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  1. I understand the newbie shippers here, how they are expecting to see PPC together after the drama has ended.. And how disappointments and frustrations made them a little hopeful.. We've been through all that kind of withdrawal. Come on. This thread is supposed to be a shipper's haven and where else would they express their wishful thinking and vent their disappointments and frustrations without getting judged. We are all here because we have something in common - we love the PPC and we celebrate the good vibes, happy thoughts and love they emit thru their drama, friendship and other unknown cosmic forces that have brought these whole circumstancial and coincidental reasons why we believe and continue to hold on thay they are MFEO. We are all but just fans and we do not personally know the PPC. We feed on news and survive with any small details that we can get thru stalking and discussing about them with our delulu minds. Even if you ask them personally, you are not 100% sure they will give you an honest to goodness answer. Going over the 400 pages of this thread makes me think that yeah..we are not like those literally die hard or extreme fans or shippers that can be very supportive but violent if they don't get what they want. Let's just chill out and comfort each other during this dry spell season.. Lol! If you've been a long time shipper, you would understand that this whole avoiding-each-other thing is but natural. They and their management would do anything for the public to forget or at least tone down their dating rumor and just focus on promoting the drama until most fans and media have moved on. Any extra fan service would be such a delight for us, at least. Unless they would get married soon, they will never admit of having a romantic relationship. It would cost them their whole career that they both have worked hard for. Korean fans can make or break them. We have to understand and accept this. For the mean time, let's enjoy shipping while it lasts. Support them both and individually. Shippers and fans would come and go..we don't have any control of that..but while we are at it, let's keep the good and positive vibes. <3 P.S. Since Christmas is just around the corner, any one or group of soompi or international fans out there who are organizing on giving presents or tokens to the PPC couple? Maybe a compilation of messages from fans around the globe, fanarts, a coffee table book perhaps, just to let them know that their drama have touched a lot of hearts outside korea.
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