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[Variety] Night After Night 밤이면 밤마다

Guest serendipityyy

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Guest ruzane18

Oh please subs! i've been dying to watch NAN but so far i've only found Big bang episode subbed.... I really want to watch ep 11 with Seo in young!

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Guest adikkeluangman

2AM’s Seulong wanted to get into YG Entertainment, not JYP Entertainment

On April 11th, 2AM’s Seulong guested on SBS’s “Night by Night” and revealed that he had rejected JYP Entertainment while aiming to get into YG Entertainment.

He confessed, “Before I joined my current agency, JYP, I had auditioned for YG. I passed their first round so I thought I’d try out for JYP for practice sake and actually got in. In order to get into YG, though, I rejected JYP.”

Seulong continued, “I ended up getting eliminated from YG, and fortunately JYP called back which is how I was able to become the 2AM member that I am today.”

Labelmate 2PM’s Wooyoung claimed to have a similar experience by exclaiming, “Before my debut, I saw the audition for choosing the Wonder Girls members. Other than me, there were a few other guys that seemed adventurous. It was the audition Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun got into!” Although confused with his rather random statement, the studio burst into laughter over Wooyoung’s story anyway.


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Guest adikkeluangman

Alex explains why he made his relationship public


Why did singer/actor Alex reveal the identity of his girlfriend?

During this week’s broadcast of SBS’s “Night After Night”, 2PM’s Taecyeon, Wooyoung, 2AM’s Seulong, Kim Dongwan, and Alex appeared as guests. During one segment, they were talking about how a singer starts their acting career. During this talk, Alex’s relationship with his girlfriend Jo Hee was brought up as a topic.

When asked specific questions about their relationships, Alex answered, “As everyone here knows, I also thought ‘It will be hard to make our relationship public’. I’m not that old, but I’m still 33 years old. However, I wanted to love this woman both comfortably and beautifully so that’s why it was made public.”


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Guest adikkeluangman

2PM’s Wooyoung almost footed a $600 USD bill for IU

On April 11th, 2PM’s Wooyoung guested on SBS’s “Night by Night” and shared some stories about himself and his “Dream High” co-star, IU.

Wooyoung began, “At the time of ‘Dream High’, I worked really hard to get closer with IU. People said that she was shy, so before the drama began, I asked Seulong, who’s close with IU, to send a text message to her for me. However, IU sent a text back to Seulong saying, ‘I probably won’t get close with Wooyoung even until the last episode.’ I was really hurt at the time.”

Afterwards, the two eventually met away from the film set in order to get closer. Wooyoung revealed, “For our first meal, we sat at separate tables and just concentrated on eating because we weren’t that close at the time. For our second meal, we went to eat rib eye, which as you know, is very expensive. I suggested that we go eat something else like samgyupsal, but IU insisted on buying.”

Unfortunately, including the staff members, the total bill came out to $600 USD. “IU told me, ‘If oppa pays for this while I go to the bathroom, you’ll be an amazing person to me.’ I felt that I had finally gotten close with her, and maybe this was my chance to be that ‘amazing person.’ I was a bit worried, though, because it was so expensive.”

While IU went to the bathroom, Wooyoung continued, “My manager poked me and said that this was too much for her to foot, and for us to just pay for her. I said no, let’s just let her pay. I said, ‘Hyung, you should respect the person’s decision if they want to pay!’ Eventually, we ended up splitting the bill between the agency and me, which IU had no idea about. IU later told me that she was actually joking about that statement and that she hadn’t meant it.

Wooyoung concluded, “I later received 10 texts from IU after that, all of which said, ‘Unfair, unfair, unfair, unfair, unfair! I was going to pay the bill!’” With a laugh, he added, “I felt like I had been played! But through that, we became a lot closer and were able to conclude the drama on a friendly note.”


Daesung and Taecyeon parody a scene from “Secret Garden”

Big Bang’s Daesung and 2PM’s Taecyeon reenacted a scene from the popular drama, “Secret Garden“.

During the April 11th episode of SBS’s ”Night After Night“, Daesung and Taecyeon provided big laughs for the crowd by parodying the infamous sit-up scene.

Daesung transformed into ‘Dae-RaIm’ and Taecyeon into ‘Kim Joo Won’ after Taecyeon revealed that Ha Ji Won was his favorite celebrity.

To reenact the scene, Da-Raim said in a doll-like voice, “Hey Ok Taecyeon, do it right” and Taecyeon responded by saying, “When was Daesung this pretty?‘.

The two shocked the audience with their too-realistic parody.


2AM’s Seulong once got caught in an argument between IU and her mother

2AM’s Seulong revealed a story about how he was once caught in the middle of a fight between IU and her mother.

On April 11th’s episode of “Night After Night“, 2PM’s Taecyeon and Wooyoung, 2AM’s Seulong, Alex and Kim Dong Wan appeared as guests to share stories of ‘acting-idols’.

Seulong revealed that he was once invited to a dinner with IU and her mother.

He said, “IU’s mother bought me beef. During our ‘Nagging‘ promotions, I promised IU that I would perform in her school’s festival.”

After performing at the festival, Seulong stated that he went to eat with IU and her mother, where he found himself in a sticky situation. He elaborated, “During the time, IU and her mother were fighting over her attending college. I was stuck in the middle and didn’t know what to do.” IU has previously announced that she was not attending college in order to focus on her singing career.

Seulong sighed, “IU told me to persuade her mother while her mother told me to persuade IU“.


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Guest adikkeluangman

2PM’s Taecyeon reveals that almost everyone discouraged him from acting

On April 11th, 2PM’s Taecyeon guested on SBS’s “Night by Night” and revealed the hardships he faced in order to become cast for his role in “Cinderella’s Sister“.

Taecyeon began, “I asked for advice from the director of our hair salon. As it turned out, Moon Geun Young-ssi actually got her hair done at the same salon as well.”

He continued, “The director told me that Moon Geun Young had mentioned that she didn’t want to be cast for the drama because the line-up had an idol who had never acted before.”

Taecyeon then expanded, “Aside from CEO Jung Wook, Jin Young-hyung, our choreographer, and my mother, everyone was against me acting. My mother told me that I was already being hated on because of my scandal, so how much more hate could I receive if I was bad at acting?”

When asked by Tak Jae Hoon on who he got into a scandal with, Taecyeon merely gave an awkward smile and refused to answer.


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Guest adikkeluangman

K.Will and Daesung talk about their resemblance


Known for their striking resemblance, Big Bang’s Daesung and K.Will confronted each other for the first time on a broadcast.

On the May 2nd broadcast of SBS’s ‘Night After Night‘, K.Will was able to meet one of the show’s regular MC’s Daesung. The MCs asked him, “Why do you keep impersonating Daesung?“.

To this K.Will replied, “I’ve never impersonated him… There are some people that don’t confuse us but are rather certain [that I am Daesung]. So I don’t want to hurt their feelings nor disappoint them, I’ve gone along as Daesung before.”

Daesung confessed, “I’ve also been mistaken as K.Will before too. As K.Will was coming out on TV, the restaurant lady looked at me and said, ‘Ah~ You’re different~ Daesung has smaller eyes huh?’ and mistook me as K.Will.” Their resemblance is so close that even people who see them on a regular basis with their own eyes have trouble telling them apart.

Daesung continued, “When we run into each other in the bathroom, it’s like looking at a double sided mirror. It feels a bit strange.” He said that because he looked so much like K.Will, it was awkward.

K.Will added, “I’m a Big Bang fan but because of my resembling image with Daesung, it was hard to get close with them.”

K.Will then revealed, “There’s no girls that have chosen me as their ideal type. When I was on a variety show, UEE chose Daesung as her ideal type, even though I was sitting right next to her.” To this UEE who was also a guest, defended herself saying, “My ideal type are guys without double eyelid.” But K.Will wittingly said, “I see the reason now… I have double eyelids.”


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Guest fEeziE_

Theres another subbing team for NAN, you can find they're forum at http://s15.zetaboards.com/NANsubs

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Cmon SBS we need more girls on this show. Like forreals man, the only episodes I saw was the one with yo inna and the other one with IU. As a guy viewer, that isn't fluent with the native korean life, its hard to watch this cockfest. Infact I haven't started one as I said before, I only watched the 2 eps as mentioned. I mean Uee is cool and all but sorry UEE you alone ain't good enough.

For a girl viewer, it must be great, seems like there are alot more cute,pretty guys than cute, pretty girls in korea. Its just that turning gay isnt on my things to do list.

Any of you guys feeling me? YOo inna episode was quite fun. I reccomend anyone to watch that one if you can understand a little korean. I usually need subs but that episode was tolerable and then some.

Sorry for the vent. I want to give this series a second chance before I unbookmark this page. MAYBE I need subs to enjoy the all guy guest episodes and AJUMMAs dont count for girls. are there subs comming?

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Guest Crispeeeee

Subbing Update!

2United Fansubs has become inactive for a while now, so the team has split to become NANsubs~

We're still in need of translators, subbers, uploaders, etc. If you are interested in becoming part of the team, please email us at NANsubs.crew@gmail.com

And for the fans, come visit us at our new forum!


Or follow us on twitter :)

And don't forget to spread the word to your friends~


NANsubs Admin

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