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Anime/Manga/Manhwa recommendations thread


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Guest darkboy

I recommend:

Shakugan no Shana

Gundam Wing

Fruits Basket

Elfen Lied

Jigoku Shojo (Hell Girl



One Piece

Ouran High School Host Club

Erementar Gerad


Black Cat



Ah! My Goddess

Full Moon wo Sagashite


Cardcaptor Sakura

Death Note

Gun X Sword


Ghost Hunt


Peacemaker Kurogane

Sumomomo Momomo

Hana Yori Dango

Full Metal Alchemist

Full Metal Panic

Tsubasa Chronicles

Code Geass

Happy Lesson (plus OVAs)

Love Hina

Yakitate!! Japan

thats all for now lol.

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Guest cherries


One Piece


Shaman King


Hikaru No Go

Eyeshield 21

Prince of Tennis


Ouran High School Host club


these are all of my favorites!

i totally recommend them!

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Guest eeyore*

I recommend these ^_^

Vampire Knight

Love Monster

You're so cool


Kare Kano

Random Walk

Beauty Pop

Pafarit Tic

Good Morning Call

shinshi doumei cross

fushigi Yuugi

Marmalade Boy

A Thousand Year of Snow

Zettai Kareshi/ Absolute Boyfriend

Sold Out


Cherry Juice

Girl Got Game

Desire Climax

H3 School

The Bride of the Water God

Ouran Host Club

Antigravity Boy

Rockin' Heaven


Fruits Basket

Card Captor Sakura


Ichigo Channel

Skip Beat

Special A

Ice Kiss


ummm... I forgot some >_<

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Guest dr who

i just wanted to get someone's recommendation on a good anime/manga. i've read the ones here, but i'm not really, really into them to know what they are. here's what i've liked, and let me know if there's something similar to it. i've liked:

1. basilisk

2. naruto

3. samurai champloo

4. bleach

i don't really like the cutesy ones like love hina. i also didn't like:

1. hunter x hunter (i don't like how some of them are drawn)

2. trinity blood

3. dragonball

4. full metal alchemist

5. cowboy bebop

i know i'm committing heresy with some of the ones i wasn't a fan of, so sorry. it just wasn't for me. i guess i like the fighting ones better that aren't too serious, although i do like a lot of the darker movies. anyway, if someone can give me a recommendation based on this stuff, i'd really appreciate it.

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Guest ayane.sempai


Hungry Heart Wild Striker

Prince of Tennis



Hunter x Hunter

EyeShield 21



Hajime no Ippo


Hikaru no Go

Death Note


Perfect Girl Evolution


Ouran High School Club

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if n e one wanna watch a love story anime thats new! I RECOMMEND ROMEO X JULIET!!!!!!! its so cuteeeeeeee and it has a every interesting plot and outline. it kinda follow's willian shakespeares play but not really

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Guest babyYUFFIE

can someone recommend me an anime to do with music?

animes similar to

- la corda d'oro

- nodame cantabile

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Guest benchi101


-yamato nadeshiko shichihenge


-DN angel





-bring it on



-beauty pop

-happy hustle high

-tokyo boys and girls


-ultra maniac

-absolute boyfriend


-dn agel

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Can anyone recommend me good Korean manhwas? I've read Vanilla Ice, We Are Still, Sugar Addiction, Goong, You're So Cool and Hot Blooded Woman. I want to read more!!

I also want to recommend Boku ni Natta Watashi. It's similar with the movie She's the Man. I really liked it. You guys should try reading this if you're looking for something fun. ;)

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Guest zeram

Hi. Looking for recommendations. I need mystery anime but somewhere in the PG range. Any suggestions?

Thanx :)

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Guest yokemun

can anyone recommend me romance manga/manhwa??

i'm currently reading sugar addiction, goong, vanilla ice, the bride of the wated god(is licensed now!!!!TT__TT), honey and clover, you're so cool

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Guest zaza

I would recommend liar game and death not... both are psychological thriller.. sort.

other than that Yakitate Japan is an interesting manga.

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Guest mona_rukia


kinda new here just wondering what do you mean by shounen and shoujo (did i spell it right?)

anyway I LOVED GAKUEN ALICE (ALICE ACADEMY) especially natsume

has anyone seen this and can you recommend an anime like this?

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Guest ___cee

Can you guys recommend me some sappy romance animes? Or some cutesy girlish ones? I think that would be labeled as shoujo, right?

All the people that recommend animes to me are BOYS...and I've been watching Romeo x Juliet and totally love this kind of stuff! Instead of like, the fighting stuff, or the psychological stuff, you know, the stuff that guys love the most. =P Even though it's good and all, I still want my dosage of GIRL STUFF.

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