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Best Anime/Manga Ever in history

Guest ReNO

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Guest purple_cola

my all time fave anime would definitely be Yu-Yu Hakusho/Ghost Fighter because it was the first ever anime that I watched

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Guest dellcomputer

it's hard to say, as there are so many, below is my list, no particular order.

howl's moving castle

spirited away

princess mononoke

nausicass valley of the wined

fushigi yuugi

wolf's rain

death note

-watching claymore now....but very good...

-and can't think of any at the moment

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Guest Autumn1430263885

um my favourite would be Inuyasha...it brings back good memories lol. Used to love it in grade 4, then hated it and now i love it and rewatched it =]

i also heard that they're going to be continuing it...finally in two years or something :D!

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Guest mochi.

anime; Ouran High School Host Club & Ultra Maniac! I don't really have the patience to read manga LOL. I think I should buy it and then read it cause reading online kinda hurts my eyes...

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Guest I_broke_a_nail!

The best animes:

- Avatar, The Last Airbender

- Full Metal Alchemist

I'm surprised no one picked Avatar... it's so good.

Screw Naruto--it's a story that would never end.

But AT LEAST Avatar's got an ending to it.

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AHAHAA. the comment above made me laugh. my econ teacher is in love with that show.


my favorites :

both: rurouni kenshin

manga: gakuen alice <3, nana, skip beat!, paradise kiss, deep love: ayu.

anime: full metal alchemist <3. spirited away, howl's moving castle, akira,

... pokemon? HAHAA. well it was an addicting show. :P.

naruto & bleach were both good anime/mangas until they started lagging. i don't really understand the storyline and maybe i'll change my mind later after it finishes.

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I don't know if this is in the right category but I'm personally interested in Guyver, which may be odd coming from a girl. I wouldn't have known about it if my brothers didn't watch it. I've never read mangas but from what I've watched, I like it b/c of the storyline, characters, music, and the Guyver Unit itself, so high tech and plus he's a cool looking hero depending on who gets their hands on it. Otherwise I agree with others as well with Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle. People are truly talented.

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Guest meimei__KOUSEKI

anime (in no order)

code geass


gundam franchise (well, some of them)

junjou romantic (minus junjou terrorist :X)

full metal alchemist


the genetic sodom ilegenes


...and some others i may have forgotten =__=

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Guest Phantos

i pick the best anime:

Avatar, The Last Airbender

Dragon Ball ,Z, and GT

Macross Zero, and Frontier

and of course Gundam 00!!

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Guest lynaeina

for movies,

hayao miyazaki-sensei's animes are classics

but my most favorite is

Howl's Moving Castle. :rolleyes:

It has romance, steam punk & adventure.

then I would have to say Naruto for the series.

even if it's that long <_< , i would still love it

for hundreds of years. :D

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Guest FishFillets


it rocks!!!so cute and funny!!love mikan and natsume so much<3♥

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