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Which Drama Or Movie Made You Cry Like A River?

Guest luckycarrienew

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Guest ~LovelyGirl~

Ohh some to add to my list...

Love Letter - a very beautiful and sad story. I cried a bucket of tears wtaching this. I flet sorry for the girl and boy.

Sangdoo, Lte's go to school - The story was just sad. I cried everytime I see the the little girl :tears:

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Guest y_yuen12

in no particular order!

# sangdoo, let's go to school

# the classic

# a millionaire's first love

# autumn in my heart

# wolf's temptation

# taegukgi

# my brother

# a moment to remember

yes i cry alot.. hehe =P

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Guest biancapj

Stairway to Heaven made me bawl like a baby. It really broke my heart.

Sassy Girl ChunHyang also made me cry like crazy especially for Mong Ryong...

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Guest axerine

Hmm let's see..got a bunch of them..but only could remember these...

- A Moment To Remember

- Rival

- Windstruck

- My Girl

- Stairway To Heaven

- Autumn Story

Of all I think Rival is the most touching becos of KHW's character...

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Guest heowaymap

For me, they are




fashion 70s'

Sangdoo, let's go to school


Hello, brother

Dont tell papa

The classic

there're some more but i cant recall

I cried alot in fashion 70s' especially the childhood part... OMG

and ofcoz Misa, everytime I watch it, I cry like hell

the same for Hello, brother! the kids in this movie were really really good, they made my heart broken :tears:

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Guest h140450798

Drama :

MISA, Love Letter, Heaven's Tree and Autumn Tale

Movie :

Promise, a long time movie (starred by JDY and PSY), really cried like a river

Wolf Temptation , again, can't stop crying and rewatched over 10 times

A moment to remember

... ING

Sassy Girl


The Classic

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Guest swtamy83

Actually........most movies that I watch i only shed tears but I don't cry out or anything except for The Classic when that girl know out that that guy died at the river and in My Girl when YR was at the airport with her dad when she had to leave Seoul.

I find movies like Winter Sonata and Stairway to Heaven so freaking boring. If I can't stay awake while watching them, then I can't cry right?

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Guest conThanh

So far,


- Sorry I love You

- Fashion 70s -> this is da drama that I couldn't help crying .. tears just come out !!! Especially at the end, what was happening to Kim Min Jung was so sad


- A moment to remember

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Guest ayoboo

Drama :

Stairway to heaven

Save the last dance for me

tree of heaven

Autumn in my heart

im sorry i love you

lovers in paris



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Guest Angelhope


- Galss Slipper ( started to have tears from the first episode )

- Heaven`s Tree ( oh my... that was really really sad )

- Autumn Story ( why did it had such an unhappy end )


- A moment to remember ( watched 3 times and cried every time )

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- Stairway to Heaven

- Sad Love Story

- Autumn in My Heart

- Sang Doo, Let's go to School!



- Sad Movie

- Taegukgi

- My Brother

- A Moment to Remember

- ...ing

- A Millionaire's First Love

- My Girl and I

And a Japanese drama that I STRONGLY recommend is One Litre of Tears.

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