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♥ Official ♥ Goong Couple - Ju Jihun & Yoon Eunhye

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I can say that I loved both of them as a couple too much. As much as I have to say they are probably not as great in acting as their previous dramas but their chemistry is so overwhelming despite still lacking in acting. I want to see them more...

Did anyone has their photo's when they are photoshoot in Bali and all others great photo's together. I mean I have watched it in my sister's laptop and now it's gone already.

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hey everyone! just want to drop by and share this little video of mine  it took 9 years in the making (kidding) but seriously, i've been wanting to do a music video of this since i first watched it ba

HI I just found this thread... Joo Ji Hoon's relationship with his recent girlfriend, Ga In, was ended.. I hope this will be the right timing for Shin and Chae Gyung to get along in the real life

I just finished watching Princess Hours weeks ago. I know, im so late to the party! But I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE TWO! I'm so happy to see a thread dedicated for them here. I can get my dose of the Goo

Guest CrazyYochy

I love this pictures. So adorable.

They were my favorite korean couple.

Looking at this pictures makes me want to watch the whole drama all over again.

Thanks a lot for sharing all this pictures and for making this thread.



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Guest -kaze-

thank you for sharing all those pictures!!

recently,my country started to re-show this drama again.

so it's nice to see all these pictures,and refresh my memory about GOONG!!!

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they say some good things never last, we say some good things do. ;)


original pics from baidu/ dcblack/dcyeh

special thanks to _shin_

we know they go to the same hair salon, ( Aura ) but i'm not so sure if they share the same stylist or they went to the same modeling school. :ph34r:

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