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Which Drama Or Movie Made You Cry Like A River?

Guest luckycarrienew

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Guest xingjing

I must say, Autumn Story. That one left me depressed... for DAYS ON END. And it was my very first Korean drama. It was just soo depressing.

I don't quite remember any other ones. I cry for almost every Korean drama... because I'm just such a cry-baby. It makes me feel like... Iono. But my mom made fun of me once when I cried! Sheesh! Ah yes, I cried a lot for Winter Sonata and for Summer Scent.

Recently... Which Star Are You From.

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So far, there isn’t a drama or movie that make me cry to the extreme of constituting a river. However, one particular drama that really had me crying buckets is MISA (aka “I’m Sorry, I Love You”). For one, the plot of the drama itself is already poignant enough to make my heart ache. Whenever I look into Moo Hyuk’s intense, pain-filled eyes and witness the agony he have to go through in his life, it pains my heart and my vision will also gradually be obscured by the pool gathering in my eyes. The sad, haunting tunes that accompany each heartrending scene serve to intensify the extent of my crying too. For me, this is a heart-breaking show through and through. I do not remember crying as much for the other shows I have watched.

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Guest datshawtygurl

movie: a millionares first love <--- there were tears falling from my eyes...

drama: save the last dance, autumn love story, winter sonota, stairway to heaven, love letter

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Guest stradivarius

Tree Of Heaven ( just the 1st epi made me cry like a river )

winter sonata

autumn tale

stairways to heaven

save your last dance for me

glass slippers

i can't remember anymore.. its too much.

basically, all dramas made me cry.

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Guest ladyzfingers

out of all the ones ive seen so far. autumn in my heart/autumn love story/etc. made me cry the most. i seriously cried every episode. such a good drama. i havent seen misa, but im pretty sure i would weep throughout that one too.

yeah,me too

i've watched so many k-drama/movies before,but so far only "AUtumn in my heart/Autumn Tale

made me cries like a river,i just cant help it but cries like a baby

the most saddest episode is while SHG in kids...

the little actress was so good in sad scene

SHG too

i think,its such a good sad love story indeed

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Guest polaris

Movie: A Moment to Remember

Drama: I'm Sorry I Love You (of the many kdramas I've watched over the years, this is the only one that made me cry so much. :(

Omg I cried my eyes out too when watching A MOMENT TO REMEMBER.

Also for me...autumn tale

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Guest emma007

I cried hardest while watching Im Sorry, I Love you aka Misa. I cried the most while watching Lovers in Paris.

I havent seen any K-movies that have made me cry a lot. I did watch Sad Movie last night, but I only cried a bit.

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Guest koyuki

lovers in paris ><

im still watching MISA (im sorry i love you)

and so far..its making me cry

love story in harvard. just some parts. yeah like near the end.

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Guest Sarah.

Here's mine

Stairs to heaven

Winter Sonata

Autumn heart

Beautiful days

Ah, same here! Except I add Yoo Ri Gu Doo (Glass Slippers). With Stairways to Heaven and Glass Slippers, I literally had to have a tissue box in front of me because every time I wiped my tears, another sad scene would come up and they would start falling down my face again. But, I like to cry and therefore, like watching sad dramas/movies as long as the ending is happy.

I haven't watched MISA but I bet I would start crying a lot.


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misa, stairway to heaven... love letter and spring day... i guess that the last one was the drama which i've cried many times ^o^

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Guest forumlover

i think most of the korean drama have some sad part..so basicly i cry for every kdrama..hehhehe..but wat i mean cry is just tear dropping not as in cry like a baby...but there are few particularly make me cry and i love it so much.


stairway to heaven

wonderful life-the part when Shinbi was sick and the dad wear the bear suit to let Shinbi take her medicine is the most touching part...i dunno y but i just keep crying for that few scene...

some older kdrama i cant really remember..so i didnt list them

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