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Anime/Manga/Manhwa recommendations thread

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Guest Meeli

Well.. (I don't know the complete titles)

I recommend Yamato, Lovely Complex, NHK ni Youkoso, Umisho, Ebichu for anime

I recommend xxxHolic, Death Note, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle for manga

and that's all '-'

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Not sure if anyone posted this already, but highly recommend Akatsuki no Yona. Not many people know of it, but it's an amazing shojo. And not manga or manhwa, but if anyone's interested in dark h

I did a brief search and found no one talks about My Hero Academia in this thread. The story has decent and logical progression as to how the main lead and his classmates grow to become a true "hero".

oh ive been reading bnha i really enjoy it! have any other suggestions for me?

Guest ~fantasygurl~

hi i am so bored that i need to see new manga/anime that aren't that boring...meaning....

for example i like: magic/fantasy/comedy/love/romance/action/RPG/adventures/ETC but not too long....

i want to see new ones that i haven't even heard of.....any recommendations? i love the drawings mostly.....

just in case i don't really read/like manhwa/korean comic.....

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one of my best read manga!!! is still "continuing"... i give u guys a website 2 download!


ENJOY!!! any questions or comment PM me la... i'm oways ready to help!!


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Guest x_IS0YUM

I noticed alot of people might want romance genre things, so here are some.

I'm not going to rate them, since you guys might all have different tastes x__x;

The ones underlined are animes/manga.

In no specific order.


FRUITS BASKET (complete)

one of my favorites. Tohru Honda is a highschool girl who stumbles upon a Sohma family secret..that whenever a member of the opposite sex hugs someone of the Sohma's that have the curse, they turn into a zodiac animal. However, the head of the family spares her memory of remembering the curse, and Tohru is determined to break the curse.A cute, and comedic anime. I really can't explain much of the anime..it'll give things away. However, this series of anime continues in the manga. Therefore, the ending of the anime is really in the manga. So read away if you're interested. a must watch/read.

XXXHOLIC (ongoing)

well. maybe not much of a romance, but there are some undertones of such. A boy begins to work at a shop where customers don't go in, but its destiny. So the main character basically goes under a whole bunch of crap because of the shop owner Yuuko. Its also associated with the anime "Tsubasa Chronicles". It seems goth at first, but its interesting.


Many of the same characters are from the anime/manga "Card Captor Sakura". Romance, Comedy, and Action. Basically, Sakura, a princess, has a love for Syaoran. However, her spirit and memories disapeers when she walks into a ancient building, and Syaoran is determined to get the memories back. He goes to the dimension witch, where he meets 2 of his new companions - Kurogane, and Fai. They are able to search universes and dimensions at a price for their most valuable item. So, Syaoran's most important item is his relationship with Sakura..so the price is that even though he can get all the memories, he won't be in them and she'll never remember him. a great anime and interesting places they go to.


a classic. all of you know this. romance and a magical girl with a magical boy. yay =]

GAKUEN ALICE(complete)

a very cute romance anime. revolves around sakura mikan, who leaves her home to search for her best friend. when she reaches the school her best friend is in, it is achually a school for people with special abilities, like the x-men. Mikan ends up having one as well, so she is invited in. However, she can't leave the school again, leaving her grandpa at home. She also meets a deliquint boy who she slowly gets to understand.

PARADISE KISS (complete)

you might not want to watch this with your parents around, but they don't show anything either. Its about a normal highschool girl, a beauty and tall with also a standard highschool crush. She bumps into a girl who wants her to be a model for something, and she eventually does it. She begins to discover things about the modeling and designing world, and is completly interested. And to add to that, a feeling for the stylish 'director' designer named George.

KINIRO NO CORDA (complete)

about a girl named Kahoko who goes to a school that is gen-ed/musical highschool. Random names are chosen, and her name is chosen for the once in a life time concours, a musical competition. however, she doesn't even go to the musical school, and hasn't played once in her life. but a fairy, named lili, appears before her, and hands her a magic violin. so she takes part, with a bunch of popular guys, and slowly comes to love music. There's also a legend that 2 violinists that happen to be in the concours will fall in love.

AIR (complete)

something that will really, really keep your mind thinking. the OVA is more of a romance. Its about a man who travels around the world, making a living with limited magic, looking for a girl with wings that always appeared in his dreams. He meets a girl, who quickly becomes friends with him, and he stays at her house for awhile. However, the more he stays with her..the sicker she seems to get.

SOLA (ongoing)

reminds alot of people about Air. i forgot the plot, but there's a girl and a boy. the girl is a person of the night, and disintigrates in sunlight. the boy, who at first did not know of her real self, loves taking pictures of the sky. The girl is happy with him, because seeing the open bright sky is an impossible, but still a dream for her.


not a romance, but its funny as hell. go watch it :D.

MIDORI NO HIBI (complete)

also known as midori days. seiji is known for his scary eyes, that drives girls away from him, even though he really wants a girlfriend. one day he wakes up, and there's a girl where his right hand should be. this girl's named midori, and has loved him from a distance ever since middle school. however, her body is somewhere, and it won't wake up. but, seiji and midori have a good time trying to cover her up.

CASE CLOSED (complete)

once again, not a romance, but its a mystery story about a widely known detective who was fed drugs to turn himself into a elementary school boy. but he still solves mysteries..without anyone knowing the real work was thanks to him.

BOKURA GA ITA (complete)

a really good anime if you like lots of drama. yay! anyways, its about a highschool girl who falls into the life of a popular boy named Yano. Despite his appearance, he's mysterious and holds a past about another girl, which causes alot of trouble to the girl. its interesting, and is from the girl's point of view.


Risa is TALL, and Otani is SHORT. Risa is a girl who constantly fights with Otani, but falls for the new transfer student. Otani finds out, and they decide to work together so Risa will get the transfer student, and Otani will get one of her friends he's had a crush on. However, the more they work together, Risa begins to like Otani more and more. i really like this one =]


A really funny, and amusing anime. A named Haruhi gets into a pretigeous school because of her intelligence. Looking for a place to study, she stumbles upon an old band room and acidentally breaks a vase. To pay for it, she must work for the Host Club - a group of boys dedicated to please women (not like that -__-). Anyways, she diguises herself as a boy, and learns to like the Host Club as time goes on.


A bit long, but good. A girl who is 10 years old has cancer in her throat, and is destined to die. However, she had made a promise to become a famous singer to meet with her childhood friend, who had moved to America and she was still in love with him. A Shinigami appears to her, who offers her a year of life, and a power to become 16 and full grown. There, she makes her way to the top, before she dies in a year. The Shinigami, Takuto, has a past that he does not seem to remember , and he does not remember the way he died. Throughout the series, he slowly falls for her.

PITA TEN (complete)

a nice little anime about an angel who is studying on her on how to make people happy. The boy she is with has a dad that barely comes home to work, and a mother who's passed. The angel causes alot of mistakes, but is usually also happy. The boy, Hotaru, is also associated with his friends. A demon also is there, named Shia, but she's not good at her job at all.

I'S PURE (complete)

this one's a bit mature too. A boy likes a girl in highschool. She's hot, he's not, and he's got a childhood friend who comes back after so many years so that they can be with each other again.


i really liked this one too. its about iceskating..a girl who's talented, but has a severe accident at the same time as a boy all the way in canada. when she regains conciousness, she finds that the spirit is stuck to her, and is with her all the time, both against each others will. Over time though, they realize they have alot in common, and he helps her to train for an international competition..but the next day, he will disapeer.

KANON (complete)

a mysterious little anime. A boy returns to his hometown, once again bumping into a childhood friend that he remembers. don't underestimate this anime. there's a reason why people know about it. :D Even though he forgot most of what happend there, the truth slowly begins to seep back out..

ROZEN MAIDEN (complete)

a living doll. seriously. achually, there's a whole bunch of them. the main character, a boy, loves collecting things that are mysterious, buying them online, and returning them right before they can't be sent back. He never goes to school because of his past. He buys something online, taking it as a joke, which is to put the form in an envelope and putting it in a drawer. a suitcase flies through the window, and in it, is a beautiful handcrafted doll...that comes to life. She has several sisters..all of whom want to meet their father..but that can only be achieved if they kill each other and become Alice, the perfect daughter. They all eventually come to the boy one by one, and come to have fun..with fights every once in a while. another interesting one.

FULL METAL PANIC! (complete)

another popular one. you don't need a summary. go watch it.

DN ANGEL (complete)

another one. this one's a little old, but known. a boy with a subside of him, who used to be a great art thief. Romance with 2 twin girls. its good, thats why people watch it.

LOVE HINA (complete)

ANOTHER popular one. a boy goes into his grandmother's dorm, trying to get a room there. however, now its an all girl's dorm, and he has to be the landlord. havoc and chaos. at the same time, he's trying to find the girl that he promised to get into Tokyo U..the girl told him that they'll go together one day. but, he slowly starts to like one of the girls in the dorm..naru.

CHOBITS (complete)

another well known. future setting. robots that reselmble humans are all over the place, called perscoms. the main character is a loser and poor. lol, typical. anyways, he finds one in the trash, but she's in good condition. at first, she can only say 'Chi', therefore, getting her name. She learns more and more, but Chi happens to have more of a past then he bargained for. there are also associations with 'Angelic Layer'.

ANGELIC LAYER (complete)

a girl moves to tokyo to stay with her aunt..she has no idea who her mother is. anyway, she sees a huge battle between 2 dolls..and she automatically wants to play the game, called angelic layer, where dolls are created to fight. with the help of a developer of angelic layer, she begins to play and make new friends and experiences..and you believe she'll find her mom.

KARE KANO (complete)??

draaama, but its still good. the manga's a little long but you can handle it right? a smart girl who finds a smart popular guy as a rival. she is known to be smart, kind and gorgeous..but she isn't like that underneath her true personality. however, instead of hating him, she begins to like him instead.


KODOCHA (complete)

i like this manga. its cute. its different from the anime, the anime is just pure comedy. Its about a celebrity actress named Sana. She goes to a school where her class is complete chaos, and the boys rule the classroom and make the teacher cry. The ringleader is Hayama, and Sana has enough of it, and is determined to stop it. But its more than she bargained for. and Hayama isn't all that she imagined him to be.

HANA KIMI (ongoing)

A girl from America was watching tv, when she saw a boy jump over the highjump and was completely mesmerized and determined to meet him. She moves to Japan and enters the same school as him. But, its an all boys school..and she must hide her gender from everyone, including him. However, the boy, named Sano, finds out that she's a girl..but she doesn't know that.

HOT GIMMICK (ongoing?)

draaama! too many stories to tell, but its puuure drama. alot of people like it though, so try it out.

ZODIAC PI (complete)

about a girl who has magical abilities from a ring that she owns. She solves mysteries according to the zodiac. gets help from a boy. has shounen written all over it :D.

GALAXY ANGELS (complete)

once again, its different with its anime, which is again pure comedy. this galaxy angels manga is an action and romance. Takuto is made commander of the galaxy angels, special girls who can steer ships according to their emotions. They are to settle a conflict between 2 moons, the dark and the white. However, there are alot of funny moments and serious moments, and of course, Takuto finds someone for his own ;P.

wow..this took awhile, but have fun :D

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Can someone please recommend a shoujo manhwa or manga in ancient settings? Like Bride of The Water God or Fuushi Yuugi? Thank you!!!

Manhwa--I love The Queen's Knight (Kim Kang Won). Manga--I'm just starting From Far Away, so I can't really recommend it yet.

I'm also reading Threads of Time (manhwa by Noh Mi Young, but written 'Mi Young Noh'), and the main character is a male hs student that goes back in time. There may be romance involved, but I'm not sure it's the type of story you'd want--because it can get violent and is sometimes bloody. ><

The Queen's Knight can be pretty funny, too at times. You can check the books out at Amazon.com, and see if you're interested.

I haven't read Bride Of The Water God yet, but a bunch of people have recommended it, so I just ordered it from the library.

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Guest lyzerg

can anybody recommend a good horror/drama/supernatural Anime? thanx.

I'd seriously recommend Claymore. it's sooooooooooooo crazily GOOOOOD!!! Action packed and keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way.

Almost all of the main characters are girls, but there's very little romance and no cute graphics, but the plot itself unfolds layer by layer, giving a good, 3D character development that leaves you with wanting for more.

If you're slightly feminist you'll totally love this one. This is one story where the main character Clare, totally pwns the main male character Raki.

It's a medieval dark fantasy superhero superheroine series, with slight gore (but stomachable) and super slick swordfights and combat sequences. There's hardly any magic other than human/monster transformations and hecka gorgeous drawings, so much so that people are saying if there was a cosplay, no one would look good cos all the girls have supermodel bodies lol.

In the Claymore universe, humans live in fear of Yoma, creatures who have the ability to assume human form and memory in order to better stalk their prey. Their only salvation is to hire Claymores, female warriors who have taken on the flesh and blood of Yoma to become half human and half Yoma.

Although technically unnamed by the organization which employs them, these women were named by the humans they protect because of the swords they carry on their back. The manga and anime opens to show a single warrior fighting these creatures, her silver eyes shining. Enter Clare, the weakest warrior of her generation as she fights for survival, revenge, and her past.

Don't pass this up as "just another action manga" though- through character development and the author's unique style, this manga isn't to be missed.

For anime, crunchyroll has all the episodes up to 20 with subs!

if you wanna the link for the mangas just pm... or look around! :lol:

in short :drop everything and go read!!!!!

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Guest stephaniemsja18


- Prince of Tennis

- Nana

- Love Monster

- Naruto

- Kare Kano

- Fruits Basket

- X/1999

- Inuyasha (a classic)

- Hana-kimi

- Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

- Punch! (by the same author as Happy Hustle High)

- Imadoki!

- Silver Diamond

- Angel Diary

- Penguin Revolution

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I'm looking for new anime to watch. Something that has action and with good comedy.

So far my favs are: Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, Full Metal Panic! (+Fumoffu), Trigun, Hunter X Hunter

so if anyone knows something thats similar to all these, please let me know !

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Can someone recommend me a good highschool hilarious story? Like OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB?! Romance jist would be great too. I almost cried when I finished the anime of OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB, because I didn't want it to end at all! It gave this minor drama and laid back comedy romance which you don't see very often. I LOVED IT SO MUCH!! I give it a 9.5/10 for the ending, but Iwould understand why it's there ^^.I PRAY FOR A SEASON TWO!! Okay, off track but please, recommendations? I got so hooked onto that. Myfirst anime besides the classic SAILORMOON and I had a LOVE for INUYASHA too. I recommend Inuyasha! ^^

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Guest Appolpai

I don't read or watch much anymore, but here's what ii remember were good.


+ fruits basket

+ trigun

+ full metal alchemist

+ naruto...was good for a while


+ girl got game/power!!! (heaven!! by the same author seems good too)

+ tuxedo gin

+ crayon shinchan

+ ranma 1/2

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