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January 3, 2019   Source:   Lee Byung Hun's Instagram   Congratulations Byung Hun-ssi.  You now have more than 100, 000 followers on Instagram.  

Source: Lee Byung Hun IG / thanks to mistymorning for the translation   January 17, 2019   Actress Kim Hye Soo sends a coffee truck to CHIEFS OF NAMSAN   BH's caption: 

hello chingus   freshly finished from watching Keys to the Heart  I laughed and cried a lot.  I missed BH doing understated film like this, transporting me back on sentimental old school style. A

Looks like BH went on a dad's 2 days 1 night out with his buddy and daughter. Wonder if JH went along, it would be perfect then. BH's friend not a celebrity but his adorable little girl has a lot of followers on IG.


It would be cool to see BH playing with his son but we know that's not quite possible, to share publicly..


Photo & clips: Hyunseok Choi

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On 9/22/2018 at 10:31 PM, rubie said:

September 21, 2018


Nominees of 55th Daejong Awards Announced, THE FORTRESS with 10 nominations


Source: KMIB / News1


The 2017 movie THE FORTRESS received 10 nominations for the upcoming 55th Daejong (Grand Bell) Film Awards. Among the major categories that THE FORTRESS is nominated for -- Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor (Lee Byung Hun).


The 55th Daejong Awards will be held on October 22 at the Grand Theater of Sejong Center for the Performing Arts.


Best Actor Nominees:

Kim Yun Seok, 1987

Lee Byung Hun, The Fortress

Hwang Jung Min, The Spy Gone North

Lee Sung Min, The Spy Gone North

Yoo Ah In, Burning


The 55th Grand Bell Awards was held tonight but Lee Byung Hun did not attend the ceremony and he did not win either. THE FORTRESS however, won three technical awards - Best Cinematography, Best Lighting and Best Soundtrack (article here). 

Clip: awesome_hmin
Sejong Cultural Center


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Thank you for all the updated, @rubie.

Yey!  Congratulations to Lee Byung-Hun for winning the Grand Prize at the Apan Awards!   :)


Ha Jung-Woo, Lee Byung-Hun and Ma Dong-Suk are all in talks to lead upcoming disaster movie Baekdoosan (literal title). The movie will tell story about people surviving volcano eruption



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Have been searching high and low for this photo before this, the original links all expired. It was first shared through the Dalkom-blog during the BSL days. Thought it was a 2005 photo, turned out it's from 2004 and today, Byunghun himself sharing it on his IG.


Once upon a time ~ David & BH


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:w00t: @irilight, thanks so much for the new movie highlight.. finally, it's confirmed! 


Seems that this is the sort of "disaster type" movie, right.. something like the Hollywood box-office hit movie Earthquake (many many many years ago). While I have to say I am a bit wary.. since LBH have never acted in this genre before, HJW had acted in Tunnel just 2 years ago and MDS was in Train to Busan, obviously. Similar to monster-type movies, it's quite the risk with natural disaster movies.. but if done right, it'll be a great feature indeed. Like The Host, I still can't forget watching the scene when the creature climbed out of the Han River and attacking unsuspecting victims on the riverside. Still give me the chills just remembering it. Hopefully the movie will be something like .. Deep Impact (perhaps, not really a good example) but without similar ending. You know.. I am still traumatized.. :Pwith the ending of MR.SUNSHINE. But seriously, that drama should have ended at episode 21.. that makes me feel a bit better. Btw, you have read the fabulous fanfics by talented fans of EuShin on twitter? At first I thought we won't need any fanfics for MR.SUNSHINE because KES would always have a "happy ending of some sort" for her dramas. How wrong were we! th_bricks.gif Luckily the fanfics have really helped convey what many of the fans wanted.


Anyway.. there hasn't been an English update on 'Chiefs of Namsan'.. the other LBH movie with Lee Sung Min, or is there? It's been confirmed for quite awhile and already started the filming they had the Gosa ceremony recently but no pics or updates yet. Nonetheless,   it'll be a great 2019 to look forward to.. 2 movies in the making and hopefully, something more.


I've just started a thread for the movie. Do come over and post news & stuff there, too. :blush:


October 24, 2018


A-list actors team up for $17 million movie 'Mount Paektu'
optimize740.jpgFrom left are actors Lee Byung-hun, Ha Jung-woo and Ma Dong-seok, who will star in the new sci-fi film "Mount Paektu." Yonhap


By Dong Sun-hwa The Korea Times


Three A-list actors ― Lee Byung-hun, Ha Jung-woo and Ma Dong-seok ― will make a rare team-up for the big-budget sci-fi film "Mount Paektu." 


They recently gave final approval for their appearance in the movie, according to reports. Star director Kim Yong-hwa will guide shooting that begins next year with a 20 billion won ($17.7 million) budget. 


"Mount Paektu" will show covert operatives from the two Koreas struggling to prevent a volcanic eruption of Mount Paektu, a sacred 2,744-meter mountain straddling the North Korea-China border. 


Lee will play a North Korean agent struggling to prevent an eruption, while Ha is a South Korean agent on the same mission. Ma will appear as a scientist. 



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@rubie, thank you for all the information and POV.
I am glad it is confirmed, and happy there is now a full length article about it. 
Going to submit request to Netflix for it.

I want to trust the three of them, that since they signed up for it, they saw it as a worthwhile project.
HJW was also in a move "The Terror Live," with a tour de-force performance in what was almost a one man show.

I feel similarly about "The Host." Frankly it was one of the first Korean films I have seen.  I was in awe of it, for the message it gave us and how well it did it.

fanfics for Eunshin on twitter?

I just did a search of #EunShin. Is that what you meant?

Thank you very much for starting the thread for Mount Paektu.   Thank you for all the updates you so lovingly provide.  thanks-sign-smiley-emoticon.png

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To share the news about LBH's new movie, (Chiefs of Namsan), crank-in. 

from https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=117&aid=0003125937, rough translation is by me. 


Big Photo of LBH



In the movie "Chiefs of Namsan", LBH's role is KCIA chief Kim Gyupyung(In real history, Kim Jaegyu), who did the central role in keeping the absolute power. Lee Sungmin is for the role of president Park, Gwak Dowon is for the role of former KCIA chief Park Yonggak (in real history, Kim Hyungwook who went missing in Paris). Lee Huijoon will be upcoming new 2nd in the power order, the Chief Officer of the Presidential Security, Gwak Sangchun( in real history, could be Cha Jicheol), and Kim Sojin will be lobbyist Debora Shim. 


Dir. Woo Minho revealed that "Some of these stories are very well known, but why these happened are not certain yet. I want to tell this tragedy of modern history and the other side of it in noir style, and deal with universal theme of the obsession for the power and its collapse. I will try to present good movie based on actors/actresses who chose this movie and their trust. "


Representing actors/actresses, Lee Byunghun said "I have trust in Dir. Woo Minho, I'm glad to work with him again after the movie "Inside men". This movie will deal with multitude of genres including espionage, psychology, drama and action, and that inspires me and also put more weight on me as an actor. I am also looking forward to work with actors/actresses who I have never worked with. I'll try my best to achieve the finest work with all of us together."


"Chiefs of Namsan" will to go abroad during Nov. this year to film in United states and France to depict the 1970's Korea, espionage and focusing on 2nd in powers centered on KCIA and their rivalries in more realistic details.


The original book "Chiefs of Namsan" is a book about KCIA and its 18 years of power. The book was sold 520K copies when it's first released on 1992. The movie is expected to crank-up in early 2019.





New CF from LBH and BYH. for, book reading app. 



Also, they'll do reading books too, which is as I understand expert abbreviated audio book of original book, for about 30 min. LBH will do "Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind" by Yuval Noah Harari, and BYH will do "History of History" by Yoo Simin. 

(original article about reading books are from here http://munhaknews.com/?p=20972&ckattempt=1)

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@irilight Just saw your post at the movie thread, thanks so much! :) And @luwali 196 was there too. You two made me feel less lonely, haha. Anyway, now that we have the thread, I don't think it will move very much.. at least not till the new year starts. LBH probably will be filming intensely (2-3 months?) for Chiefs of Namsan, I think HJW and MDS both will also be filming or doing other movie promos for the rest of 2018 as well. 


Nonetheless, I am having quite a hard time to post at MR.SUNSHINE thread because the lack of members posting. The Mods at the Drama & Movie section are especially active, consecutive posts by the same person will immediately be merged. Even after 2-3 days, there's hardly any new post to alternate. I kinda prefer not to cram everything in one post, if I can help it. ^_^ 


Anyway.. I should have posted the direct link of the fanfic (posting too early in the morning, brain was not working efficiently :wacko:). It's not exactly on twitter but the fan-writer is active on twitter. Here's her compilation, she's also a LBH fan and had seen most of his movies.. making it doubly interesting as she pens crossover mashups of the characters with Mr.Sunshine.


Please check out the lovely write-up, at least we know they could really end happily..



@mistymorning Thanks so much for the new movie info, truly appreciate the highlight. th_tq.gif Wow.. not one but two movie news coming out! Both of which will be highly anticipated by everyone indeed! He's definitely going into non-stop filming mode... as  we anticipate 2019. Hope we will still see LBH during the year end awards and other activities.


Please share news updates and movie info with us.. whenever you can! Will the two new movies, particularly Chiefs of Namsan have (leading) female characters, based on the book/history? I hope there will be credible actresses added to the main cast line-up.

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14 minutes ago, rubie said:


@mistymorning Thanks so much for the new movie info, truly appreciate the highlight. th_tq.gif Wow.. not one but two movie news coming out! Both of which will be highly anticipated by everyone indeed! He's definitely going into non-stop filming mode... as  we anticipate 2019. Hope we will still see LBH during the year end awards and other activities.


Please share news updates and movie info with us.. whenever you can! Will the two new movies, particularly Chiefs of Namsan have (leading) female characters, based on the book/history? I hope there will be credible actresses added to the main cast line-up.

Thanks @rubie!.  I think "Chiefs of Namsan" will be done first, and then it's "Mountain Baekdu" for the next. Still there are waiting period for us get new movie to come out... I shouldn't really complain because LBH is working non-stop! Truly an amazing actor. Even from this photo of script reading, I can already feel the character, just like I felt it from the first photo of "The fortress" script reading. And yes, while we're waiting for his new movies, appearance in award shows will be nice for us. 


Unfortunately, I haven't read the original book "Chiefs of Namsan"- it's really thick book, 880 pages - but I browsed thru the chapter index of book page in yes24. From the look of it, I don't think there will be leading female characters, probably Debora Shim mentioned in the article above and she may be it. I am not sure exactly which stories will be depicted mainly in the movie - from the actors and their characters, there could be 2 stories from the stories from the book 



one is the missing of former KCIA chief Kim Hyungwook(it's possible assassination), 2nd is the assassination of president Park by Kim Jaegyu


For Mountain Baekdu, when I heard LBH will be the north korean agent and HJW will be the south korean agent, I got confused a bit, esp HJW did north korean agent in the movie Berlin? But it'll be interesting to see LBH does north korean accent and becoming north korean agent. I am sure he'll do justice for whatever movie. Only concern is the theme of disaster movie, which I don't enjoy that much. But we'll see :)

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Wonder why they removed the 15-sec & 30-sec version of the CF on YT? :huh: Hope the clips & more will be re-uploaded later. But here's a 6-sec version of the Millie Library TV CF clip, it might disappear later ~

Published on October 24, 2018 by Millie's Library


Unlimited Reading and Friendship



Captures highlighted at PlanetBH0712




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I've started the movie thread for CHIEFS OF NAMSAN, thanks to @mistymorning for the good info and pics. Love the black and white and gray photo of BH studying his script.. reminds us when he was preparing for THE FORTRESS 2 years ago. It looks like an awesome movie line-up and based on the gist (from the book and real history) provided, sounds like a very interesting feature of the Korean history. It'll be intriguing to see how Dir. WMH tackle the issue of espionage that led to the President's assassination. I just hope I won't confuse myself :wacko: though as I've also started the movie thread for Mount Baekdu yesterday. Of course, that's an entirely different kind of movie..


Lee Byung Hun is working very hard again.. 2 new movies back to back.. after a year on a picnic with MR.SUNSHINE. :P We know of course, that's not a real picnic, Eugene..




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LBH will be at The Seoul Awards.

from the article https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=311&aid=0000913550




LBH(nominated for the best actor for drama/movie) and YYS(nominated for the best supporting actor for drama)  will attend the award. Other actors and actresses will attend too, but there's no mention of KTR who's nominated for best new actress for drama.


The award show is for 2nd time since last year. This will air thru SBS, on 27th 6 PM to 8 PM local time. Naver Vlive air it from red carpet(4:30PM) to main event too.



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Just to appreciate LBH and Han Jimin, this article is Han JiMin talking about BH's acting. (this article seems to be mainly for HJM and her movie Miss Baek)





Her quote on BH and his acting.

"For example, I did the movie "Keys to the heart" because I was curious about one scene where I was to act face to face Lee ByungHun sunbae. I had different reasons for all the movies I did"


so the reporter had to ask actor Lee Byunghun's acting. her quote again . "During the movie 'Age of Shadow', he was in for special cameo, not with me, but just him being there in person made (me?us) focused. We joked that "He got it all just as a special cameo". He seems to be natural born actor. He must be working hard, but to us, he seems to be laughing and chatting during the rest time, but he seems to be able to immerse himself right on shooting. Gong Yoo said he's going(for siteseeing in KR but not sure how to translate)to watch the scene where Lee Byunghun sunbae and Song Gangho sunbae together. That tells you even the actors/actresses wanted to watch those scenes. There are also so many scenes where Lee Byunghun sunbaenim saved with his ad libs in Keys to the heart."


The movie Miss Baek is currently playing in Korean theaters. Reviews are wonderful and esp. HJM is well praised. It's considered indie movie?, BH entertainment is on credit as co-production company, from article I read. 

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  • rubie changed the title to Lee Byung Hun 이병헌 Byunghun Lee :: THE MAN STANDING NEXT ::

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