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Anime/Manga/Manhwa recommendations thread


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Guest neko13


Black Cat

Jigoku shoujo

Detective conan

Cooking master boy

Gensoumaden saiyuki

Gakuen alice (Alice academy)

gun x sword

ouran high school host club


kamikaze kaitou jeanne

full moon wo sagiste

full metal alchemist

full metal panic




GUN grave

kodomo no omocha (child's play)

peace maker kurogane

sakon the ventriloquist


sold out

gakuen alice

alice 19th


perfect girl evolution

love for venus

zig zag (not zigxzag)

rockin heaven

taranta ranta

neauty pop

max lovely

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Guest kokorochan

So long... not sure how I managed to write it all... && most of what I wrote was pretty useless stuff.

ANIME (in no order whatsoever)

KIBA [action/fighting/adventure] The main character is a 'tough' boy named Zed. Following a 'fighting spirit' he lands into another world that has wind. His own world has no wind so he is fascinated and loves it there. It mostly deals with fighting, learning about the new world, wars, evil guys, andand much more. This has 51 episodes and it was awesome. I totally loved it. (My best friend doesn't) Ahem. It might not be for you-- but at least TRY it! Rating: 10/10 (cannot think of anything wrong with it...) *REALLY recommended.

Naruto [action/fighting] Ninja-world. Chakra (some type of magic fighting skill or whatever). Rating: 9/10. (9 because too many fillers (useless episodes that has nothing to do with the storyline))

Bleach [action/fighting] Death gods/angels, ghosts, magic, swordfights. Rating: 9/10 (9 because the first few episodes are downright boorring.)

Death Note [action/horror] Deals with deathgods, people dying, and trying to catch the criminal which is the main character Yagami Raito (Light). Rating: 9/10 (Too many deaths that it gets annoying)

Tokyo Mew Mew [romance/fighting/action] Magic-filled. Animal-filled. Alien-filled. Weird. Strange. Cute. Momomiya Ichigo is a young girl that has to deal with 'saving' the world and finding her comrades. Rating: 8/10 (Some parts of the anime is reallllllly strange)

Kodocha (Kodomo No Omocha / Child's Play) [romance/celebrity/everydaylife] This was a really cute anime <3 I only watched a few episodes-- but I read the entire manga which is REALLY cute. If anyone wants it, PM me. Rating: 8.5/10 (I thought the anime was really 'dragging' everything, and that the manga was waay better)

XXXholic [supernatural] Deals with ghosts, supernatural things, slight crossover with Tsubasa Chronicles. A must watch & read. Manga/Anime. Rating: 10/10 (Because it's the best.) *REALLY recommended.

Tsubasa Chronicles [romance/action/fighting/adventure] Sakura&Syaoran from CCS are older and living a different storyline. Sakura has lost her memories, and Syaoran will do all he can to recover them-- even if the memories she recovers will not include him. Rating: 10/10 (Because it's CLAMP and CLAMP is awesome) Manga/Anime recommended.

CardCaptor Sakura [romance/action/adventure] Super-natural. Magic-filled. Cards. School-life. CUTE. CUTECUTE! If you've never watched it... you better start. The movies are awsome too. Rating: 10/10 (coughcough, i watched it when I was like 10 butbut I loved it.)

DNangel [romance/action/fighting] Super-natural. Magic-somewhat. Split personalities? Cute. Angels. Demons. Wings. Not really sure. Daisuke is a kind boy that finds out he has a split personality that runs in the family-- named Dark who's a thief. Just watch it! Rating: 9/10 (Not a ten because.. it was TOO cute)

Fruits Basket [romance/everydaylife/comedy] CUTE. Funny. Adorable. The main character in the story is Tohru, who is 'totally' perfect and too kind-- which I didn't really like about butbut. It was sooo cuute && awesome that I could ignore the marysue! (Marysue: someone without flaws) Anyways, it's about the Sohma family which when touched by the opposite gender that is not in the family-- gets turned into one of the Zodiac animals. Rating: 9.5/10 (.5 because of Tohru being 'too' perfect)

Prince Of Tennis [sports/comedy] Echizen Ryoma is the prince of tennis. This anime/manga deals with how Ryoma perfects his techniques, puts people in their places and mostly TENNIS. Rating: 8/10 (not a ten because the 'tennis moves' are totally... unnatural)

Bokura Ga Ita [romance/everydaylife] A must watch. This anime is so 'realistic.' A girl and a boy and their relationship, how it starts... and how it ends. Deals with 'relationship problems' that looks totally real-- and it has terrific songs in it .__. (well-- i liked the songs.) Total episodes: 26. Rating: 10/10 *REALLY recommended.

Hunter X Hunter [fighting/action/adventure] CUUTE. It's about 'hunters' which can use 'nen' and this other thing-- some sort of magic. I watched it a loong time ago so I can't quite remember. Uh-- Anyways, the main character is GON-- who is trying to become a hunter to search for his father JIN. -coughcough- It's awesome. Watch it! (feeling like re-watching it) Rating: 10/10 *REALLY recommended.

Rozen Maiden [action/supernatural/dolls?] Deals with dolls that can fight. O_o" A little 'rude' boy accidently clicks yes on some sort of 'advertisement' and it lands him with a doll that orders him around. REALLY cute but WEIRD. Rating: 9/10 (not a ten because.. I don't remember. Okay. 10/10)

Hikaru No Go [supernatural/everydaylfie/go] Hikaru accidently finds himself haunted by a ghost that loves to play Go. This anime is about how Hikaru goes from 'thinking' Go is just a dumb, boring game-- to loving to play it. It is adorable-- and watching it will make you feel like playing Go as well. Rating: 9/10 (.. o_o" there is not enough romance in it.)

Get Backers [supernatural/action/adventure/fighting/comedy] .__." I watched it a loong time ago as well-- uh. It's something about two guys who is in the 'retrieving the stolen' bussiness. If someone's lost something, they will be sure to find it. An awesome anime. Rating: 10/10 (because it's cute. funny. and adorable.)

Full Metal Alchemist [action/adventure/fighting] Edward is an 'amazing' alchemist. Deals with finding out that equality that everyone believed does not exist. Amazing is all I can think about. Rating: 10/10

Rurouni Kenshin [fighting/action/romance/adventure] Not really sure about this one-- I only sort of watched it with my friends but I kept zoning out. It is REALLY good though-- andand I recommend it though. I may not like it-- but all my friends do. It's about sword-fighting, I suppose. Rating: 9/10 (not a ten because I wasn't really into it but I know many who are)

Gakuen Alice [fighting/action/romance/comedy] A little girl named Mikan tries to enter the infamous Alice Academy to find her best friend. Adorable story-- although the art is questionable (didn't really like the drawings of the end of ponytails -_-) Uh. The people that attend this Alice Academy have powers which are called Alices. A must-watch or read if you are into cute, comedies with some magic. Rating: 8/10.

Full Moon Wo Sagashite [supernatural/celebrity/everydaylife] A girl that has an illness-- that is currently dying. She has a lovely voice but she cannot sing. Deathgods come to watch over her-- and to take her away when she passes away. One of the deathgod allows her to sing before she dies-- making her older & illness gone while she is in that form so she can sing. A lovely anime. Rating: 9/10 (not a ten because.. I thought it was TOO sweet/cute)


Kyou Kara Maou [action/adventure/comedy] Magic-filled. Demons. Shibuya Yuuri, an average boy is flushed down a toilet and ends up in another world-- finding out that he's supposed to be a Demon King. Light shounen-ai that any homophobic(people that is against gays) person wouldn't mind at all. Rating: 10/10 <3 (because it's awesome, and sometimes downright funny with it's stupidity moments xD) *REALLY recommended.

Loveless [romance/family/action] Short. Weird. Confusing. Cute though. Uh. I recommend the MANGA more. Rating: 7/10. (The anime doesn't really address the manga, and it's too short)

MANGA/MANHWA/COMICS (without descriptions whatsoever because I got lazy)

Beauty Pop

Special A


You're So Cool

Vampire Knights

Black Cat


Detective Conon

Ouran Host Club

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*by the way do you guys know where can i download snowdrop? thanks

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Guest joolee.

Recommended Anime:


- Fate/Stay Night

- Fushigi Yuugi

- Grave of the Fireflies

- One Piece

- Paradise Kiss

Recommended Manga:

- Zettai Kareshi

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*by the way do you guys know where can i download snowdrop? thanks

Oh I love that manwha!! It's so sad. I definitely recommend it.You can download it here, but you'll have to register (it's free).

Here are some manga &manhwa I recommend:

Akuma de Sourou (The Devil Does Exist)

Beautiful Fascination Is Better Than Love

Bird Kiss


Death Note

Beauty Pop


Cherry Juice

Good Luck

Girl Got Game (Power)

Fushigi Yuugi

Hana Yori Dango

Hana Kimi


Hot Gimmick

Lovely Complex

Ice Kiss

Ouran Host Club


Parfait Tic

Penguin Revolution

Red Lion

Peter Panda

Pheromomania Syndrome

Snow Drop

The Kidnapping of Minja Jo's Boyfriend

Sugar Addiction

The Bride of the Water God

Vampire Knight

The Sad Love Story

You're So Cool

My Girl

Hot Blooded Woman

Kill Me Kiss Me

Never Give Up

Vanilla Ice

Wow. That's a lot. O_O

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Guest Sillyduckiii213

Does anybody have any recomm. for Yaoi anime?

I know their is a post abt it and I have been to the website someone sugg. but it does not work for me.

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Guest yence

thx timexless, i already reg it...but i can understand what the meaning about cooper, gold, etc. is that really mean i hav to collect several point so i can start downloading?? :unsure:

for manga MARS, is it same as MARS taiwan film that vic zhou and barbie hsu played?? cause i heard that film is adaptation from the manga but i dont know the tittle is same or not.

can anyone help me where i can find manhwa MODEL??

my recommended manga/anime/manhwa:




MPD psycho

meru puri

vampire knight

la corda de'oro

ouran koukou

ingenuo (this is from taiwan, really romantic and funny!!)

fairy landing

perfect girl evolution


code geass


one piece

and many more but i forget what the tittle is... :sweatingbullets::blush:

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Guest pink1e

Anyone up to recommending an anime for me??

1 - comedy/romance

1 - action/fighting

I'm already watching Naruto so no need to recommend that as the action/fighting.. lol.. maybe something similar? I was a big Dragon Ball fan back in the days.

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thx timexless, i already reg it...but i can understand what the meaning about cooper, gold, etc. is that really mean i hav to collect several point so i can start downloading?? :unsure:

You're welcome! :] Oh you can earn copper by posting in the forums, the copper depends on the amount of characters you type, and you can write comments to earn them too. You can look in the FAQs for more info.

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Guest puls707

Can someone recommend any high school//romance anime//manga??

I am currently reading Goong//You're So Cool and I luv both of these to death!!

Please post or PM me ^o^

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Guest yence

Anyone up to recommending an anime for me??

1 - comedy/romance

1 - action/fighting

I'm already watching Naruto so no need to recommend that as the action/fighting.. lol.. maybe something similar? I was a big Dragon Ball fan back in the days.

for action/fighting meybi i'll recomen bleach or one piece, thats quite good for me...and i think as far as i know for now, theyr the best action anime...

comedy/romance...dunno...theres too many, but u can see la corda de'oro. it really interesting but if u want to see romantic scene between the character male/female...i'll not recommended this anime...

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Guest xeunchanx


Fushigi Yugi

Ouran High School Host Club

Rurouni Kenshin

Full Moon

Death Note


Angel Diary

Ghost Hunt (Horror)

Rurouni Kenshin

Full Moon

Fushigi yugi

Kitchen Princess (cooking)

Pixie Pop

Death Note


The First King's Adventure

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Guest xxrainbowsun


Fruits Basket

D.N. Angel


Full Moon wo Sagashite

Full Metal Alchemist

Ayashi no Ceres

Death Note



Scrapped Princess




Flower of Deep Sleep

Count Cain


D.N. Angel

Full Metal Alchemist



Nausicaa, Valley of the Wind

Spirited Away

Kiki's Delivery Service

Princess Mononoke

Howl's Moving Castle

Laputa: Castle in the Sky

My Neighbor Totoro

The Castle of Cagliostro

Panda! Go, Panda!

The Cat Returns

Porco Rosso

The Ocean Waves (aka I Can Hear the Sea)

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Guest 'Noche.


Juuni Kokuki (aka Twelve Kingdoms)

Prince of Tennis

Hikaru no Go

Gundam Seed (and Gundam Wing too)

Fate/Stay Night

Full Metal Alchemist

Initial D


Fruits Basket <3

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Guest SecondPage49

I just finished reading the Koi Kaze manga, it was really bittersweet, and the characters are really well developed. can someoen recommend me some anime in that rough genre?

drama/romance, with bittersweet elemnts and well developed characters

other manga/anime i like are love hina, ichigo 100&, I"s, cant really think of anything else i really liked

thanks all!!

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Guest ldyxdorkstah

i think these have say how couple of times im just to lazy to check

for me doesnt matter u think both are kinda the same :DD


-Ouran High School Host Club

^this anime makes you want to laugh :DD


^at first is was good then ehh then okay for me

-Death Note

^makes life so o.O

i think those 3 are the best for me :DD LOl!!

well since im dont with Ouran High School Host Club need to look for a new one -.-

do you guys have any anime like Ouran High School Host Club beside Fruit Basket?

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