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Lee Byung Hun 이병헌 Byunghun Lee

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November 16, 2018


Yoo Yeon Seok: Lee Byung Hun's acting was really great


Source: Edaily / Newsen / Mydaily with thanks to @mistymorning for the gist




"I knew Lee Byung-Hun sunbaenim's acting is excellent, but seeing for myself makes it more amazing. I got more tensed and surprised by his acting. Recently when I won an award, I thought of BH and other actors/actresses who gave me such tension. Those situation really made great synergy effect."


September 28, 2018


Excerpt from K-style Yoo Yeon Seok Interview at MR.SUNSHINE soompi


Translation by manyearsago


Q:  Please tell us your impression of co-stars Lee Byung Hun, Byun Yo Han, Kim Tae Ri and Kim Min Jung 

YYS: Because Lee Byung Hun is a senior actor, I was really very nervous in the beginning.  I thought it would be hard to approach him but he is really cheerful and friendly, he approached me first.  He is a mood maker on set, really an interesting person. Kim Tae Ri is very bright and she brings positive energy.   Because I was a fan of Kim Min Jung when I was a child, I am very honoured having acted with her and I am really pleased.  Byun Yo Han has a mischievous image but actually he is bright and very serious, he is a thoughtful and considerate actor.  When we met, we updated what we were up to and we also discussed worries about the characters.


Photo: byunghun0712 via HeraldPop



Center of image


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Coincidence or not.. a fun Fan Topic 




Fan-appreciation:  MR.SUNSHINE vs LEE BYUNG HUN mrs.jpg


1. Music Box: The Orgel in ALL IN (2003).







2. Red pinwheel: THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (2016) 





3. Leather-gloved right-hand: INSIDE MEN (2015) 





4. Matryoshka aka Russian Doll: A BITTERSWEET LIFE (2005) deleted scene in the Director's Cut DVD.





5. Shoe scene: BUNGEE JUMPING OF THEIR OWN (2001) 





6. The elusive letter K: A SINGLE RIDER (2017).





7. EuShin message box: IRIS (2009).





8. Sword fight: GI JOE: RETALIATION (2013).





9. Fanboys:  THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WEIRD (2008) 





10. Running on a bridge: MASQUERADE (2012)





11. On bended knee: ONCE IN A SUMMER (2006)





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November 17, 2018


Camerimage: 'The Fortress' Wins Golden Frog
'Cold War' grabbed the silver, and 'Roma,' the bronze.


by Carolyn Giardina THR // CAMERIMAGE 2018 // Wikipedia


The Fortress, director Dong-hyuk Hwang's 2017 historical drama about China's 17th-century invasion of Korea, lensed by cinematographer Ji-yong Kim, won the Golden Frog in the main competition at EnergaCamerimage, the 26th annual cinematography film festival held in Bydgoszcz, Poland.


Meanwhile two Oscar contenders, Cold War and Roma, grabbed the Silver and Bronze Frogs, respectively. Cold War, a black-and-white love story set against the Cold War in the 1950s and the foreign-language film entry from Poland, claimed the Silver Frog for cinematographer Lukasz Zal and director Pawel Pawlikowski (the pair won the Golden Frog in 2013 for Ida). And Netflix's closely-watched Roma, for which Alfonso Cuaron served as writer, director and cinematographer, grabbed the bronze frog. A black-and-white drama inspired by Cuaron's youth, Roma is also Mexico's Oscar entry in the foreign-language film category.


These films topped some high-profile Oscar contenders that were also in competition, including Damien Chazelle's First Man, lensed by Oscar winner Linus Sandgren (La La Land); The Favourite, helmed by Yorgos Lanthimos and lensed by Robbie Ryan (which won the Audience Award); A Star is Born, Bradley Cooper's directorial debut lensed by Oscar-nominated DP Matty Libatique (who was not in attendance following a brush with the law); Peterloo, from director Mike Leigh and two-time Oscar-nominated cinematographer richard simmons Pope (which won the Fipresci international critics prize); and the Coen Bros.' The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, lensed by five-time Oscar-nominated cinematographer Bruno Delbonnel. 


Camerimage has emerged as a bellwether for what's to come during Oscar season. In three of the past five years, the winners of Camerimage's Golden Frog, the top prize in the main competition, have gone on to earn Oscar nominations in cinematography. Those films include 2013's Ida, 2015's Carol and 2016's Lion. (The 2014 Golden Frog winner, Leviathan, and 2017 Camerimage champ, On Body and Soul, were each nominated for a foreign-language film Oscar.)


Led by jury president and production designer David Gropman (Life of Pi), this year's main competition jury includes production designer Lilly Kilvert (Valkyrie), and cinematographers Jean-Marie Dreujou (Two Brothers), Dan Laustsen (The Shape of Water), Florian Ballhaus (The Book Thief), Arthur Reinhart (Crows) and ASC president Kees Van Oostrum (Gods and Generals).


A full list of honorees follows:



Golden Frog: The Fortress
cin. Ji Yong Kim 
dir. Dong-Hyuk Hwang 

Silver Frog: Cold War
cin. Łukasz Żal
dir. Paweł Pawlikowski

Bronze Frog: Roma
cin. Alfonso Cuarón
dir. Alfonso Cuarón


Full article at THR and THE FORTRESS soompi


Source: EnergaCAMERIMAGE @CamerimageFest

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November 19, 2018


Watch: Lee Min Jung Shares Stories About Lee Byung Hun And Their Son In “My Ugly Duckling” Preview

Source: Soompi by K. Lew


Watch: Lee Min Jung Shares Stories About Lee Byung Hun And Their Son In âMy Ugly Ducklingâ Preview


Actress Lee Min Jung will be appearing on “My Ugly Duckling” as a special MC.


In a new preview, Lee Min Jung laughs with the other panel members of the show as they watch Im Won Hee parody one of Lee Byung Hun’s scenes from “Mr. Sunshine.” Introducing her as “Mrs. Sunshine,” the emcees and panel members ask her about her son and her husband.


Lee Min Jung shares a cute story about her son, saying, “Everyone says that his father is good looking, to which Joon Hoo said, ‘My dad? He’s Eugene Choi,” hilariously alluding to his father’s character in “Mr. Sunshine.”


When Shin Dong Yup, who hosted their wedding ceremony, exclaims about how touching Lee Byung Hun’s proposal was, Lee Min Jung refreshingly points out, “It was too obvious though.” She continues to joke and even points out her husband’s big mouth. She also adds, “My husband should appear [on the show] once.”


“My Ugly Duckling” airs every Sunday at 9 p.m. KST.


Check out the preview below!



Source (1)





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On 11/18/2018 at 8:22 PM, kansas424 said:

Thanks for your effort in making these GIFs @Rubie !!! 


Thank you for liking them. :) It's really a lot of fun finding these hidden 'gems' from Lee Byung Hun's past work featured in MR.SUNSHINE. Perhaps it's a KES-LBH tribute, a fan appreciation or just an obvious coincidence, it's just amazing to see the similarities between the present drama and his previous projects. So far, the more well-known LBH work has at least one item/scene similarly featured in Mr.Sunshine. Still thinking and searching if there're more of these.. it might be less easy to figure out now, not to mention that it's been awhile watching all the other LBH movies, but if there's bound to be a similarity.. we'll be sure to find it. So, thanks so much to you for highlighting this particular topic. We do have some other Mr.Sunshine sharing coming but due to conflict of timing & schedule, they're put on hold for awhile.


In the meantime, here's one more from ONCE IN A SUMMER (2006). Have to say that it's rather hard watching the ending of this movie again, quite a bit like Mr.Sunshine because they really had a chance of happiness but opt for a difficult choice instead.


On bended knees: MR.SUNSHINE vs ONCE IN A SUMMER (2006). There were also quotes from the movie (featuring another movie) that says: Love like the sun, Love like the sea. Aren't those two.. like.. the prominent elements in MR.SUNSHINE? ^_^



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November 20, 2018


Pre-Order for Mr. Sunshine Premium version now opened! mrs.jpg


Source: MrSunshineBD @MrSunshineBD

Pre-Order for Mr. Sunshine Premium version will be open from Nov. 20th 2 PM to Dec. 19th (Local Korean time GMT+9).
Don’t forget to apply $11 coupon, you can download coupon by clicking on red coupon button.
Please support and promote premium version of Mr. Sunshine Blu-ray.


For more details, please check the official café notice page. 


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I'm listening to BH reading the Sapiens, Millie has one month free promotion going right now. So you can register, and listen to BH reading the book for a month :D Very nice voice indeed.

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Thanks so much @mistymorning for the cool info, it'll be great to listen to BH reading th_music003.gif.. although we'd be mainly listening to that deep voice but not understanding a word he says. :lol:


Photo: Julie


At the Myeongdong subway station


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Thanks rubie! For me, I can listen him singing me ABC song.... :D


Ok, this is old article from interviews done during the Channel CGV documentary, "Power of movies". I am posting here only BH related part, but it's wonderful article and I want to watch the documentary itself! Hope I can get hold of it somewhere. The link to interview article is here, to CINE21 site. The title of this article series is, "What is a movie acting?"




It's like finding water in a desert, to find a discussion about movie acting. Considering the fact that among what consists the movie, the actors/actresses are the most unpredictable/unexplainable, this is unavoidable and it's true in everywhere, not just in Korea. This is also hard to discuss topic for actors/actresses. "Even if I talk about acting and actors now, it can only be close to truth when it's 10 min before my death." from actor Oh Dalsoo. British actor Paul Bettany(from Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, and Dogville) mentioned that sex and acting is similar because it's so much fun doing it but it's real hard to talk about it*. But if the wall is higher, spectators will just stand on tiptoe. Cine21 participated in one of the episode "Watching actors/actresses", out of 4 episodes from the Channel CGV 10 year anniversary project documentary, "Channel CGV project: Power of movies" , and listened to the Korean actors/actresses who are the most active currently, about the reality of acting in movies and acting theories from their experiences. Interviewed actors/actresses are, Go ChangSuk, Kim SangKyung, Seo YoungHee, Song GangHo, Oh Dalsoo, Lee Byunghun, Lim SooJeong, Jeon Doyeon, Ha Jungwoo, Hwang Jung Min( listed by the order of Korean alphabet). Reporter Kim Hyeri did the interviews for Song GangHo, Jeon Doyeon, lee Byunghun, Seo Younghee, Lim SooJeong. Park MiSun PD(who's the director for the episode) did the interviews for Kim Sangkyung, Go Changsuk and Oh Dalsoo.  Hwang JeongMin and Ha Jungwoo interviews were done by the writer Lee HyunJeong. The 4 part documentary "Power of Movies" tries to investigate the attraction of movies, dividing it by Directing/Acting/Scenario and Technology. This will air on Sept 10th with the first part "Watching actors/actresses", "Director speaks" on Sept 17th, "I am the scenario" on Sept 24th, and "Technology lies" on Oct 1st, during the 1 month period on every Saturday 8 PM. (Keep in mind that this is years ago. )


* translated from english -> korean -> english and I didn't see the original quote, so bear with me with not direct quote.


There are 5 articles on list of questions and how the actors/actresses answered. I am posting only BH's answers here, but all the answers are very fascinating. Hope I can deliver the gist correctly. 



Moon Sori and Kim Sangkyung from the movie <Hahaha> 


Q1. How actors/actresses prepare for a character?

BH said he agrees with this metaphor. "A character is running away in front of me, just showing his backside. As an actor, I try hard to catch him, grab his shoulder, turn it to see his face but sometimes I can only see glimpse of his face. In worst case, filming is over without ever seeing the front of character"


on grasping the outline of character using real/imaginary model, Oh Dal soo said, "Lot of actors , if they can't find real model, uses animals. This character is a rabbit, or a wild cat. In the movie "Thirst" i imagined a raccoon who presumes dead if caught" 


BH said, "Preparing for ChangYi in 'the good, the bad and the wierd" I tried to give the feel of the body that's not made with trainer, but a body that got stronger to survive, with some feel of invincibility, that it'll be hard to harm this person that easily"


Jeon Doyeon and Ha Jungwoo from <My dear enemy>


Q2. What happens in the mind of actors in the filming site?

In the movie "I saw the Devil" BH where he had to bear with the anger/rage thru out the movie, he had the face of a man who cried whole night. How was that possible? "Once I arrive on the filming site, I only think of the scenes I'll do today from the make-up. Next thing I feel is the anger, and the feeling of loss. Strangely, once I have those emotion, I feel that area under my eyes expanding, and swollen."



Song Gangho in the movie <Secret Reunion>


Seo YoungHee(Left) from <Bedevilled>


Q4. How actors respond to the whim of editing?

(*translator: this is about because of editing system, things are keep changing in the movie, sometimes the order of the scenes, and other times even the endings.)

BH worked with director KJW who always has multiple endings and weighs his options til the end. "It's not a matter of putting salt or pepper to the coffee, more like options between white sugar/black sugar or cube sugar. I can agree the changes of the scene as long as the main theme of the scene and movie share the goal."


Acting in movies looks like one take but it's not. The acting viewers see actually includes multiple takes. SGH who has the reputation of matching all his takes in the editors room even if he did all his takes differently, said that if it's not out of big trend, either A-1 or A-2 is fine as A.


Also mechanism that allows multiple takes even if it's not part of final edition , gives a breath of fresh air, and unknown energy of playground to actors/actresses. BH is such case. "After filming takes that director intended, and takes that I wanted, and got ok, I try one more take saying "I'll do it one more time" Usually it's not included in the editor's room, but it feels like taking a breather during the boring class."


(There is a Q about reaction which is very nice. that actors/actresses saying why having partners who work for them even if they're not in the camera helps them tremendously)



Lee ByungHun from <I saw the devil>


Q7. How directors and actors/actresses create things together.


BH said, "sometimes actors/actresses says. 'why? I wouldn't do that if I were him/her." that gives a pause to directors. Because they know that actors/actresses are closer to the character than any other person."


So how can director help actors/actresses?

BH said, continuing his metaphor of actor realizing a character. "If I can't look at the front of this character as much as I want to, sometimes I act upon the reflection from the mirror directors put up in front."


Q8. How actors add on the creation of movies other than given roles?


BH who's known to have lots of ideas, had to go beyond the limit while filiming the movie "I come with the rain" with director Tran Anh Hung. He had to be independent while he didn't have any clue of main theme of the movie


Last Q on At the moment of "Ready, Action!", they're ....

BH said, it wouldn't be that different between actors and staffs. Actors/actresses need to be comfortable with staffs. That will allow them to ask support or sharp critics after the "Cut" , just like they're family.




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Thank you @mistymorning for all the sharing and translations.  I must continue my Korean studies to a level that I can understand spoken Korean.    Trying to comprehend what BH says is a good incentive.  LOL


Thank you @rubie for all your postings, as always. Thank you also for your relentless efforts to find previous scenes in BH's movies and dramas that are similar to those in "Mr. Sunshine".



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I am a theaterologist. In the profession for 30 years :)


Let me introduce you to my analysis of the "Mr. Sunshine" scenario, which I made after a few weeks from the painful watching of the last episodes.

The more I think about it, the more clearly I see that it has been badly broken. It was beautiful to a certain point, but then beauty was cruelly killed.

Viewers in many forums complain that they can not get back into balance after watching the drama until the end that they are sad and devastated. It's probably not good? Do not you think?


A distanced analysis of the scenario the „Mr. Sunshine” drama allows you to see a lot of illogicality and the lack of consistency of certain threads and characters. However, it discovers the most unnecessary cruelty with which she treated the 16 most important heroes.



1. Eugene's father912000301880430592

2. Eugene's mother.912000431556186112

3. Ae-sin's mother.912000582055743488

4. Ae-sin's father.


The death of these above is still understandable for the plot. But the remaining ones could have been less.

In my opinion the goal was intentional: first the viewer is to be delighted and to love the main characters and those from the second plan, and then the screenwriter sequentially kills them and often in a very bloody way.



5. Joseph.912001044778795008

6. Lord Go.912001204292370432

7. Jumo.



8. Belowed Hina Kudo.


912001481875603456 9. Jang shooter912001666932490240

10. Belowed madam Haman


11. Belowed  Haengrang



12. Yuzo.


13. Potter Eun San


14. Belowed  Kim Hui-seong


15. Belowed Gu Dong-mae


16. Finally wonderful Eugene Choi!


I wondered about the alleged patriotic intention of this cruelty. Maybe she wanted to show how many beloved people sacred life for the Homeland. Hmmm ... Why are there grotesque words on the tomb of Eugen that he remained in Joseon for a picnic? Or sacrifice for others for the Homeland, or a picnic? Do not you think?






I'm a Pole. Our nation has also gone through a lot: the loss of freedom for 123 years, two world wars, communism, Aushwitz and much more, and yet in our patriotic films there is no such accumulation of bloody crackdown on positive heroes. Yes, some people die for their Homeland, but there are always others who remain in balance, and the viewer gets a portion of hope and comfort, and does not leave mentally depressed and disgusted!


Death scene Eugene. Would it not be more logical and safer for him and others if he were covered by a Japanese aristocrat and remained in the carriage, where were his countrymen, and ordered the Japanese army to move to the next train car and then unhook him?


After all, just as KES did, even one Japanese from behind the back Eugene could kill completely exposed Ae-sin! After all, Eugene, whom we knew would not do it!


And the issue of the last transmission, the alleged message about hope for the Koreans, and so the youth trained in Manchuria by Ae-sin. What was her qualification? She was just a sniper. Eugene was a soldier and would be able to professionally train Korean partisans!


And the love theme of Eugene and Ae-sin - wonderful, but a little funny. It was unrealistic to drag their restraint so that they would not even kiss each other! They were married, but not entirely because they were not formally married. What is this! Why did she waste this way !? Such beautiful Love, so wonderfully played and so stupidly deformed!


I have more notices, but I do not want to bore you. It is a pity this beautiful story. It could be much better and full of hope, but it is beautiful, but it causes most sadness, depression and emotional disorder!


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@3po3, thank you for an insightful outlook on MR.SUNSHINE.. I can't agree more. Perhaps I'm still delusional being in an infinite withdrawal but I've come to the conclusion that episode 24 for MR.SUNSHINE doesn't exist. To me, the story ended at episode 21, in front of the US Legation in Japan. Even if we don't see any happy ending, at least they had a chance at that very moment (EC still serving jail time but with AS waiting for him in NY) and I would just leave it at that.


I had a feeling that KES took a break before writing the 2 final episodes. She's probably weighing what would be the most "killer" ending for her drama, excuse the pun! Personally I don't believe she didn't think about the various possibilities for the ending but she went with the most impactful in the most unforgettable way ever. Although it felt like a totally different story altogether (considering the background of the characters that we've learnt to know and appreciate), it's probably the ending that would resonate more with Koreans than anyone else.


By the way, please post this analysis at the drama thread, too. It'll be great for others to read and hopefully join in the discussions again. Thank you for the great compilation, you did well in putting all the characters & situation in sequence.


p/s: I feel the quote by Kyle on EC's tombstone.. simply his way of not believing that Eugene died. But yeah, KES actually using it as the last words for him.. seems rather sadistic of her.

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1 hour ago, rubie said:

Thank you @rubie :) I'm not very good at English. Is my analysis understandable to you? 


Well, I'll put it in this second thread :)



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9 hours ago, 3po3 said:

Thank you @rubie  I'm not very good at English. Is my analysis understandable to you? 


Well, I'll put it in this second thread :)


Yes.. you have written clearly and it's precisely what many of us are feeling. I think the more we try to rationalize the ending.. the more it will appear irrational to us. I believe that is the case, unfortunately. There were no glaring errors or any (major) problems in the earlier 21 episodes, I really felt that it was very well-thought, detailed and very efficiently performed & produced by the MR.SUNSHINE team.


However, the choice and course of the ending.. has left so much unnecessary questions instead. th_bricks.gif

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21 hours ago, mistymorning said:

Nov-21st BH sighting probably during 'Chiefs of Namsan' filming. 


Seems that he's back in Korea.



Thanks so much for this, ES! It's likely the filming of the movie.. looking at his thick-rimmed glasses, BH is definitely getting into his character completely. I suppose they've been back for quite awhile, filming at overseas location will cost a lot.. production must be quick and efficient. Besides, he has the AAA next week and Dir. WMH's new movie is coming out in December which the promos will keep the latter busy as well. Hope we'll see Byunghun at the VIP screening, it's been awhile since he attended one. He hasn't updated his IG (after the US photos), so he is definitely busy filming.


Btw, thanks so much for the nice article at MR.SUNSHINE thread.. we sure need more good & credible info than the usual fluffy stuff. The drama is doing well (in Korea especially) despite the lack of credit it received here compared to other Kdramas. As fans we may not agree with the ending and will continue to talk about it but the drama itself had showcased a top-notch production and sterling performance by LBH & co. which should not be overlooked.

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th_poster_oops.gif I was just saying that Byunghun doesn't update his IG lately due to him busy movie-filming and he posted a #Throwback yesterday with 2 pics from the California Mammoth trip last year.


He must have missed the tourist spot, perhaps having been there this time of the year.



elbh.jpg Lee Byung Hun in California: Mammoth Mountain Snowboarding








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