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Best Anime/Manga Ever in history

Guest ReNO

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Guest dudeman

I feel like I've already posted in this thread before...but I dunno...

Anyway, my favorites "of all time" are:

Naruto Shippuuden



Samurai Champloo

FullMetal Alchemist

And no, these are not in any particular order, although the two anime of this list that I favor more are Trigun and FullMetal Alchemist.

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Guest fruitstump

i loved hana kimi -- especially the chemistry between sano & mizuki

plus it had a special ! in which there was a happy ending >.<

my other favorite one is gokusen. the romance is much more evident in the manga than in the drama, which is great because i'm rooting for shin the whole time ^__^V

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Guest strawberrynkiwi

Rurouni Kenshin.

It made the best impression for me. I mean there are many excellent anime/manga, but Kenshin did well in both manga and anime.

I love the action, friends and the romance, of course.

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Guest 1litredreams

tons of people i talk to say that evangelion neon genesis is the best ever!!! im still yet to read it but if its good...then i gotta give it a go...

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Guest weissritter

my favorite is X...

I think it's so deep, and the religious and other spiritual references add to it.

plus, the fights are awesome @_@

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Guest _dax_

Elfen Lied -The Anime

+Very mesmorizing opening song

+Stunning artwork

+Well rounded storyline

+Decent character development

+Emotional ups & downs

+Who doesn't like blood & gore?

Some awkward humor here and there,

but not bad for a 13 episoded anime. ^_^

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Guest knsiu

For me, it's anything that keeps my attention to it. XD Wanting for more. >.>

But, Please Save my Earth, I read that manga like 2 times and my tears keeps on flowing whenever I read it. <3

For now, I really like Princess and Berserk. These types of long series are great. lol

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Guest rinnie_chan

Galsim by Mayumi Yokoyama

I had to laugh like 100000 times because it was so hella funn xD

Just love the story and the characters! <3 haa

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i have lots... but these are the ones i remember

ayashi no ceres (just because its my favourite)

honeyxhoney drama (best smutt to me)

nana (too many twists and unexpected events)

uwasa no midori kun (another best smutt.LOL. i love the twists

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Guest CuteThings

Claymore is the best, for it's dark atmosphere, character development, and rebondissement. I also like the claymore manga because the author is really good at keeping suspens, the characters are so mentally perturbed to a high envergure that their actions and speaking are very much imprevisible, this adds a mysterious vibe to it's world. The anime ending diverged alot from the original story though, it cheapened alot the reputation of the manga :(. But I hope the manga stays on the road it has taken since it's debut. I am so much interested into this manga, that I couldn't resist reading it online during a french literature class via my laptop, when the teacher was lecturing us on romanticism work. The teacher caught me and I explained her the story and she seemed very much interested in it. Lectures on the goth-romantic period of french literature really reminded me of claymores: darkness, emotions, expressivity ...*needs to reread the chapter 79* >_________<

Bleach/naruto and all the likes really bore me, it is so previsible, so annoying, so immature, so shonen.

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