. Come To Play <유재석김원희의놀러와> (MBC) - 9.0%, 9.0%

15. KBS News Network <KBS뉴스네트워크> (KBS1) - 8.9%, 8.2% (#18)

16. Crisis Escape Number One <위기탈출넘버원> (KBS2) - 8.9%, 8.8% (#15)

17. MBC News Desk <MBC뉴스데스크> (MBC) - 8.8%, 9.7% (#10)

18. All My Love <몽땅내사랑> (MBC) - 8.6%, 9.2% (#13)

19. <시청자칼럼우리사는세상> (KBS1) - 8.5%, 7.6% (#20)

20. Live Nationwide News <생생정보통> (KBS2) - 8.1%, 7.8% (#19)

cr: sayroo@tv ratings soompi thread

The ratings were higher than 'Come To Play', which airs at the same hour :w00t:

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Guest smilingbb1

Thank You to the NAN team for subbing this show. I know once people understand the show, it will recieve alot of love internationally. I will wait patiently. I love the Daeyong interaction. I like the guests they have had so far. Hopefully younger stars will guest later on. There is rumour that GTOP will be guests next month. It should be interesting.

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