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♥ Official ♥ Goong Couple - Ju Jihun & Yoon Eunhye

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Guest hinata_47

woahh.. I was surprised to see this thread!

I missed these two. I really want to see them on a drama again. I was kinda hoping they would film goong 2 but last I heard it 's kinda impossible now, but I really do hope that they could work together again because I really miss seeing them together.

Seeing those pics and fanfic makes me happy knowing that I'm not alone on wanting them together.. hahaha

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hey everyone! just want to drop by and share this little video of mine  it took 9 years in the making (kidding) but seriously, i've been wanting to do a music video of this since i first watched it ba

HI I just found this thread... Joo Ji Hoon's relationship with his recent girlfriend, Ga In, was ended.. I hope this will be the right timing for Shin and Chae Gyung to get along in the real life

So glad that this thread still somehow got visitors. It's kinda heartbreaking that Jihun and his gf are still together, but Jihun's happiness comes first so no argue with that. Though I'm still bitter

Guest sentimental_me

whoa! :w00t: a sanctuary for certified hyoonies! :wub: i'm so happy... it's like coming home finally after wandering for so long :P

kamsahamnida PM for opening this haven :D




credit as labelled

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Guest `Niiie

the last picture is very pretty~ all these pictures making me want to go and force

them together..hahaha. they are very cute on-off scene.

feel bad for always using other contribution

here's some of my share of their love




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thanks for all the pics!!! :w00t:

i wanna know what happened to them later~~~

they've gone to their own separate ways ...SIGH~ :lol:

the last picture is very pretty~ all these pictures making me want to go and force

them together..hahaha.


nice to know other fans also 'want to go and force them together'. i guess i'm still normal for having such an idea. :lol:

they really look good together! :wub:

not sure if these are posted already though :sweatingbullets:




sharing the fanvids i made^^

Something in Your Eyes

The Promise

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Guest ellewoods

thank you for setting this thread i really crush on their chemisty in goong and want to know what's next off screen?

they both still remind me i always pray the rumour between them being true

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Guest tuchee11

OMG! I'm so happy to find this thread! :w00t:

Seeing these pics again makes me miss them even more! :tear:

They will always be my fave k-drama couple ever! And I'll always be a hyoonie! :D I wanna watch goong again! :lol:

Thanks for sharing all of these pics guys! :) I'm still hoping that they'll have another project together in the future!

JJH-YEH forever!!!

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