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8 hours ago, welh11 said:

The article stated Son Ye-jin drew attention by commenting on Song Yoon-ah's post which contained expectations for tomorrow while looking at the setting sun, saying, "I am already sitting next to my sister." I may be missing something in the translation meaning or her response. Is it a proverb? A good wish?


Song Yoon Ah replied back saying I took the picture thinking you're with me. SYJ basically wish she was next to SYA to see the sunset. Plus SYJ's past instagram update involved the sunset in afternoon, I don't think she posted to answer SYA question about tomorrow lol.. I assume they will hang out eventually regardless of when. I did notice people read it a lot of different ways though hahaa. Even different versions on kmedia headlines. Song Yoon Ah's reply to SYJ was buried with everyone's comments to SYJ - one could miss it later lol. It seems like SYA could have been with other friends or with her family -  one friend commented..  I can feel that the person who takes it loves you a lot. She replied that she would give it to the brother who took it. 


Sometimes they post pictures on instagram when it happens. Sometimes it is after it happens too lol.. 




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Maybe I’m one of the few that wasn’t shocked by the news?When I’m curious about actors’ relationship, I tend not to look at their interaction on screen because it’s acting. I focus more on their real

Hi everyone. Came here after watching CLOY and being blown away by SYJ's amazing acting!  She was so great at both the comedy (loved all the scenes with the North Koreans, the ajummas and the boys, as

That's a nice look for SYJ in the YL CF.  Elegant and sophisticated.  The lighting was good.  And I wouldn't mind that house lol.  An interior design CF is a good match for SYJ and it seems to be something she's very interested in herself too.  But I'm still waiting for some brand to think beyond the usual realms of SYJ's image, capitalise on her athletic side, sense of humour, actual personality and not just looking pretty with a product (though she does that very well).


It would be nice to see SYJ and friends chill together, should they choose to share.  But I think fans should get the hint if they choose not to share.  Actors already share so much with the world, and if even a comment generates a headline and an article in the media, it's no wonder they are very careful about protecting their privacy. 


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@Seriyaa lot of her friends have also said they didnt want kmedia articles in the past written on their SNS too. However, they are all aware that this happens. Now they watch SYJ posts even more closely (some agency updates have made headlines too now) - luckily she can still make comments and even make likes on posts - they don't all make headlines. So she is definitely more careful with what she chooses to share too. I saw even last year where kmedia read sns posts completely wrong or sometimes it is interesting what different views one might make lol. There was an article of Uhm Ji Won last year where an interviewer wrote wrong people for whom Uhm Ji Won started her friendssheep brand with. Uhm Ji Won and her friend joked about it in comments lol. Even Lee Min Jung had to clarify on something she said on Gamsung Camp that made headlines after it aired. I noticed some choose to ignore and there are some who choose to clarify or they make a funny joke. 


Youn Yuh Jung, Lee Bo-young, Park Min-young, the same clothes, different feelings..."Which one?"

[Star vs Star] Actors wearing the dress B.A.U. by Bride & U

Actors Yoon Yeo-jung, Lee Bo-young and Park Min-young were seen wearing the same clothes.

Recently, Yoon Yo-jung's Zigzag advertisement is hot online. In the video released on the 16th of last month, Yoon Yo-jung dressed in a black dress and matched colorful jewelry and black pumps, giving off a chic charm. Yoon Yo-jung created a unique voluminous, tied-up hairstyle and added elegance by applying red lipstick.

On the 21st, the official poster of tvN drama "Mine," Lee Bo-young's comeback film on the small screen, was released.

In the poster, Lee Bo-young is staring at the camera in a pink dress. Lee Bo-young, who has a mid-length hairstyle that touches her shoulders, emphasized slim neckline by revealing her ears and matching a large earring.

On the 22nd, Namoo Actors, Park Min-young's agency, unveiled the filming site of Park Min-young, who was appointed as a goodwill ambassador for the National Tax Service.

Park Min-young wore a mint-colored dress during the shooting. Park Min-young, who had long straight hair, added brightness by wearing a circular pendant earring and a thin chain neckless.

The three-person dress is a BAU by Bride And You product. The price is 328,000 won.

In the B.A.U. by Bride & You pictorial, actress Son Ye-jin wore the dress as a model. Son Ye-jin maximized her elegant charm by using small stud earrings and bold pearl rings as points.
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Son Ye Jin finally updated her instagram with her hang out with Song Yoon Ah :)  One of the many headlines hahaa. It's cute :)


She wrote my sister and I 




Son Ye-jin X Song Yoon-ah, goddesses who are more beautiful than flowers, "I just love it."

Actress Son Ye-jin shared her recent work with Song Yoon-ah.

On the afternoon of the 10th, Son Ye-jin posted two photos on her Instagram with a message saying, "I just love my sister and I..."



Son Ye-jin, a photo released, is having a good time eating with Song Yoon-ah. It is beautiful to see each other smiling face to face.

Song Yoon-ah recalled the happy moment, saying, "You~~~ I love you so much..." Oh Yoon-ah left a comment, saying, "I miss you, Yoon-ah."

Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin admitted to being in a relationship with actor Hyun Bin, who worked together in tvN's drama "Crash Landing on You" which ended in February last year, and is currently in a public relationship.



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Son Ye Jin is one of the funeral members for filmmaker Lee Chun Yeon who passed away yesterday. 



 The funeral ceremony of late CEO Lee Chun-yeon, who led the revival of Korean films, including seniors and juniors in the film industry, will be held as a film seal.

On the 12th, the filmmakers' meeting said, "The director of the filmmaker Lee Chun-yeon, a big star in the Korean film industry, who is called'the eldest brother of filmmakers' has passed away." The deceased died on the 11th from a heart attack. 71 years old.

Born in Sinan, Jeollanam-do, Lee graduated from the Department of Theater and Film at Chung-Ang University College of Arts and started working on the theater stage in the 1970s and then entered the film industry in 1983.

Starting with the'widow dance' in 1984, he planned and produced 'You're a saucer', 'Happiness is not in the order of grades', 'Hero's Sonata' and 'The Terror Live'. It opened a new horizon for the movie. This series has established itself as a new director and actor in the Korean film industry. The funeral is held with a film seal. Former Busan International Film Festival Honorary Executive Director Kim Dong-ho will serve as the funeral committee chair. Shin Young-gyun, Jung Jin-woo, Im Kwon-taek, Hwang Ki-seong, and Sonsook were named as funeral advisers. Funeral members include Kang Woo-seok, Kang Kang-gyu, Ko Young-jae, Kwon Young-rak, Kim Gyu-ri, Kim Doo-ho, Kim Byung-in, Kim Seo-hyung, Kim Se-jin, Kim Young-jin, Kim Yu-jin, Kim In-soo, Myung Gye-nam, Moon Sung-geun, Min Kyu-dong, Min Byeong-rok, Bang Eun-jin, Bae Chang-ho, Bong Joon-ho, Son Ye-jin, Shin Cheol, Ahn Ahn Sook, Lee Byung-hun, Lee Yong-kwan, Lee Eun, Lee Jang-ho, Lee Jun-dong, Lee Jun-ik, Lee Chang-dong, Yoo In-taek, Jung Sang-jin, Jung Yoon-soo, Ji-young Ji, Joo Jin-sook, Ji-Hwa Ji, Cha Seung-jae, Chae Yun-hee, Choi Jae-won, Choi Jeong-hwa,

In addition, Kim Bok-geun, Yoo Chang-seo, Lee Mi-young, and Lee Jin-seong were appointed as preparatory members, and Lee Chang-se, Bae Jang-soo, Oh Dong-jin, and Lee Moo-young were in charge of foreign affairs.

The vacancy is in room 31, Seoul St. Mary's Hospital in Banpo-dong, Seoul, and the ceremony is at 10 am on the 15th. Condolences are available from 5 pm on the 12th. However, according to the COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, he asked to refrain from direct condolences.



Son Ye Jin also has upcoming magazine shoot :) So we will get more SYJ soon :) 

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On 5/11/2021 at 1:11 AM, ElectricHearts said:

Actress Son Ye-jin shared her recent work with Song Yoon-ah

she could not go abroad to traveling cause this pandemic, so am glad to see that she really enjoy chatting with her besti. :kiss_wink:
sosial distance rules make we could not see she and c7 take photo together, maybe next times we could see that she with another c7 members. 

On 5/11/2021 at 1:11 AM, ElectricHearts said:

Oh Yoon-ah left a comment

oh Yoon-ah have a new house, perhaps we could see SYJ take photo with another Yoon (Oh Yoon ah and Song Min, her son) :love:

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@puan iryantie it's been under 5 people social gathering in parts of Korea for a while. I don't know if it has changed recently. Most have been visiting Song Yoon Ah separately as she is in Jeju - whether it is for work or golf lol. Yoona also left a comment saying she loved the picture and wants to see them. (misses them) I think currently higher chance for Yoona to meet Son Ye Jin  - if Yoona is free as she is busy filming CA2 and soon filming Happy New Year - and more Miracle promotions soon (the movie is out sometime next month). Song Yoon Ah has a potential drama to air in September. Not sure when that is filming yet. There hasn't been official confirmation besides more casting in the drama recently. Oh Yoon Ah is also busy filming drama and variety show(s) lol - not quite sure of OYA schedule hahaa. 

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Baeksang Arts Awards


Film Section


Grand Prize
2 times

  • Kang Woo-suk (2004 “Silmido’, 2009 ‘Public Enemy Returns’)
  • Lee Joon-ik (2016 ‘The Throne’ ‘Dongju’, 2021 ‘The Book of Fish’)


Best Leading Actor/Actress
8 times

  • Ahn Sung-ki (1982 ‘Mandala’, 1983 ‘Village in the Mist’, 1984 ‘Flower on the Equator’, 1985 ‘The Deep Blue Night’, 1989 ‘The Age of Success’, 1991 ‘Who Saw the Dragon’s Claws?’, 1994 ‘Two Cops’, 2012 ‘Unbowed’)

4 times

  • Jeon Do-yeon (1999 ‘A Promise’, 2001 ‘I Wish I Had a Wife’, 2016 ‘The Shameless’, 2020 ‘Birthday’)

3 times

  • Ha Jung-woo (2010 ‘Take Off’, 2011 ‘Yellow Sea’, 2013 ‘The Berlin File’)
  • Kim Ji-mee (1969, 1974, 1987)
  • Kim Jin-kyu (1965, 1967, 1975)
  • Lee Byung-hun (2006 ‘A Bittersweet Life’, 2016 ‘Inside Men’, 2020 ‘The Man Standing Next’)
  • Park Joong-hoon (1990 ‘The Lovers of Woomook-baemi’, 1998 ‘Hallelujah’, 2000 ‘Nowhere to Hide’)
  • Yoon Jeong-hee (1970, 1971, 1973)

2 times

  • Choi Min-sik (1999 ‘Shiri’, 2004 ‘Old Boy’)
  • Hwang Hae (1970, 1978)
  • Jeong Yun-hui (1981, 1982)
  • Kang Soo-yeon (1992 ‘Road to the Racetrack’, 2000 ‘Rainbow Trout’)
  • Kim Min-hee (2008 ‘Hellcats’, 2013 ‘Very Ordinary Couple’)
  • Lee Bo-hee (1986, 1988)
  • Lee Geung-young (1993, 1996)
  • Moon Jeong-suk (1966, 1967)
  • Shim Hye-jin (1996 ‘Go Alone like a Musso’s Horn’, 1997 ‘Green Fish’)
  • Shin Seong-il (1978, 1987)
  • Shin Young-kyun (1966, 1969)
  • Son Ye-jin (2009 ‘My Wife Got Married’, 2017 ‘The Last Princess’)
  • Uhm Jung-hwa (2003 ‘Marriage is a Crazy Thing’, 2012 ‘Dancing Queen’)
  • Yum Jung-ah (2007 ‘The Old Garden’, 2015 ‘Cart’)



TV Section


Grand Prize
4 times

  • Kim Hye-ja (1979 ‘I Sell Happiness’, 1989 ‘Sand Castle’ ‘Winter Mist’, 2009 ‘Mom’s Dead Upset’, 2019 ‘The Light in Your Eyes’)

2 times

  • Kim Hee-ae (1993 ‘Son and Daughter’, 2004 ‘Perfect Love’)
  • Yoo Jae-suk (2013, 2021)


Best Leading Actor/Actress
4 times

  • Jung Hye-sun (1975 ‘Reeds’, 1979 ‘I Sell Happiness’, 1984 ‘간난이’, 1994 ‘Mother’s Sea’)
  • Kim Hee-ae (1993 ‘Son and Daughter’, 2003 ‘Wife’, 2013 ‘A Wife’s Credentials’, 2020 ‘World of the Married’)
  • Kim Hye-ja (1976 ‘Bride Diary’, 1978 ‘You’, 1979 ‘I Sell Happiness’, 1989 ‘Sand Castle’ ‘Winter Mist’)
  • Lee Byung-hun (1996 ‘Son of Wind’, 2003 ‘All In’, ‘2010 ‘IRIS’, 2019 ‘Mr Sunshine’)
  • Shin Goo (1976 ‘Another Home’, 1980 ‘Spring Blessing’, 1981 ‘Back in the Day’, 1994 ‘Wild Chrysanthemum’)

3 times

  • Kim Young-ae (1982 ‘Nocturne’, 1997 ‘Brothers’ River’, 2000 ‘Waves’)
  • Yoo Dong-geun (1997 ‘Lovers’, 1998 ‘Tears of the Dragon’, 2002 ‘Empress Myeongseong’)

2 times

  • Choi Bool-am (1974, 1978)
  • Choi Min-soo (1993 ‘Walking Up to Heaven’, 1995 ‘Sandglass’)
  • Go Doo-shim (1990 ‘The Confines of Love’, 1993 ‘My Husband’s Woman’)
  • Kim Hye-soo (1996 ‘A Boiled Beef Soup’, 2016 ‘Signal’)
  • Kim Myung-min (2007 ‘White Tower’, 2009 ‘Beethoven Virus’)
  • Kim Nam-joo (2010 ‘Queen of Housewives’, 2018 ‘Misty’)
  • Kim Yeong-cheol (1987 ‘Two Sunsets’, 2001 ‘Taejo Wang Geon’)
  • Kim Yun-kyeong (1977, 1995)
  • Lee Jung-gil (1979, 1982)
  • Lee Young-hoo (1983, 1988)
  • Yu In-chon (1987, 1991)
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Film Stars Who Won All 3 Major Awards (Grand Slam) in Korea



16 times


Ahn Sung-ki

  • BlueDragon: (1990 ‘Nambugun’, 2006 ‘Radio Star’)
  • Baeksang: Grand Prize (1994 ‘Two Cops’) + Best Leading Actor (1982 ‘Mandala’, 1983 ‘Village in the Mist’, 1984 ‘Flower on the Equator’, 1985 ‘The Deep Blue Night’, 1989 ‘The Age of Success’, 1991 ‘Who Saw the Dragon’s Claws?’, 1994 ‘Two Cops’, 2012 ‘Unbowed’)
  • GrandBell: (1982 ‘Man of Iron’, 1983 ‘Village in the Mist’, 1985 ‘The Deep Blue Night’, 1994 ‘Two Cops’, 2007 ‘Radio Star’)


9 times


Choi Min-sik

  • BlueDragon: (2001 ‘Failan’, 2003 ‘Old Boy’, 2012 ‘Nameless Gangster’)
  • Baeksang: Grand Prize (2015 ‘Roaring Currents’) + Best Leading Actor (1999 ‘Shiri’, 2004 ‘Old Boy’)
  • GrandBell: (1999 ‘Shiri’, 2004 ‘Old Boy’, 2014 ‘Roaring Currents’)


Yoon Jeong-hee

  • BlueDragon: (1972, 1973, 2010 ‘Poetry’)
  • Baeksang: (1970, 1971, 1973)
  • GrandBell: (1971, 1994, 2010 ‘Poetry’)


8 times


Jeon Do-yeon

  • BlueDragon: (1999 ‘The Harmonium in My Memory’, 2007 ‘Secret Sunshine’)
  • Baeksang: (1999 ‘A Promise’, 2001 ‘I Wish I Had a Wife’, 2016 ‘The Shameless’, 2020 ‘Birthday’)
  • GrandBell: (2000 ‘The Harmonium in My Memory’, 2006 ‘You are My Sunshine’)


Kim Jin-kyu

  • BlueDragon: (1964)
  • Baeksang: Grand Prize (1965) + Best Leading Actor (1965, 1967, 1975)
  • GrandBell: (1966, 1977)


Lee Byung-hun

  • BlueDragon: (2016 ‘Inside Men’)
  • Baeksang: Grand Prize (2011 ‘I Saw the Devil’) + Best Leading Actor (2006 ‘A Bittersweet Life’, 2016 ‘Inside Men’, 2020 ‘The Man Standing Next’)
  • GrandBell: (2012 ‘Masquerade’, 2016 ‘Inside Men’, 2019 ‘The Man Standing Next’)


Shin Young-kyun

  • BlueDragon: (1966, 1969, 1973)
  • Baeksang: (1966, 1969)
  • GrandBell: (1962, 1963, 1965)


Song Kang-ho

  • BlueDragon: (2007 ‘The Show Must Go on’, 2014 ‘The Attorney’, 2017 ‘A Taxi Driver’)
  • Baeksang: Grand Prize (2014 ‘The Attorney’) + Best Leading Actor (2017 ‘The Age of Shadows’)
  • GrandBell: (2001 ‘JSA’, 2003 ‘Memories of Murder’, 2013 ‘The Face Reader’)


7 times


Kim Ji-mee

  • BlueDragon: (1970)
  • Baeksang: (1969, 1974, 1987)
  • GrandBell: (1974, 1975, 1985)


6 times


Kang Soo-yeon

  • BlueDragon: (1992 ‘Road to the Racetrack’)
  • Baeksang: (1992 ‘Road to the Racetrack’, 2000 ‘Rainbow Trout’)
  • GrandBell: (1987 ‘Now, We are Going to Geneva’, 1989 ‘Come Come Come Upward’, 1990 ‘All that Falls has Wings’)


Park Joong-hoon

  • BlueDragon: (1994 ‘The Rules of the Game’, 2006 ‘Radio Star’)
  • Baeksang: (1990 ‘The Lovers of Woomook-baemi’, 1998 ‘Hallelujah’, 2000 ‘Nowhere to Hide’)
  • GrandBell: (1994 ‘Two Cops’)


Seol Kyung-gu

  • BlueDragon: (2000 ‘Peppermint Candy’, 2002 ‘Public Enemy’)
  • Baeksang: Grand Prize (2002 ‘Public Enemy’) + Best Leading Actor (2014 ‘Hope’)
  • GrandBell: (2002 ‘Public Enemy’, 2017 ‘The Merciless’)


Shim Hye-jin

  • BlueDragon: (1996 ‘The Adventures of Mrs Park’)
  • Baeksang: (1996 ‘Go Alone like a Musso’s Horn’, 1997 ‘Green Fish’)
  • GrandBell: (1993 ‘The Marriage Life’, 1996 ‘Gingko Bed’, 1997 ‘Green Fish’)


5 times


Kim Hye-soo

  • BlueDragon: (1993 ‘First Love’, 1995 ‘Dr. Bong’, 2006 ‘Tazza’)
  • Baeksang: (2005 ‘Hypnotized’)
  • GrandBell: (2005 ‘Hypnotized’)


Moon Jeong-suk

  • BlueDragon: (1964, 1966)
  • Baeksang: (1966, 1967)
  • GrandBell: (1967)


Son Ye-jin

  • BlueDragon: (2008 ‘My Wife Got Married’)
  • Baeksang: (2009 ‘My Wife Got Married’, 2017 ‘The Last Princess’)
  • GrandBell: (2014 ‘The Pirates’, 2016 ‘The Last Princess’)


4 times


Chang Mi-hee

  • BlueDragon: (1991)
  • Baeksang: (1990)
  • GrandBell: (1983, 1992)


Choi Min-soo

  • BlueDragon: (1995 ‘The Terrorist’)
  • Baeksang: (2001 ‘Libera Me’)
  • GrandBell: (1996 ‘The Terrorist’, 2000 ‘Phantom: The Submarine’)


Kim Yoon-seok

  • BlueDragon: (2008 ‘The Chaser’, 2018 ‘1987: When the Day Comes’)
  • Baeksang: (2018 ‘1987: When the Day Comes’)
  • GrandBell: (2008 ‘The Chaser’)


3 times

Choi Myung-gil

  • BlueDragon: (1994 ‘Rosy Life’)
  • Baeksang: (1994 ‘Rosy Life’)
  • GrandBell: (1986 ‘Pillar of Mist’)


Han Suk-kyu

  • BlueDragon: (1997 ‘Green Fish’)
  • Baeksang: (1997 ‘Green Fish’)
  • GrandBell: (1997 ‘Green Fish’)


Kim Ha-neul

  • BlueDragon: (2011 ‘Blind’)
  • Baeksang: (2004 ‘Too Beautiful to Lie’)
  • GrandBell: (2011 ‘Blind’)


Na Moon-hee

  • BlueDragon: (2017 ‘I Can Speak’)
  • Baeksang: (2018 ‘I Can Speak’)
  • GrandBell: (2018 ‘I Can Speak’)


Shim Eun-ha

  • BlueDragon: (1998 ‘Christmas in August’)
  • Baeksang: (1998 ‘Christmas in August’)
  • GrandBell: (1999 ‘Art Museum by the Zoo’)


Won Mi-kyung

  • BlueDragon: (1990 ‘Because You are a Woman’)
  • Baeksang: (1984 ‘Mulleya Mulleya’)
  • GrandBell: (1991 ‘Because You are a Woman’)
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Son Ye Jin went to the funeral ceremony earlier today (May 15 morning of KST). - Sorry I don't feel comfortable to post pics. So I just wanted to mention that she did attend and she was sitting with Lee Byung Hun. They have pics entering together too.





the bride and you posts






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new Younglim CF




one of the articles


I didn't want to wear any clothes at home. Interior brand 'Younglim' released the second commercial of Son Yejin's model.

I changed my interior design, and I didn't want to wear anything at home,' she said in her second commercial.

Instead of saying that the interior is pretty, where did you do it? It's been two weeks since the first commercial was released with a copy that anyone who has done the interior design could relate to.

Thanks to the positive response of the existing advertising campaign, the second CF, which had raised questions about Son Ye-jin's beautiful beauty, dress room, and Shotsi, was released on the YOUNGLIM YouTube channel on the 21st.

This commercial, which was released this time, features Son Ye-jin wearing an elegant dress with a luxurious mood video, and talks about the daily changes that interior brings in a beautiful space with the message, "I changed my interior design in Yeonglim and didn't want to wear anything at home."

In particular, this video highlights the balcony window series of Younglim Prime Shashi and the open dress room of Younglim Kitchen Bath. Rather than a common white shot for a toned-down luxurious interior mood, a wrapped shot with a soft matte dark gray sheet was applied, and the exterior also showed the advantages of a beautiful Younglim Prime Shashi both inside and outside with a black ASA color.

In addition to Shotsi, the company introduced a variety of new products to viewers, including △Younglim Kitchen Stella Cota Series, △Younglim Bas Riverstone, △Younglim Primeshash Balcony Window Series, △Younglim Maruen Marong Black, △Younglim Wall System Denver, and △Younglim Open Dressroom.

According to the official, it was Young-rim's first brand CF, and the response was better than expected. Not only the response to the CF, but also the participation rate of construction consultation events is quite high thanks to the market's growing interest in interior design," he said, expressing expectations for a continuous response to the advertisement.

On the other hand, the headquarters directly operated the interior exhibition hall in Namdong-gu, Incheon, and Songpa-gu, Seoul, and displayed various products, suggesting a more complex interior design in one place, more easily, kindly, and customized. In addition, various events such as TV-CF certification and construction counseling events are held to provide generous benefits to consumers interested in interior design.


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SYJ's puppy's name is Kitty. Lee Jung Hyun left comment saying Kitty's mom is so pretty - Tori's mom :) 



Starting at 5:49mins Song Joong Ki and Yang Kyung Won guess what movie it is and it is of Son Ye Jin's back from A Moment to Remember. YKW got it right in the end but SJK recognized it was SYJ and named a bunch of movies - The Classic, Crazy First Love - Also the wrong movie - My Sassy Girl. It's cute :) He was even proud of it since he recognized SYJ whereas YKW didn't seem to lol. YKW became close friends with SYJ while filming Crash Landing On You, plus YKW was SYJ's guest at her fan meeting in September. 








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Drama casting news: Ahn So Hee got offer to join 39 http://m.joynews24.com/v/1369909 Not more was mentioned on Son Ye Jin and Jeon Mi Do - from previous casting-offers the last couple of months. 



Younglim Making Of





more behind the scenes 



Son Ye Jin was spotted at golf course earlier today with Lim Jinhan Pro , He has a SBS golf show 'Turning Point', a golf channel specializing in golf, and is famous as a popular broadcast host among golf enthusiasts 


I think this should be more for his Youtube show. This is his channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCakeOIffRW7TGwNKXDVafBQ





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