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Which Drama Or Movie Made You Cry Like A River?

Guest luckycarrienew

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Guest Ujin

i cried so much with these korean dramas:

the last dance is with me

wonderful life

autumn in my heart

tree of heaven

the movie that i cried so much was WINDSTRUCK... i didnt cry much with sassy girl

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Guest Truelover


The single Korean movies who made my cry like a (small) river was Windstruck.

Really, I can't explain why.

That's a significant thing making a movie better than others.


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Autumn in My Heart

i loved this drama. awesome cast, and interesting storyline. i didn't cry when she died.. <-- it was too expected or at least i thought so.

i cried at like when he left her.. and like a couple bazillion places..

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Guest Madrasta

AUTUMN LOVE STORY - the part where SHG was being taking care by her two moms when she was bedridden

WONDERFUL LIFE - especially the latter part episodes

BEAUTIFUL DAYS - the latter part episodes

WINTER SONATA - the part when BYJ was throwing to the sea all memorabillas of his love for CJW

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Guest camella

The series and movies that made me cry:

Stairway to Heaven

Sad Love Song

Running Wild

Love letter

Autum in My Heart


I am Sorry i love You

Moment to Remember

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Guest Galchi

Definitely MISA (Sorry I Love You). I cried like I know So Ji Sub's character personally. Got emotionally attached by his character in this drama. Love it, the best kdrama that I have watched.

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Guest shahju

wonderful life - i just can't stand seeing children's crying

my girl and i

millionaire's first love

p/s : i haven't watch many korean drama yet...

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Guest strawberrynkiwi

None so far have made me cry a river...

but a little pond would be. Windstruck, My Sassy Girl, & the first three episode of Autumn in My Heart (when they were still young)

I still gotta finish Taigukgi(sp?).

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Umm...yeah, I haven't cried like a river but little puddles....:D...My list would include: Autumn In My Heart, Stairway To Heaven, Four Sisters, A Millionaire's First Love, A Moment To Remember, My Girl, Resurrection

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Guest choco_ruru

Movie :

WINDSTRUCK...it's so very unexpected..

Millionaire's first love

Drama :

Beautiful Days

Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (dunno why)

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Guest jasmine_korea

"Autum Love Story"

I watched the whole drama twice , once from TV and the other time was this week i downloaded the whole drama and seriously both times i was crying like river or rain or whatever you can say. I finished it today for the 2nd time and my eyes are really in pain cuz i cried alot.

That's the best drama that i've ever seen.

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Guest pomeyy.

I cry over every single drama I watched. TT__________TT


But any single drama would have to be 1 Litre of Tears. It's Japanese but I cried from every single episode. From start to finish. You seriously like start the drama crying and end it crying. It was so good. And the saddest thing EVER.

But for Korean dramas I cried the most probably for MISA.

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