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Which Drama Or Movie Made You Cry Like A River?

Guest luckycarrienew

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Guest songjc

Autumn in my Heart and Stairway to Heaven....both so very very very sad..a tearjerker!!! and yet I still watch them over and ove and over again....and tears still fall....i guess i'm a hopeless case when it comes to sad dramas....

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Guest zi91

I never cry until so serious; as in not crying like a river, hahaha :D

Below are the dramas that make me feel so sad and cry:

1. Autumn In My Heart

2. Stairways To Heaven

3. Tree Of Heaven

all the famous sad and tragic dramas...

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Guest luckycarrienew

Pls don't run away---->Old new KR drama

Freedom I need--->Cry like a river TT________TT

SoAngeL ^^dear~love your siggie~Bully --->goooooooood!!

but to be a real man can not bully a short girl,got it??^^

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Guest tbone


-stairway to heaven( im pretty sure EVERYONE has cried watchin dis)

-tree of heaven

-i'm sorry i love you <-- havent finished watchin it yet but im POSITIVE dat it will make me cry a lot


-a millionare's first love


-sad movie

-temptations of wolves

-hello brother

-my sassy girl


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Guest --savers--

of course it's "SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME" who made me cry like a river!!!


and here you will not cry becuz some1 died but becuz of their great love story!!!

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hehehe i cry in every series i watch even if it's a romantic comedy..

byt the series that i cried buckets--i would have to say love letter..it was too painful for me to watch..

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Guest chibimarukochan

WIndstruck and Il Mare... :( these are the first few korean movies I saw lol...and My sassy Girl was the first...that made me cry too I think. :(

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