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Best Anime/Manga Ever in history

Guest ReNO

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Guest blatant


If you have not seen it...GO WATCH IT!! Watch the first episode and BE AMAZED. new anime has NOTHING on this gem.

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Guest severus

i think i said Fruits Basket in this thread in January or so,

and that hasn't changed though the winter and spring 2008 anime seasons have passed

with plenty of new series

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Guest MeiNing

Rurouni Kenshin. It's so underappreciated as everybody gets caught up in the Bleach, Deathnote, and Naruto craze... Don't get me wrong, I do like Naruto, but Kenshin is a classic (jard to believe it's been almost 14 years). The characters are so complex and I loved them all. <3 I'll never get tired of Kenshin.

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Guest ejoong

My top one's are

1: Naruto


3:Hana Kimi & Ouran Highschool

4:Death Note

Thats it! lol. But NARUTO is my all time #1!! :wub:

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Guest yuffieboi

i have seen over 130 anime series, over the years and wow.. thats such a hard question because there are so many!! but a small few i can remember really being into are evangelion, fruits basket, ayashi no ceres, fushigi yuugi, kodomo no omocha, gantz, claymore, bleach, slayers (TV/Next/Try), s.CRY.ed, naruto (of course), and death note!

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Guest ephemeral.

One Piece (unfinished) <3

Yakitate!! Japan (finished)

Detective Conan (unfinished)

Full Metal Alchemist (finished)

Neon Genesis Evangelion (finished)

These are great anime.

They're love. <3

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Guest holycooooow

i used to really like fushigi yuugi, kenshin, ranma, & death note...but my all time favorite is hands down ESCAFLOWNE! the music, storyline, character development, it's just magical. i hated the character designs at first because of the weird noses, but you seriously fall in love with it. as for manga, i loved nana, marmalade boy, hana yori dango, itazura na kiss, and akuma de sourou~

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Guest soo_jin

For mangas, as far as I remembered that would be:

1. Chizumi-Fujiomi Trilogy (Pastel Mood, Golden Book & Waiting for Spring) by Kyouko Hikawa

The story was so good and so interesting... I even re-read it again and again... Never bored to read it all over again... hehehehe... :D

Besides, I really like Kyouko Hikawa sensei's manga... hehehehe... :phew:

2. Maria by Naoko Takeuchi

I really love Naoko Takeuchi sensei's mangas, not only just becoz beautiful drawing, but also becoz of the story itself... including this manga B)

3. Vampire Knight by Hino Matsuri

Just realized that this manga is quite interesting, esp. it's about vampire... wow... I love it... ;)

I think the story will get more complicated & more interesting in the middle, but since I haven't finished read it yet, I'm just predicting what will happen next... :P

For anime, that would be:

1. Fruit Basket --> love the story and characters, esp. Kyo... he's my fave character... B)

2. Conan Detective --> I really like detective story, the storyline made me really curious and have to guess who's

the villain... Nice... :)

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my fav anime / manga has always been Kodocha (Kodomo No Omocha) >D

it's a fun series . has always been my fav . <3 next would be Vampire Knight .

cause I'm literally in love with it !

I didn't know we can list more than 1 fav . :D

my list ;

- Kodocha (kodomo no omocha) ♥

- Vampire Knight ♥

- Fruit Basket ♥

- Full Moon ♥

- Beauty Pop ♥

- The Gentlemen Alliances Cross ♥

- Naruto

- Gatcha Gacha ♥

- Ouran High School ♥

- Aishiiteruze Baby ♥

the ones with the hearts are the one I really really like .

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Guest gisbiz

1. B L E A C H

2. S A M U R A I C H A M P L O O

3. D E A T H N O T E

4. N A R U T O

5. F U L L M E T A L A L C H E M I S T

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Guest shabushabu

I can't really put them in an order from most favorite to least favorite because I really like them all xD

ANYWAYS, heres my list :D

Wolf's Rain

Ergo Proxy

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Junjou Romantica/Egoist/Terrorist

Higurashi no naku koro ni + kai

Samurai Champloo



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Guest ulat_bulu

For me, it's Full Metal Panic series.

It has romance, action, comedy and all I ask for XD

School Rumble too! Agh I just can't get enough for School Rumble~

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2. GiTS (Ghost in the Shell)


Of course there's tons of other anime/manga such as Full Metal Panic!, Death Note or School Rumble etc ... that I really love as well, but I wouldn't consider them the "best ever in history" such as the above mentioned.

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Guest 小甜密

You know, recently I've watched an anime called Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. It's really good. That anime was awesome! :P

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