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Best Anime/Manga Ever in history

Guest ReNO

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Guest goldenGAZE

First is NANA, the story line is amazing, artwork is beautiful and realistic. lovable characters, not predictable AT ALL.

second is Death note, i don't even read manga's of this genra, but Death note was brilliant. Such a great story line, so many twists. The ending was THE BEST. Both the anime and the manga are good.

Absolute boyfriend- this is a fun manga, lots of funny bits but also some cute moments. Although it starts of pretty average, it quickly develops into something great and you find yourself addicted to the story.

others i like are Cat Street, H20 and Yaya- but i need more chapters. lol

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Guest hirotoki

doreamon, chibi maruko chan, detective conan and of course slam dunk!!!<3333

these are all really old animes but they're such classic! and its like u can watch it over and over again without getting bored.. def my childhood fav and they still are my fav animes..

but i also really like la corda d'oro, fruits basket, and perfect girl revolution

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Guest gailza

that series was so funny but the ova was kinda funny weird funny hahahaha

I love the OVA it showed another side to tessa

~~my all time fav is full metal panic!~~

i just this anime

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Guest myluckyself

umm... how do i choose? too many favourites!!!! but i guess... i have to mention Lovely Complex, for sure XD

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Guest auroev

ya...when gto ended i was like..."holy sht its done?" lol

but i love vampire knight too, dragon ball, doraemon, ultramaniac, Fushigiyugi

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Guest ::xXx-Rinetto-xXx::

uhmm NEON GENESIS EVANGELION!! Maaaaan what an anime!! xD

School rumble was hillarious

nnn Deathnote!!! :D

POKEMON!!!! was gwd---da old ones x3

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Guest Starberriee


It is too awesome for words. Even though I am more of a shoujo person, all my favourite mangas are shounen.

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Guest candysami0708

best anime i ever watch is LOVELY COMPLEX!

it's so funny and somewhat romantic! LOL!

and i also love JIGOKU SHOUJO!

it's cool! but sometimes it's really unexpected!

and lastly


SERIOUSLY it was awesome! i feel like i wanna be one of the characters there!LOL!

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Guest JacksonC

I think I am probably the only Asian that do not watch a lot of anime. The only anime I have seen is Bleach, a friend recommended it to me and I watch it ever since.

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Guest chopper!

i have so many hehe, but hm..

out of all the mangas i've read, the one i enjoyed the most is-- Yankee-kun to Megane-chan ♥♥

it's cute && freakin' hilarious XD i do have a lot of other i loved, but this manga rly makes me smile (:

out of all the animes i've watched, only one comes to mind that's my favorite-- One Piece ♥♥♥

most def. it has everything i love! comedy [mostly!], sadness, happiness, action!, & a reindeer & skeleton! LOLS XD it's just a REALLY fun anime to watch.

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my favourite anime of all times would be inuyasha (:

i love inuyasha, and i wish they continued the anime.

favourite manga is moe kare, cherry juice, inuyasha, and naruto.

moe kare is just... love..

cherry juice is sweet.

and imma geek who loves naruto o.o

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