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What K-dramas Are You Watching Right Now?

Guest litoxshortaii

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Guest smashingalou

just finished Sungkyunkwan Scandal and it's so good....

Plan to marathon all of PMY's drama but if I can't find all online I'll probably start Scent of A Woman...

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I'm watching Warrior Baek Dong-su and The Greatest Love right now. I'm not watching the one about the boss because it overlaps with The Greatest Love and there's no way I'm missing thirty minutes of it for the other one.

Ah, I just remembered that it ends tomorrow. :( It shall be missed. I hope there will be reruns of it a year from now.

Every time I see adult Dong-su in Warrior Baek Dong-su, I keep wanting to say "Dong-hae-ya!"

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Guest phoenixj

i started watcging korean and taiwanese tv dramas here in the philippines...and...kaboom...

since then i love watching them....

here are my fave ones......

endless love..autumn in my heart

full house

joo mong

queen seon dok

the big thing

Cinderella man

and now this page....i hope somebody here be my new friend.....thanks.....

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Guest CaramelSweetie

The last drama I finished was City Hunter, and that was around a week or 2 ago.

Since then, I've watched a number of dramas, but left them unfinished. :P ex. Scented of a Woman, Heartstrings, The Greatest Love etc.

I'm currently following the drama 'Flowerboy Ramyun Shop' with Il Woo. :wub::wub:

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I'm watching "Warrior Baek Dong-su" which almost is finished here and "The Tree with Deep Roots" which just started here. During the weekends, it's "Twinkle Twinkle" and that's it.

I was hoping to get back into some more MBC dramas because most of the ones I've seen were from MBC, but SBS is just fine for me right now.

Shorter dramas tend to be less convoluted than the longer ones and this is their prime time slot, so it's going well.

_ajakajak_, the concepts used in "The Greatest Love" are great. It just keeps getting more cliche down the road. Most of the actors did very well, but Gon Hyo-jin's performance was limited by her character. My favorite Gong Hyo-jin performance was in "Pasta".

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Guest alethea33

Finished The Princess' Man and re-watching it . . .

After that I could not seem to be faithful to one drama. Browsed through Warrior Baek Dong Soo, King Gwanggaeto the Great, picked up Scent of a Woman where I left it before marathoning The Princess Man - and finished it. Watched an episode of Heartstrings, some episodes of A Thousand Days' Promise and Tree With Deep Roots.

Then out of curiosity, because of the fame and uproar it caused, I tried Boys Over Flowers. I was ready to drop it, when I stumbled over at viki. My, I LOLed! I was in stitches! The comments hooked me. I would pause and rewind the scenes just to get the reactions of the viewers. Friends, I am now starting the eighth episode and I think I will stay here for the long haul. Gawd, the comments are GRRRRREAT!!! LOVE THE PEOPLE WATCHING AT VIKI!!!!! I will finish this series because of them, I tell you! :w00t:

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